The George Marion O'Donnell Papers, 1932-1961.
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All Series Level Scope and Content Notes

Scope and Contents Note

Accession: 1272

The O'Donnell Papers are arranged as described below. Every effort has been made to retain the arrangement naturally formed by O'Donnell; the arrangement is therefore largely subject/person oriented and not chronological, with the exception of the correspondence in Box 7. All O'Donnell letters are carbons unless otherwise stated. There is no series arrangement. Manuscripts included with letters are retained as closely as possible with the letters.

Box 1, folders 1 - 21, correspondence and occasional manuscripts of: Rae Beamish, Richard Croom Beatty, John Berryman, John Malcolm Brinnin, Nelson Del Bittner, Harry Brown, Basil Bunting, Truman Capote, Hubert Creekmore, Robert Woodham Daniel, Donald Davidson, Edward Donahoe and Charles Henri Ford, 1933-1954, 273 items.

Box 2, folders 22 - 32, correspondence with Theodore C. Hoepfner, 1933-1961, 256 items.

Box 3, folders 33 - 36, correspondence and manuscripts of Merle Hoyleman, 1936-1961, 119 items.

Box 4, folders 37-56, correspondence with and occasional manuscripts of Robert Hillyer, William Inge, Marian Ives, James Laughlin, Leroy Leatherman, R.W.B. Lewis, Jim Lord, Willard Maas, and Edward McGehee, 1935-1961, 180 items.

Box 5, folders 57-70, correspondence with and occasional manuscripts of Theodore Morrison, Samuel French Morse, W.R. Moses, Gorham Munson, Flannery O'Connor, John Newton Oldham, William Alexander Percy, Katherine Anne Porter, Ezra Pound, Kerker Quinn, John Crowe Ransom, and Garret Ratcliff, 1933-1961, 152 items.

Box 6, folders 71 - 81, correspondence with and occasional manuscripts of Delmore Schwartz, Roysce Smith, Mark Strand, Allen Tate (and Caroline Gordon), Nedra Tyre, Eudora Welty, Jonathon Williams, Stark Young and Louis Zukofsky, 1933-1961, 171 items.

Box 7, folder 82 - 95, correspondence, 1932-1961, with publishers, editors, authors not grouped individually, teaching colleagues, former students, friends, etc., 395 items. For details of correspondents, see final page of this register.

Box 8, folders 96 - 111, miscellaneous correspondence, material concerning The Observer [little magazine]; business affairs of Fannie Bell Estate; negotiations for teaching position', specifically with Louisiana State University and Ogleghorpe University; stories, poems of students; Atlantic Monthly Poetry Contests, and judging of poetry competitions for Voices [magazine]; and clippings, 172 items.

Total: 1, 718 items.

Subjects: Merle Hoyleman

Subjects: The Tenant Farmer [essay] by OD and Beatty; teaching; mutual friends, southern literature, publishing.

Subjects: The Architect [play] by John Berryman; Frederick Prokosch; James Laughlin; Robert Penn Warren; The Survivor [poem] by John Berryman.

Subjects: Directon [little magazine]; Kirker Quinn.

Subjects: his writing, graduate work at Harvard, the Harvard Advocate, his travels, mutual friends.

Subjects: his writing, graduate work at Harvard, The Harvard Advocate, his travels; Robert Lowell, Merle Hoyleman, Louis MacNeice, The Southern Review, Randall Jarrell, Samuel French Morse,

Subjects: His work; development of The Observer [little magazine]

Subjects: His writing, OD's writing, mutual friends, southern literature, Edwin Mims, W.H. Auden, Fire on Belmont Street [poem] by Davidson, American composition and rhetoric [text book] compiled by Davidson.

Subjects: mutual friend; John Mason Brown.

Subjects: The garden of disorder [collection of poems], by Ford; chainpoems; Cecil Beaton, View [little magazine]; Pavel Tchelitchew.

Subjects for the above correspondence, folders 22-31, include: Allen Tate, New Directions - 1937, Dust on the river [novel] by OD, The Observer [little magazine]; Tragedy at Jordan [play] by Garrett Ratcliff, John Crowe Ransom, development, administration and production of little theatre groups in Memphis, Tenn., 1933-1941, their writing; mutual friends, other personal matters.

Subjects for the above correspondence, folders 33-36, include: her writings, publishers negotions, incarceration in mental hospital (1951), illnesses, mutual friends, other personal news.

Subjects: Come back, little Sheba [play]; personal news

Subjects: [Folders 48-49] Five Young American Poets [collection of poems]; Elizabeth Bishop; Harry Brown, Merle Hoyleman.

Subjects: OD's studies of Faulkner; Lewis's proposed book of essays.

Subjects: J. Ronald Lane Latimer (Alcestis Press); James Laughlin (New Directions); New Directions 1937 [anthology]; George Dillon; Marianne Moore; Wallace Stevens.

Subjects: [Folders 58-59] Twentieth Century Verse [magazine]; Randall Jarrell, Yvor Winters; Willard Maas; Donald Davidson; John Crowe Ransom; Harry Brown.

Subjects: Chard Powers Smith, Seward Collins; Social credit movement.

Subjects: Ship of Fools [novel]; personal news.

Subjects: New Directions Press; William Carlos Williams; Robert Penn Warren; Allen Tate; Kenneth Patchen.

Subjects: Alcestis Press; J. Ronald Lane Latimer (Alcestis Press); Lew Ney; Caroline Gordon's None shall look back [novel]; Stark Young's So red the rose; Katherine Anne Porter; Malcolm Cowley; Allen Tate's The Fathers [novel]; New Directions 1937 [anthology]; John Berryman; John Crowe Ransom; and Ford Madox Ford.

Subjects: John Berryman; John Crowe Ransom; Ford Madox Ford; Allen Tate False nightmare [poem]; George Stevens; Bernard DeVoto; OD's study of Faulkner; James Laughlin; Richard P. Blackmur; Kenneth Patchen; Five young American poets [collection of poems];

Subjects: Merle Hoyleman; Larry Eigner

Subject: Caroline Gordon; personal news

Subjects: William Carlos Williams; The Observer [magazine]; Ezra Pound's Cantos.