The George Marion O'Donnell Papers, 1932-1961.
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O'Donnell Papers
box-folder   1/1.  
Beamish, Rae to OD, 1938-1941, (12 items)
box-folder   1/1.  
OD to Beamish, Rae, 1938-1941, (6 items)   
Scope: Subjects: Merle Hoyleman

box-folder   1/2.  
Beatty, Richmond Croom to OD, 1934-1936, (34 items)
box-folder   1/2.  
OD to Beatty, Richmond Croom, 1936, (1 item)
box-folder   1/2.  
Lowes, Marvin McCord to Beatty 1935: Apr. 5 (TLS, 1 p.)
box-folder   1/2.  
Beatty and OD to The Southern Review, n.d. ([carbon])
box-folder   1/2.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Beatty 1936: July 1 ([carbon])
box-folder   1/2.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD 1936: July 1 ([carbon])
box-folder   1/2.  
Beatty to Hoepfner 1936: June 28 ([carbon])
box-folder   1/2.  
Beatty, Richmond Croom. Une Belle Dame [poem] Aug. 13, 1935. (Ts. [carbon], 2 pp.)   
Scope: Subjects: The Tenant Farmer [essay] by OD and Beatty; teaching; mutual friends, southern literature, publishing.

box-folder   1/3.  
Beatty, Richmond Croom to OD, 1937-1944, (19 items)
box-folder   1/3.  
Od to Beatty, Richmond Croom, 1938, 1943, (2 items)
box-folder   1/3.  
Tate, Allen to Beatty, Richmond Croom, 1943: Aug. 6 ([carbon])
box-folder   1/3.  
Beatty, Floy to OD, 1937: Nov. 2 ([p.c.])
box-folder   1/4.  
Berryman, John to OD, 1938-1940, (9 items)   
Scope: Subjects: The Architect [play] by John Berryman; Frederick Prokosch; James Laughlin; Robert Penn Warren; The Survivor [poem] by John Berryman.

box-folder   1/4.  
Berryman, John.
n.d. On the London train [poem] (Ts., 1 p. Signed. No revision.)
1938: Aug. 16. Ceremony and vision [poem] (Ts, 2 pp. Signed. No revision.)
n.d. Letter to Jeff, 1938 [poem] (Ts, 1 p. Signed. No revision.)
1938: Mar. 1. The return [poem] (Ts., 2 pp. Signed. Annotations by Berryman.)
1938: Aug. 1. The survivor [poem] (Ts., 1 p. Signed. No revision.)
1939: April. Man among ruins [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision.)
box-folder   1/5.  
Bittner, Nelson Del to OD, 1934-1935, (7 items)   
Scope: Subjects: Directon [little magazine]; Kirker Quinn.

box-folder   1/6.  
Brinnin, John Malcolm to OD, 1946, 1948, (3 items)
box-folder   1/7.  
Brown, Harry to OD, 1936-1937 (23 items)   
Scope: Subjects: his writing, graduate work at Harvard, the Harvard Advocate, his travels, mutual friends.

box-folder   1/7.  
Brown, Harry. Jacob's off his pedestal [poem] (Ms., 1 p. 1936: Aug. 10)
box-folder   1/7.  
Brown, Harry to OD, 1938-1940 (18 items)
box-folder   1/7.  
OD to Brown, Harry, 1938: Jan. 6; Oct. 8
box-folder   1/7.  
Warren, Robert Penn to OD, 1938: Jan. 4   
Scope: Subjects: his writing, graduate work at Harvard, The Harvard Advocate, his travels; Robert Lowell, Merle Hoyleman, Louis MacNeice, The Southern Review, Randall Jarrell, Samuel French Morse,

box-folder   1/7.  
Brown, Harry. Elegy on the death of yeats [poem] (Clipping [printed])
box-folder   1/9.  
Brown, Harry.
A dialogue between lyre and trumpet: Bones as Interlocuter [poem] (Ts.[carbon], 2 pp. No revision. n.d.)
Fortinbras my speaker [poem] (Ts., 1 p. Corrected. n.d.)
Tailpiece for a pamphlet [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 2 pp. n.d. No revision.)
The muse in the Virginia afternoon [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision, 1937.)
The death of innocents [poem] (Ts., 1 p. n.d. No revision)
L'Allegro in the boneyard [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 2 pp. n.d. Annotated by OD.)
Apuleius Brown, the golden mole [poem] (Ts., 2 pp. with note by Brown appended. 1936.)
Crane [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. Signed. Annotated by OD. n.d. Original title: Orpheus: A good boy.)
A fate speaketh in sadness [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. n.d. No revision.)
In the restaurant [poem] (Ts., 4 pp. Signed. Annotated by OD. n.d.)
Invocation for a newspaper [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. with revisions by Brown. n.d.)
Koniortos [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 2 pp. No revision. n.d.)
Koniortos [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. 1937. No revision.)
A man of shaken honor [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. Signed. Annotated by OD. n.d.)
The Muse in the Virginia Afternoon and other poems [Collection of poems] (Ts., incomplete. 1938. No revision.)
Includes the following poems: The muse in the Virginia afternoon; Crane; Fortinbras my speaker; The death of Innocents; Koniortos; A dialogue between Lyre and Trumpet: Bones as interlocuter; Tailpiece for a pamphlet (11 pp.)
The nostalgia of the kindly man at heart [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. No revision. n.d.)
On a tendon of Apollo [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. Signed. No revision. n.d.)
The parade of the bloody queens [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. Annotated by OD. n.d. No revision.)
Prothalamion [poem] (Ts., 2 pp. No revision. n.d.)
The rejected circe [poem] (Ts., 3 pp. No revision. n.d. Annotated by OD.)
Strophe[sic] for a cracked bell's pealing [poem] (Ts, 1 p. No revision. Annotated by OD. n.d.)
A thousand peaceful cities [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision. n.d.)
Vegetable love [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. Signed. 1936: July. No revision.)
box-folder   1/10.  
An elegy for this year of grace [poem] (Ts, 1 p. Annotated by OD? n.d.)
The Elfin lover [poem] (Ts., 1 p. Signed. [1938] Annotated by OD.)
For the ballet of Sulla [poem] Clipping from The Harvard Advocate. 1937: April. (4 pp.)
The map of the age [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 3 pp. Annotations by OD. [1938])
On the loss of a kingdom [poem] (Ts., 3 pp. Annotated by OD. [1938])
Pestilence and castle [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. [1937])
Photograph of Harry Brown. Negative only. n.d.
Prince of Alpha [short story] Clipping from The Harvard Advocate. 1937: March. (4 pp.)
Reactional [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. Signed. [1938] Annotated by OD.)
The true, unexpurgated story of Thomas the tinker [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. [1937])
box-folder   1/11.  
Bunting, Basil to OD, 1933-1934 (4 items)   
Scope: Subjects: His work; development of The Observer [little magazine]

box-folder   1/12.  
Bunting Basil
Chomei at Toyama [poem] Selections. (Ts. [carbon], 9 pp.)
Signed. Printer's marks throughout. [1932]
Miserarum est neque amori dare ludum [poem] (Ts., 1 p.)
Signed, with notes verso. [1932]
box-folder   1/13.  
Capote, Truman to OD, 1947-[1950] (5 items)
box-folder   1/14.  
Creekmore, Hubert to OD, 1933-1949 (13 items)
box-folder   1/14.  
OD to Creekmore, Hubert, 1945 (1 item)
box-folder   1/14.  
Creekmore, Hubert to Flowers, Paul, 1948 (1 item [p.c.])
box-folder   1/15.  
Daniel, Robert Woodham to OD, 1939-1950 (12 items)
box-folder   1/15.  
OD to Daniel, Robert Woodham, 1950 (3 items)
box-folder   1/15.  
Miller, F. DeWolfe to OD, 1950 (2 items)
box-folder   1/15.  
Daniel, Robert Woodham.
Old wine in new bottles [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision. n.d.)
The menu [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision. n.d.)
Remember and take the consequences [poem] (Ts.[carbon], 1 p. No revesions. n.d.)
box-folder   1/16.  
Davidson, Donald to OD, 1933-1937 (7 items)
box-folder   1/16.  
OD to Davidson, Donald, 1935-1937 (3 items)
box-folder   1/16.  
Davidson, Donald. The horde [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision. [1937])
box-folder   1/17.  
Davidson, Donald to OD, 1938-1942 (15 items)
box-folder   1/17.  
OD to Davidson, Donald, 1938 (2 items)   
Scope: Subjects: His writing, OD's writing, mutual friends, southern literature, Edwin Mims, W.H. Auden, Fire on Belmont Street [poem] by Davidson, American composition and rhetoric [text book] compiled by Davidson.

box-folder   1/17.  
Davidson, Donald. Photograph of, negative only. n.d.
box-folder   1/18.  
Davidson, Donald to OD, 1943-1954 (12 items)
box-folder   1/18.  
OD to Davidson, Donald, 1945-1954 (2 items)
box-folder   1/18.  
Walsh, T[homas] J.B. to OD, 1952 (1 item)
box-folder   1/18.  
Ames, Elizabeth to Davidson, Donald, 1948 (1 item)
box-folder   1/19.  
Davidson, Donald.
Hermitage [poem] Reprint from the Virginia Quarterly Review. 1942: Dec. (4 pp.)
Sanctuary [poem] (Ts., ts.[carbon], 4 pp. Signed. No revision. n.d.)
box-folder   1/20.  
Donahoe, Edward to OD, 1936-1946 (13 items)   
Scope: Subjects: mutual friend; John Mason Brown.

box-folder   1/21.  
Ford, Charles Henri to OD, 1937-1944 (28 items)
box-folder   1/21.  
OD to Ford, Charles Henri, 1938, 1944 (2 items)   
Scope: Subjects: The garden of disorder [collection of poems], by Ford; chainpoems; Cecil Beaton, View [little magazine]; Pavel Tchelitchew.

box-folder   1/21.  
Ford, Charles Henri.
View [little magazine] Draft of announcement (Ts.[carbon], 1 p. [1938: March])
Somebody's gone [poem] (Ts.[carbon], 1 p. No revision. [1939])
I want not to have missed a moment of you [poem] (Ts., 2 pp. No revision [1939])
box-folder   2/22.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1933-1934 (17 items)
box-folder   2/22.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Lodge, Rivers, 1934 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/23.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1935 (22 items)
box-folder   2/23.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Bryan, Jack, 1935 (1 item. [carbon])
box-folder   2/23.  
Combs, Sunny V. OD.
Legend [prose] (Ts., 4 pp. [1935])
Elegy for time [poem] (Ts., copy made by Hoepfner, originally enclosed with letter, 1961: July 26. 4 pp.)
box-folder   2/24.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1936 (19 items)
box-folder   2/24.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Ratcliffe, Garrett, 1936 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/24.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Guess, Joe, 1936 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/24.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Cathcart, Noble A., 1936 (1 item)
box-folder   2/24.  
The Tiger Rag [newspaper] Memphis, Tennessee. 1936: Nov. 12
box-folder   2/25.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1937 (24 items)
box-folder   2/25.  
OD to Hoepfner, Theodore C., 1937 (2 items)
box-folder   2/25.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to The Commercial Appeal, 1937 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/25.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Mullen, Dale, 1937 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/25.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. A note on modern tragedy [review] of Jordan River [play] by Garrett Ratcliffe. (Ts.[carbon], 5 pp. [1937])
box-folder   2/26.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1938 (33 items)
box-folder   2/26.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Gardner, Mrs., 1938 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/27.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1939 (21 items)
box-folder   2/27.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Martin, Dr. Harry, 1939 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/28.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1940-1941 (21 items)
box-folder   2/28.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to The Commercial Appeal, 1940 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/28.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Invitation to Learning, 1941 (carbon [carbon])
box-folder   2/28.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to The New Republic, 1941 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/28.  
Rahv, Philip. The way of the vanguard [review] of New Directions in Prose and poetry [anthology]. Clipping from The Nation, 1941: Feb. 1.
box-folder   2/29.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1945 (6 items)
box-folder   2/30.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1946 (19 items)
box-folder   2/30.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Fryxell, Burton L., 1946 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/30.  
Clipping, The Atlanta Journal [newspaper], 1946: May 29 concerning Marjorie K. Rawlings.
box-folder   2/31.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1947-1961 (15 items)
box-folder   2/31.  
OD to Hoepfner, Theodore C., 1947-1961 (4 items)
box-folder   2/31.  
OD to Pepinski, Ibbie and Jack, 1947 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/31.  
Mississippi Quarterly, Spring 1960, Vol. xiii, number 2.   
Scope: Subjects for the above correspondence, folders 22-31, include: Allen Tate, New Directions - 1937, Dust on the river [novel] by OD, The Observer [little magazine]; Tragedy at Jordan [play] by Garrett Ratcliff, John Crowe Ransom, development, administration and production of little theatre groups in Memphis, Tenn., 1933-1941, their writing; mutual friends, other personal matters.

box-folder   2/32.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C.
On the late usurpation in Washington [poem] (Ts., 1 p. 1957: May 1.)
Because I could not stop for death [essay]
Reprint from American Literature, vol. xxix, no. 1. (2 pp. [1957: Mar. 1])
And no birds sing [poem] (Ts., 1 p. 1958: Apr. 22.)
The complaint of the gardner who hungered for a variety of succulent pericarps [poem] (Ts., 1 p. 1958: July 25)
Ancient history [poem] (Ts., 1 p. 1958: Aug. 20)
Troy fell [poem] (Ts., 1 p. 1958: Aug. 5.)
Demos Hominoidea [poem] (Ts., 1 p. 1956: Har. 2.)
Suntrophoi [poem] (ts. [carbon], 1 p. n.d.)
To William Shakespeare [poem] (Ts, light correction, 1 p. n.d.)
Leaders [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision, n.d.)
Pro Patria [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision, n.d.)
Lines in anticipation of far years [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. 1935: Augumn, with revisions.)
God rest you merry, gentleman [poem] (Ts., 2 pp. No revision. 1958: Nov. 26)
Apologia with apology to Ezra Pound [poem] (Ts, 1 p. No revision. 1959: Aug. 9)
Balm in Bilead [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision 1958: July 9.)
box-folder   3/33.  
Hoyleman, Merls to OD, 1936-1958 (16 items)
box-folder   3/33.  
Crosby, Caresse to Hoyleman, Merle, 1947 (1 item [photocopy])
box-folder   3/33.  
Swallow, Allan to Hoyleman, Merle, 1947 (1 item [photocopy])
box-folder   3/33.  
Hoyleman, Merle to Her Friends, 1951 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   3/34.  
Hoyleman, Merle to OD, 1959 (19 items)
box-folder   3/35.  
Hoyleman, Merle to OD, 1960 (22 items)
box-folder   3/35.  
Od To Hoyleman, Merle, 1960 (9 items)
box-folder   3/35.  
Williams, Jonathon to Hoyleman, Merle, 1960 (1 item [copy])
box-folder   3/35.  
OD to Williams, Jonathon, 1960 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   3/36.  
Hoyleman, Merle to OD, 1961 (25 items)
box-folder   3/36.  
OD to Hoyleman, Merle, 1961 (8 items)
box-folder   3/36.  
Webb, Jon Edgar to Hoyleman, Merle, 1961 (1 item)
box-folder   3/36.  
Hoyleman, Merle. Letters to Christopher [prose] (Ts. excerpts, 1951-1959, [1961: April] 6 pp.)   
Scope: Subjects for the above correspondence, folders 33-36, include: her writings, publishers negotions, incarceration in mental hospital (1951), illnesses, mutual friends, other personal news.

box-folder   3/37.  
Mind Province of the tenth month [poem] (Ts.[carbon], 19 pp. Autograph annotations; note to OD, p. 1.)
Also selections (carbons, 10 pp. [1937])
box-folder   3/38.  
Asp of the age [poem] Notes. Light correction (Ts.[carbon], 1 p. [1931])
Asp of the age [poem] (Ts.[carbon], 8 pp. No revision. (Pub. in Hound & Horn, Fall, 1931) [1931])
box-folder   3/39.  
A latter beast in the noon [poem] (Ts., 17 pp. Light revision. Carbon copy, 17 pp. Notes sections published.)
box-folder   3/40.  
Give me liberty [prose] Revised chapter. Suggested titles: The new system, or irreverant state; Black bottle: the secret kill; I finger the lock. 1956: Jan. (Ts.[carbon], 12 pp. Light revision.)
box-folder   3/41.  
Unifinished portrait [prose] (Ts., 5 pp.; also carbon, 3 pp. [Part of Letters to Christopher?] (See Holyeman to OD, 1936: Oct. 5.) [1936])
box-folder   3/42.  
Letters to Christopher [prose] Outline. (Ts.[carbon] and ms., 19 pp. [1959])
box-folder   3/43.  
Letters to Christoper [prose] Selected letters, 1941-1946. (first 8 pp. used as setting copy. Ts.[carbon], 17 pp.)
box-folder   3/44.  
Letters to Christopher [prose] (Ts.[carbon] 178 pp.)
Sections, 1933-1939. (Ts. p. at end about the work of Miss Hoyleman, probably by OD. n.d.)
box-folder   4/45.  
Hillyer, Robert Silliman to OD, 1936-37, 1947 (4 items)
box-folder   4/46.  
Inge, William to OD, 1949-1961 (5 items)
box-folder   4/46.  
OD to Inge, William, 1957 (1 item [carbon])   
Scope: Subjects: Come back, little Sheba [play]; personal news

box-folder   4/47.  
Ives, Marian (literary agent) to OD, 1944-1949 (20 items)
box-folder   4/47.  
OD to Ives, Marian, 1944-1947 (10 items [carbons])
box-folder   4/48.  
Laughlin, James to OD, 1937-1939 (22 items)
box-folder   4/48.  
OD to Laughlin, James, 1937-1939 (7 items)
box-folder   4/49.  
Laughlin, James to OD, 1940-1945 (15 items)
box-folder   4/49.  
OD to Laughlin, James, 1940-1945 (7 items [draft], [carbons])
box-folder   4/49.  
OD: [1940: July] Preface, Five Young American Poets. Revised first page.
box-folder   4/49.  
New Directions, Royalty statement, 1941: Sept. [for Five Young American poets] (Ts., 1 p.)
box-folder   4/49.  
Moore, Hugh (New Directions) to OD, 1940: Aug. 14 ([p.c.])
box-folder   4/49.  
New Directions, Contract, with OD for Five Young American Poets.
box-folder   4/49.  
1940: June. (Ts. [carbon] Signed by James Laughlin and witnessed by Hubert Creekmore.)   
Scope: Subjects: [Folders 48-49] Five Young American Poets [collection of poems]; Elizabeth Bishop; Harry Brown, Merle Hoyleman.

box-folder   4/50.  
Leatherman, Leroy to OD, n.d., 1960-1961 (6 items)
box-folder   4/50.  
OD to Leatherman, Leroy, 1961 (2 items [carbons])
box-folder   4/51.  
Leatherman, Leroy. n.d. All fine men [short story] (Ts. [carbon] draft, final page is ts., 11 pp., light revision.)
box-folder   4/51.  
Leatherman, Leroy. n.d. Untitled short story (ts., M.s. draft, with revisions, 20 pp.)
box-folder   4/52.  
Lewis, R.W.B. to OD, 1951 (3 items)
box-folder   4/52.  
OD to Lewis, R.W.B., 1951 (2 items [carbons])
box-folder   4/52.  
Lewis, R.W.B. Table of contents for proposed book on Faulkner (ts., 1 p.)
box-folder   4/52.  
OD: [1951: July] A note on the 1939 Faulkner essay (ts.[carbon], with revisions, 1 p.)
box-folder   4/52.  
OD: [1951: July] Biographical sketch (ts.[carbon], 1 p.)   
Scope: Subjects: OD's studies of Faulkner; Lewis's proposed book of essays.

box-folder   4/53.  
Lord, Jim to OD, 1948-1955 (8 items)
box-folder   4/53.  
OD to Lord, Jim, 1955 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   4/54.  
Maas, Willard to OD, 1935-1947 (16 items)
box-folder   4/54.  
OD to Maas, Willard, 1937-1938 (3 items [carbons])   
Scope: Subjects: J. Ronald Lane Latimer (Alcestis Press); James Laughlin (New Directions); New Directions 1937 [anthology]; George Dillon; Marianne Moore; Wallace Stevens.

box-folder   4/55.  
McGehee, Edward to OD, 1943: April 20 ([photocopy])
box-folder   4/55.  
OD to Davis, George, 1943: Jan. 3 ([carbon])
box-folder   4/55.  
Davis, George to OD, 1943: Dec. 31 ([telegram])
box-folder   4/55.  
McGehee, Edward.
n.d. There hangs a myrtle warbler's tale [poem] (ts.[carbon], no revision, 1 p.)
n.d. The jobless pavisor [poem] (ts., 2 pp. annotated by OD.)
n.d. The eyeless wind [poem] (Ts., no revision, 2 pp.)
n.d. An old gentleman's garden eyesight [poem] (Ts.[carbon], 1 p., annotated by OD)
n.d. The idiot's mirror [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no revision, 1 p)
n.d. One view from a room near Santa Chiara [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no revision, 2 pp.)
1944: Winter. Ancestral theme [poem] Tear sheet from Sewanee Review, Vol. LII, No. 1 (2 pp.)
n.d. Ancestral theme [poem] (Ts., light revision, 2 pp.)
n.d. For you, Pushmatha, Brigadier General, USA [poem] (Ts., 3 pp. annotated by OD; ts.[carbon], no rev., 3 pp.)
n.d. My father carpenter's journey [poem] (Ts.[carbon] 4 pp. annotated by OD)
n.d. A carpernter's journey into the north [poem] (Ts.[carbon], light revision, 4 pp.)
n.d. Journey to the north [poem] (Ts., no revision, 1 p.)
n.d. The caravans [poem] Alternate title: Camel caravans. (Ts., no revision, 1 p.)
1944: Feb. The caravans [poem] Tear sheet from Mademoiselle [p.115] (1 p.)
n.d. No storm for fear [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no rev. 1 p.)
n.d. No storm for fear [poem] (Ts., note to OD appended, 1 p.)
n.d. The Seeburg rocks its newest love [poem] (Ts.[carbon] no revision, 1 p.; ts., light rev., note to OD appended, 1 p.)
1943: Feb. A message for home [poem] (Ms., 3 pp.)
1944: Winter. A message for home [poem] Tear sheet, from Sewanee Review, Vol. LII, No. 1 (3 pp.)
1943: May-June. The oracle of flight [poem] (Ts.[carbon] no revision, 3 pp.; ts.[carbon], 3 pp.; Tear sheet from Sewanee Review, Vol. LII, No. 1, 4 pp.)
box-folder   4/56.  
1944-1947. The maerography of a ghostly suitor [poem] (Ts., light revision, 4 pp.; ts., 4 pp. annotated by OD)
[1947: June] Once young and Beauregard; Gourier, he rode the white horse [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no revision, 2 pp.)
n.d. Upon the return to a lost love [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no revision, 1 p.)
n.d. Where fortune lies [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no revision, 3 pp.)
n.d. Virgo's sign [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no rev., 1 p.)
n.d. An old gentleman observes the daisy growing in his garden [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no revision, 1 p.)
n.d. The mechanism of generations [poem] (Ts., 6 pp. annotated by OD)
The throng of heroes [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no rev., 4 pp.)
n.d. Sudden departure [poem] (Ts., light revision, 1 p.)
n.d. Untitled poem (Ts., 1 p.)
The return [poem] (Ts., no revision, 1 p.)
n.d. The air meet at Carthage [poem] (Ts., 7 pp. annotated by OD)
n.d. A portent of war [short story] (Ts.[carbon], 8 pp. annotations by OD)
n.d. For this snow, a coronach [poem] (Ts.[carbon], 1 p.)
box-folder   5/57.  
Morrison, Theodore to OD, 1936-1948 (7 items)
box-folder   5/57.  
OD to Morrison, Theodore, 1945: Aug. 21 ([carbon])
box-folder   5/58.  
Morse, Samuel French to OD, 1938 (7 items)
box-folder   5/58.  
OD to Morse, Samuel French, 1938 (4 items [carbons])
box-folder   5/58.  
Morse, S.F.:
[1938] Man Rising [poem] (Ts., 1 p., no revision)
[1938] End of a year [poem] (Ts., 1 p., no revision)
box-folder   5/59.  
Morse, Samuel French to OD, 1939-1940 (9 items)
box-folder   5/59.  
Morse, S.F.:
[1940] Country Christmas [poem] (Ts., no rev., 1 p.)
[1939] The burning of the house [poem] (Ts., 2 pp. Annotated by OD)
1939. Saturday Night, late, [poem] (Ts., no rev., 1 p.)   
Scope: Subjects: [Folders 58-59] Twentieth Century Verse [magazine]; Randall Jarrell, Yvor Winters; Willard Maas; Donald Davidson; John Crowe Ransom; Harry Brown.

box-folder   5/60.  
Moses, W.R. to OD, 1935-1950 (24 items)
box-folder   5/60.  
[1938] Angina pectoris [poem] (Ts., 1 p.)
[1949: Dec.] Suburban flower shop, Wash. D.C. [poem] (Ts., 1 p.)
[1939] Untitled poem (Ts., 1 p.)
box-folder   5/61.  
Munson, Gorham Bert to OD, 1936-1946 (7 items)
box-folder   5/61.  
OD to Munson, Gorham Bert, 1946 (2 items [carbons])   
Scope: Subjects: Chard Powers Smith, Seward Collins; Social credit movement.

box-folder   5/62.  
O'Connor, Flannery to Roysce Smith, 1952-1959 (17 items)
box-folder   5/62.  
Georgia Writer's Association, 1955: Literary achievement award for fiction to Flannery O'Connor (Ts. [carbon] of presentation, 1 p.)
box-folder   5/63.  
Oldham, John Newton to OD, 1936-1938 (20 items)
box-folder   5/63.  
Oldham, Hugholene to OD, 1938: Dec. 5 (1 item)
box-folder   5/64.  
Percy, William Alexander to OD, 1933, 1942 (3 items)
box-folder   5/65.  
Porter, Katherine Ann to OD, 1957-1961 (8 items)
box-folder   5/65.  
OD to Porter, Katherine Ann, 1958, 1961 (2 items [carbons])   
Scope: Subjects: Ship of Fools [novel]; personal news.

box-folder   5/66.  
Pound, Ezra to OD, 1933-1935 (6 items)
box-folder   5/66.  
OD to Pound, Ezra, 1935 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   5/66.  
Pound, Ezra: [1933: Aug.] Is America losing her chance [essay] (Ts., light revision, 2 pp.)
box-folder   5/66.  
Pound, Ezra: [1933] Marx and the paddle wheel steamer [essay] (Ts., light revision, 1 p.)
box-folder   5/66.  
Pound, Ezra: [1935: Aug. 14] Untitled essay on economics (Ts., light revision, 2 pp.)
box-folder   5/67.  
Quinn, Kirker to OD, 1940-1941 (3 items)
box-folder   5/68.  
Ransom, John Crowe to OD, 1938-1951 (9 items)
box-folder   5/68.  
OD to Ransom, John Crowe, 1938-1951 (4 items [carbons])
box-folder   5/68.  
OD to Mrs. Brainard Cheney, [1937: June] Draft of telegram honoring Ransom
box-folder   5/68.  
OD to James H. Kirkland [Chancellor, Vanderbilt] 1937: June ([draft])
box-folder   5/68.  
DeVoto, Bernard [Saturday Review] [1937: June] Copy of telegram honoring Ransom.
box-folder   5/68.  
Homage to John Crowe Ransom. Invitation to the dinner honoring Ransom (1 item)
box-folder   5/68.  
Tate, Allen and OD: [1937: June] Draft of telegram to DeVoto informing him of departure of Ransom from Vanderbilt (1 item)
box-folder   5/68.  
Marshall, Margaret [The Nation] to Ransom, 1951: April 10 ([copy])
box-folder   5/68.  
Morgan, Frederick [The Hudson Review] to Ransom, 1951: April 11 ([copy])
box-folder   5/68.  
Catherwood, Winbourn [Sewanee Review] to Ransom, 1951: April 16 ([copy])
box-folder   5/68.  
Mebane, Daniel [New Republic] to Ransom, 1951: April 13 ([copy])
box-folder   5/68.  
Rahv, Philip [Partisan Review] to Ransom, 1951: April 16 ([copy])
box-folder   5/69.  
Ransom, John Crowe:
n.d. Poets without laurels [essay] (Ts.[carbon], light revision, 17 pp.)
1936: Feb. 3 A modern poet [essay] concerning the poetry of OD. (Ts., light revision, 5 pp. Signed. [unpublished])
box-folder   5/70.  
Ratcliffe, Garrett: Tragedy at Jordan [play] (Ts.[carbon], 168 pp. Bound, plack paper folders.)
box-folder   6/71.  
Schwartz, Delmore to OD, 1938-1959 (24 items)
box-folder   6/71.  
OD to Schwartz, Delmore, 1938 (4 items [carbons])   
Scope: Subjects: New Directions Press; William Carlos Williams; Robert Penn Warren; Allen Tate; Kenneth Patchen.

box-folder   6/72.  
Smith, Roysce. Drawings, pencil and ink,principally cartoons (36 items)
box-folder   6/73.  
Strand, Mark.
n.d. Cruelty I [poem] (Ts., 1 p.)
n.d. Cruelty II [poem] (Ts., 1 p.)
n.d. Take the tree [poem] (Ts., 1 p.)
n.d. A lady of fever and chills [poem] (Ts., 1 p.)
box-folder   6/73.  
OD to Strand, Mark, 1960: Aug. 22 ([carbon])
box-folder   6/74.  
Tate, Allen to OD, 1935-1938 (24 items)
box-folder   6/74.  
OD to Tate, Allen, 1935-1938 (4 items [carbons])
box-folder   6/74.  
OD to the New Republic [magazine] 1937: Apr. 9 ([draft])
box-folder   6/74.  
Ney, Lew to Tate, Allen, 1936: May 6 ([carbon] [1936])
box-folder   6/74.  
Tate, Allen to Mas, Willard, 1936: May 13 ([carbon])
box-folder   6/74.  
Tate, Allen. n.d. Photographs [negatives] of Allen Tate, and [Caroline Gordon] and [OD?]   
Scope: Subjects: Alcestis Press; J. Ronald Lane Latimer (Alcestis Press); Lew Ney; Caroline Gordon's None shall look back [novel]; Stark Young's So red the rose; Katherine Anne Porter; Malcolm Cowley; Allen Tate's The Fathers [novel]; New Directions 1937 [anthology]; John Berryman; John Crowe Ransom; and Ford Madox Ford.

box-folder   6/75.  
Tate, Allen to OD, 1939-1942 (18 items)
box-folder   6/75.  
OD to Tate, Allen, 1940: Dec. 26 ([carbon])
box-folder   6/75.  
Tate, Allen. [1940] False nightmare [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no revision, 2 pp.)
box-folder   6/75.  
Kent, Ira Rich to OD, 1941: May 7
box-folder   6/75.  
Tate, Allen to Fain, Tyree, 1941: Feb. 6 ([carbon])
box-folder   6/75.  
Gordon, Caroline to OD, 1939 (2 items)   
Scope: Subjects: John Berryman; John Crowe Ransom; Ford Madox Ford; Allen Tate False nightmare [poem]; George Stevens; Bernard DeVoto; OD's study of Faulkner; James Laughlin; Richard P. Blackmur; Kenneth Patchen; Five young American poets [collection of poems];

box-folder   6/76.  
Tate, Allen to OD, 1943-1950 (15 items)
box-folder   6/76.  
OD to Tate, Allen, 1944-1950 (12 items [carbons])
box-folder   6/76.  
Rhys, [Browley] to OD, 1946: Mar. 4
box-folder   6/76.  
OD to Marshall, H.P., 1950: Aug. 20 ([carbon])
box-folder   6/76.  
Creekmore, Hubert to Tate, Allen, 1945: Feb. 23
box-folder   6/76.  
Gordon, Caroline to OD, 1945: Sept. 21
box-folder   6/77.  
Tyre, Nedra to Smith, Roysce, 1957-1958 (2 items)
box-folder   6/77.  
Tyre, Nedra to OD, 1954-1959 (4 items)
box-folder   6/78.  
Welty, Eudora to OD, 1937-1947 (5 items)
box-folder   6/79.  
Williams, Jonathon to OD, 1960-1961 (3 items)
box-folder   6/79.  
Williams, Jonathon to Smith, Roysce, 1957-1959 (5 items)
box-folder   6/79.  
OD to Williams, Jonathon, 1961: Dec. 20 ([carbon])
box-folder   6/79.  
Borderguard [organization] 1957: January. Advertising pamphlet describing and listing production of Black Mountain Review, Divers Press, Bern Porter Books, Pocket Poets Series, Jargon Press, Windhover Press and `Paint eds' by Kenneth Patchen.
box-folder   6/79.  
Jargon Books, Highlands, N.C.
n.d. Ad for Hurrah for anything, by Kenneth Patchen
[1958: Aug.] Ads for titles in print
1959: March. Open Letter, announcing the end of Jargon books
[1957] Ad for the Red Notebook, by Henry Miller
box-folder   6/79.  
Williams, Jonathon. [1959: Dec.] Lord Lord Lord [Jargon 31]
box-folder   6/79.  
Levertov, Denise. 1961: Feb. 7. Clipping announcing a reading by her   
Scope: Subjects: Merle Hoyleman; Larry Eigner

box-folder   6/80.  
Young, Stark to OD, 1937-1948 (8 items)
box-folder   6/80.  
OD to Young, Stark, 1948: May 10 ([carbon])
box-folder   6/80.  
Young, Stark to Cowley, Malcolm, 1937: April 15 ([copy])
box-folder   6/80.  
Young, Stark. n.d. Flowers to the saint [painting] Reproduction, mounted.   
Scope: Subject: Caroline Gordon; personal news

box-folder   6/81.  
Zukofsky, Louis to OD, 1933-1934 (9 items)   
Scope: Subjects: William Carlos Williams; The Observer [magazine]; Ezra Pound's Cantos.

box-folder   7/82.  
1932-1934 (41 items)
box-folder   7/83.  
1935 (46 items)
box-folder   7/84.  
1936 (25 items)
box-folder   7/85.  
1937 (45 items)
box-folder   7/86.  
1938 (46 items)
box-folder   7/87.  
1939 (28 items)
box-folder   7/88.  
1940-1941 (26 items)
box-folder   7/89.  
1942-1944 (32 items)
box-folder   7/90.  
1945-1946 (29 items)
box-folder   7/91.  
1947-1948 (18 items)
box-folder   7/92.  
1949-1950 (20 items)
box-folder   7/93.  
1951-1952 (15 items)
box-folder   7/94.  
1953-1961 (13 items)
box-folder   7/95.  
n.d. (8 items)
box-folder   8/96.  
The Observer [magazine], Correspondence, 1932-1934.
Erisman, Robert O. to OD, 1934: May 30
Mamet, Louis to OD, [1934]
Feibleman, James K. to OD, 1933-1934 (5 items)
Abernathy, Milton to OD, 1932: Aug. 1; Sept. 7
Harper, Lawrence A. to OD, 1933: Nov. 22
Cooper, Monte to OD, 1932-1933 (2 items)
Abernathy, Minak to OD, 1933: Nov. 3
Howry, Erle to OD, 1933 (2 items)
Parks, Edd Winfield to OD, 1933: Mar. 30
Powell, Clarence Alva to OD, 1933: Nov. 29
MacLeod, Norman to OD, [1933: Sept.]
Brown, Bob [1934] Towards a bloodless revolution [essay] Pamphlet
Reeve, Paul Eaton to OD, 1933: Mar. 20
Tyler, Parker to OD, 1934 (3 items)
Couch, Witt to OD, 1934: Feb. 15
Stovall, Margaret E. to OD, 1934: April 26
OD to Brown, Bob, 1933: Dec. 23 with pencilled reply
Conroy, Jack to OD, 1934: Mar. 31
n.d. Advertisements and information concerning the Llano Cooperative Colony.
box-folder   8/97.  
The Observer [magazine]
Vol. I, No. 1, 4
Vol. II, No. 1, 2
box-folder   8/98.  
Fannie Bell Estate
OD to McDougal, W. C., 1948-1950 (3 items [carbons])
McDougal, W. C. to OD, 1948-1950 (4 items)
OD to Staple Cotton Cooperative Association, 1948: Sept. 25 ([carbon])
OD to Stout, J.W., 1945: April 6 ([carbon])
box-folder   8/99.  
Teaching career.
OD to Adams, Prof. Henry W., 1940: Dec. 9 ([carbon] (Alabama Polytechnic))
Steeves, H.R. to OD, 1947: Mar. 14 (Columbia University)
OD to Allen, Dean Roger W., 1946-1947 (4 items (Alabama Polytechnic))
OD to Leetch, Florence W., 1947-1949 (4 items [carbons])
Leetch, Florence W. to OD, 1947-1949 (Harvard)
Allen, Dean Roger W. to OD, 1946-1947 (2 items)
Cox, George W. to OD, 1944: April 11 ([carbon])
OD to Cox, George W., 1944, 1949 (3 items)
Adams, Henry W. to OD, 1941: Jan. 3, 8 (Auburn - API)
Tate, Allen to Askew, Dean J. Thomas, 1940: Sept. 6 ([carbon] note appended)
Tate, Allen To Whom it May Concern, 1940: Sept. 6 ([carbon])
Nims, Edwin To Whom it May Concern, 1940: Aug. 10 ([carbon])
OD. [1947: Jan.] Resume of education and teaching career.
box-folder   8/100.  
Louisiana State University
OD to Lambert, Douglas W., 1950: Oct. 28 ([carbon])
Lambert, Douglas W. to OD, 1950: Sept. 23
Grant, Truett K. to OD, 1950: Sept. 21 (Registrar, Baylor)
OD to Lin, Esther, 1950: Sept. 14 ([carbon])
Lin, Esther to OD, 1950: Aug. 17 (student)
OD to Kirby, Thomas A., 1949: April 21 ([carbon])
Frey, F.C. to OD, 1947: May 15; [June]
Bryan, Adolphus J. to OD, 1948 (2 items)
Stoke, Harold W. to OD, 1948 (2 items)
box-folder   8/101.  
Oglethorpe University, Georgia
OD to Huguley, Edith, 1955: Sept. 14 ([carbon])
Huguley, Edith to OD, 1955: Sept. 8
Meriwether, Elizabeth to OD, [1955]
Woodburg, Lou to OD, [1956] (2 items)
OD to Agnew, Donald C., 1959: April 8 ([carbon])
Weltner, Philip to OD, 1949 (2 items)
OD to Weltner, Philip, 1949-1950 (3 items)
Lanier, Sterling to OD, 1948: June 1
Brown, Wendell H. to OD, 1948-1959 (12 items)
OD to Brown, Wendell H., 1948-1959 (5 items)
Agnew, Donald C. to OD, 1958-1959 (3 items)
box-folder   8/102.  
Doran, James to OD, 1956-1957 (6 items)
OD to Doran, James, 1956-1957 (3 items [carbons])
OD to [Mrs. Mac], 1957: Aug. 9
Doran, James.
[1956] Untitled poem. (Ts., 2 pp.)
box-folder   8/103.  
[1956] Reasonable man [short story] (Ts., no rev., 11 pp.)
[1957] Walk in the city [short story] (Ts., no rev., 8 pp.; Ts., 10 pp., annoted by OD)
[1956] Reminiscences of a parasite [prose] (Ts., no rev., 12 pp.)
box-folder   8/104.  
Sykes, Eleanor Raymond. 1946: Jan. 27. Battle above the clouds [short story] (Ts., 25 pp. with annotations by OD)
box-folder   8/105.  
Mullen, Fred M. 1940: Jan. 16. Mama's Boy [short story] (Ts. [carbon], no revision, 12 pp.)
Mullen, Fred M. 1940: Jan. 16. Benny meets an old institution [short story] (Ts. [carbon], light revision, 6 pp.)
box-folder   8/106.  
Lo RÉ, Monique Laperrousaz. [1948: Oct. 28] Two translations from Modern French poets [translations] (Ts., printer's marks throughout, moderate revision, 7 pp. Includes Palm[poem] by Paul ValÉry and The poet at thirty [poem] by Jean Cocteau.)
box-folder   8/107.  
Unidentified author. n.d. Cocoa and cake [short story] (Ts., no revision, 12 pp.)
box-folder   8/108.  
OD. n.d. Hart Crane [essay] (Ts., 17 pp., with annotations by Allen Tate.)
box-folder   8/109.  
Atlantic Monthly Poetry Contests
Berran, Mary A. C. to OD, 1946-1952 (33 items)
OD to Berran, Mary A.C., 1946-1952 (17 items [drafts, carbons, telegrams])
OD. 1948. Report on winners. (Ts. [carbon])
OD. 1946. Report on winners. (Ts. [carbon])
box-folder   8/110.  
Voices [magazine]
Vinal, Harold to OD, 1946-1948 (11 items)
Vinal, Harold. [1948] Selected Poems, 1921-1948. Publishers Ad.
Guthrie, Frances Stowell to Vinal, Harold, 1947: July 10
Palmer, Winthrop B. to OD, 1946-1948 (15 items)
OD to Palmer, Winthrop B., 1946-1947 (4 items [carbons])
box-folder   8/111.  
Clippings, miscellaneous. (c. 25 items)