William Jay Smith Papers, ca. 1924-2004.
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VIII. Prose. [series]: (174 items.)   
Scope: Consists of auto and ts drafts of essays and reviews by Smith, arranged alphabetically.

A.D. Hope: The Comic Vision [essay]. (Ts, Auto. 2 drafts, 13p. published in The Hollins Critic.)
[Blurb for Cora E. Luca's Poems] [essay]. (TsS. 1p.)
[Blurb for Malcolm Cowley's And I Worked at the Writer's Trade] [essay]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
The child buyer [essay]. (Auto. 20p. published in The Streaks of the Tulip.)
A craving for reality [essay]. (Ts, Auto. 3 drafts, 20p. published in Saturday Review; enc.: clippings, notes, TLS from Susan Heath, 1977:Nov 14, auto ms. by Andrei Voznesensky and drawings by Voznesensky.)
F. Scott Fitzgerald: a poet's view [essay]. (Auto, Ts, Ts(x). 6 drafts, 65p. Enc.: notes and clippings relating to the essay.)
A frame for poetry [essay]. (Auto. 7p.)
Haitian poetry today [essay]. (Ts, Auto. 5 drafts, 77p. article was ultimately titled Land of Poets; enc.: notes and correspondence relating to the publication of the article in Americas, vol. 10, 1953:Nov.)
Honorable ironess [essay]. (Ts, Auto. 2 drafts, 10p. Enc.: notes and clippings relating to the essay.)
In distrust of merits [essay]. (Ts. 10p.)
Introduction for Gwendolyn Brooks and Katherine Garrison Chapin [speech]. 1969: November 3. (Auto. 3p.)
[Introduction for N. Scott Momaday and Leslie Silko] [speech]. 1974: February 5. (Ts, Auto. 3 drafts, 19p. given at New York Poetry Center; enc.: clippings and TL(cb) to Daniel Boorstein, 1978:Mar 16.)
[Introduction for Scandanavian poets] [speech]. [1982]. (Auto. 4p. Enc.: clippings and photocopies of clippings.)
Introduction to Children and Poetry [essay]. (Auto, Ts, Ts(cb). 3 drafts, 21p.)
The irreducible Spaniard [essay]. (Ts, Auto. 3 drafts, 25p. Enc.: clippings.)
Land of poets [essay].   
Scope: see Haitian Poetry Today [essay].

The landscape of madness [essay]. (Ts, Auto. 2 drafts, 20p. published in The Atlantic; enc.: 2 telegram.)
The making of poems [essay]. (Auto, Ts, Ts(x). 3 drafts, 62p. published in Quarterly Review (Library of Congress); enc.: notes.)
The middle class is what we are [essay]. [1984]. (TsS, Auto. 3 drafts, 19p. Enc.: photocopy of clipping signed by Smith.)
New books of poems [essay]. 1964-1965. (Ts. 21p.)
New books of poems (no. 2) [essay]. (Ts. 8p.)
The new poetry [essay]. 1962-1963. (Ts, Ts(cb). 2 drafts, 34p. published in Harper's.)
The new poetry (no. 2) [essay]. 1963-1964. (Ts. 16p. published in Harper's.)
A note on American youth [essay]. (Ts. 9p. Enc.: TLS from John F. Nims, 1946:Dec 9.)
A note on Radiguet [essay]. (Auto, Ts, Ts(cb). 5 drafts, 30p. Enc.: clippings and 2 TLS from Kerker Quinn, 1953:Nov 11 and 1954:Sep 15.)
Notes on John Hall Wheelock [essay]. 1976: April 7. (Ts(x), Auto. 4 drafts, 17p.)
Notes on Malcolm Cowley [essay]. (Auto. 8p.)
The occasional poet [essay]. (Auto. 7p. published in The New Republic.)
Oddbird: E.E. Cummings [essay]. (TsS. 1p.)
Old-fashioned but fine [essay]. (Auto. 12p.)
A passionate panorama [essay]. (Auto. 2 drafts, 6p. published in America.)
Performers and poets [essay]. (Ts, Auto. 2 drafts, 43p.)
The pirate book [essay]. (Auto. 28p.)
A poet looks at politics [essay]. (Auto, Ts, Ts(cb). 8 drafts, 97p. Enc.: brochure.)
The poetic vision of Eudora Welty [essay]. (Ts, Auto. 2 drafts, 20p.)
The poetry of 1981 and the triumph of John Logan [essay]. [1982]. (Ts(x). 4p. filed in Ser I.1.a with letter to Robert Pinsky, 1982:Aug 20.)
[Poetry review for Harper's] [essay]. (Auto. 19p. Enc.: clippings and notes.)
A prince among translators [essay]. [1979]. (Auto, Ts, Ts(cb). 8 drafts, 30p. published in Poetry in Tranlation.)
Proposal for international poetry festival at the Library of Congress for Spring 1970 [essay]. 1969!: January 16. (Ts(cb). 2p.)
Reading- 1967 [essay]. (Auto. 2p. published in The American Scholar.)
A rendezvous with Robinson [essay]. 1979: February 28. (Ts(cb)S, Auto. 2 drafts, 7p. published in Sequoia.)
[Report on East Asian trip] [essay]. (Auto. 8p.)
Report on my experience as a Fulbright lecturer in Yugoslavia [essay]. [1981]. (Ts(cb)S. 4p. Enc.: TL(cb) to Georgene B. Lovedky, 1981:Sep 30, TLS from Lovecky, 1981:Sep 4 and notes.)
[Review of children's poetry] [essay]. (Auto. 3p.)
[Review of Eloques] [essay]. (Auto. 4p.)
[Review of Marianne Moore] [essay]. (Auto. 11p.)
[Review of W.H. Auden] [essay]. (Auto. 5p.)
The skies of Venice [essay]. (TsS. 4p.)
Sonja's choucroute [essay and recipe]. [1975]. (Ts(cb). 2p. published in Favorite Recipes of American Poets, ed., Victoria McCabe.)
Spare and fluent [essay]. (Ts, Auto. 2 drafts, 16p. published in The New York Times.)
Tough-minded and humble [essay]. (Ts, Auto. 2 drafts, 8p. published in The American Scholar; enc.: TLS from Katherine MacWett, 1970 Oct 12.)
[Untitled biographical sketch of Gyula Illyes] [essay]. (Auto. 1p.)
[Untitled essay on Carolyn Kizer] [essay]. (Ts. 2p.)
[Untitled essay on children's literature]. (Auto. 9p.)
[Untitled essay on Hungarian poetry] [essay]. (Auto, Ts, Ts(cb). 3 drafts, 5p. published in Poetry Pilot; enc.: selection of poems to accompany article.)
[Untitled essay on Hungarian poetry] [essay]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
[Untitled essay on Katherine Garrison Chapin Biddle] [essay]. (Auto. 3p. Enc.: ALS to Mr. Asher, 1978:Aug 30.)
[Untitled essay on Lenon Marshall Poetry Prize] [essay]. 1982. (TsS. 7p. corrected galley proof.)
[Untitled essay on Sylvia Plath] [essay]. (Ts. 2p.)
[Untitled review of children's books] [essay]. (Ts, Auto. 6p.)
[Untitled speech for Voice of America] [speech]. (Ts. 11p.)
[Untitled speech on Isak Dinesen] [speech]. [1975]. (Ts. 4p. introduction to Isak Dinesen reading at the Poetry Center, New York City, 1959. Signed by Dinesen with motto of Denis Finch-Hattan.)
[Untitlted introduction for Gyula Kodolanyi] [speech]. (Ts. 1p.)
Wyston Hugh Auden [essay]. (TsS. 1p.)
X.J. Kennedy [essay]. (Auto. 5p.)