Radcliffe Squires Papers, 1960-1981.
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box-folder   3/28-31  
II. Miscellany [series]: (26 items.)   
Scope: Consists of business correspondence, photographs and printed ephemera and miscellaneous manuscripts divided into 3 subseries.

box-folder   3/28  
II. 1. Miscellaneous Correspondence [subseries]: (12 items.)   
Scope: Consists of miscellaneous business correspondence, including 2 copies (Ts, Ts[carbon]) of Squire's essay on Allen Tate written for Contemporary Poets of the English Language (St. James Press, 1969).

box-folder   3/29  
II. 2. Photographs [subseries]: (4 items.)   
Scope: Consists of four photographs. Subjects include Caroline Gordon, Allen Tate, and Radcliffe Squires.

II.3 Printed Ephemera and Manuscripts [subseries]:   
Scope: Contains miscellaneous printed and manuscript materials. 9 items. Note: listed below, along with the material in this series, are additional manuscripts physically housed in Ser. I.

Above the over-towering Babel [review]. 1975: September. (TsS. 16p. review of George Steiner, After Babel, with Burke's auto. corrections and notes by the printer; published in Michigan Ouarterly Review; filed in Ser. I.2 with TNS, 1975: September 10.)
Brown, Susan Jenkins. The glory of Hera , by Caroline Gordon [review]. 1972: June 16. (Ts(cb). light revision. 2p. filed in Ser I.1 with TLS, 1972: July 25, from Caroline Gordon.)
Burke, Kenneth. [Untitled poem]. 1974: November 19. (Ts. 1p. filed in Ser I.2 in text of TLS of the same date.)
Ghiselin, Brewster. A dove [poem]. 1971: January. (Ts. 4p. filed in Ser. I.1 with Squires' 1971: Feb 6 letter to Tate.)
Honig, Edwin.
December comfort [poem]. 1972: December 27. (auto. 1p. filed in Ser. I.1 in text of ALS, 1972: Dec 27.)
A New Year's dream , 1961 [poem]. 1961: January. (auto. 1p. filed in Ser. I.1 in text of ANS, 1961: Jan.)
Nemerov, Howard. The tapestry [poem]. 1970: September. (Ts. 1p. filed in Ser. I.2 with TNS of 1970: Sept 29.)
Ransom, John Crowe.
Farmer husband [poem]. [1970]. (Ts(cb)S. 1p. setting copy with attached note from the editor to the printer and the printer's extensive markings throughout; filed in Ser. I.3 with ANS, [n.d].)
Grim wedlock [poem]. [1970]. (Ts(cb)S. 1p. setting copy with attached note from the editor to the printer and the printer's extensive markings throughout; filed in Ser. I.3 with ANS, [n.d].)
Squires, Radcliffe.
Allen Tate . 1970: January. (Ts, Ts(cb). 1p. Essay done for Encyclopedia Britannica, filed in Ser. I.1 with Squires' 1970: Jan 13 letter to Tate.)
Journeys [poetry collection]. 1982. (Galley proofs, Ts(x). moderate auto(x) revision. 3 drafts, 3p. Three sets of proofs for this collection published by Elysian Press (1982) bearing the author's auto(x) corrections.)
Stevenson, Anne. Radcliffe Squires [essay]. [1973]: [July]. (Ts(cb). light revision. 1p. filed with TNS, 1973: July 4.)
Tate, Allen; and Winslow, Anne Goodwin [play] [n.d.].
(Ts(x). 83p. dramatic adaptation of Henry James' The Turn of the Screw. Although the play was completed in 1936, it was not performed until May 1962, when a production was held at the University of Minnesota Theatre; enc.: 1p. of Squires' auto notes on the play.)
Elegy for the Confederate dead [poem]. [1926]: [November]. (Ts(x). 4p. photocopy of the original Ts with John Crowe Ransom's extensive auto(x) comments in margins; filed in Ser I.1 with letter from Tate, [ca. 1970].)
Wilbur, Richard. Flippancies [poem]. [1975]: [January] [11]. (Ts. 1p. filed in Ser.I.2.)
Printed ephemera.
Tate, Allen.
Come join us at our Christmas tree (fl) . [since locus]: [privately printed], 1971. (single sheet, folded. issued as a Christmas greeeting.)
We'll send John's letter up the flue (fl) . [sine locus]: [privately printed], 1968. (single sheet, folded twice. issued as a Christmas greeting.)