Robert Sward Papers, 1951-1971.
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box-folder   38/370-384  
IV. Drama, non-fiction prose, miscellaneous works. [series]:   
Scope: Consists of various manuscripts--plays, reviews, essays, student work, interview, reading (tape), and other manuscript material.

box-folder   38/370-373  
IV. 1. Dramatic works. (42 items.)   
Scope: Consists of material toward 3 plays.

box-folder   38/370-371  
IV. 1. a. Events surrounding the supposed progress of four homosexual karate experts through the streets of Chicago towards the palace of Hugh Hefner. Consists of material toward the unpublished play including partial drafts, notes, fragments and character lists. (ca. 25 items, 53p.)
box-folder   38/372  
IV. 1. b. DeYong, DeYong . Consists of script for student skit DeYong, DeYong (1953)from State University of Illinois at Normal. (1 item, 5p.)
box-folder   38/373  
IV. 1. c. [Untitled play]. Consists of material toward an untitled play (ca. 1968)including notes, fragments and character lists. (16 items, 111p.)
box-folder   38/376-382  
IV. 2. Non-fiction prose. (35 items.)   
Scope: Consists of reviews and essays from 1956-1967.

box-folder   38/376-380  
IV. 2. a. Book reviews. Consists of drafts, notes and fragments of book reveiws and informal reviews of mss submitted by the authors to Sward for comment. Some correspondence relating to reveiw assignments is included. Consult data base for more detailed listings of folder contents. (ca. 23 items, 254p.)
[Book reviews].
[Review of For love, poems, 1950-1960, by Robert Creeley] . [1962] (Ts(cb). moderate revision. 3p. Filed in Ser. I.1. with letter to Sonia Raiziss, 1962: July 24.)
[Review of The fountains of regardlessness, by Frederick Bock]. [1962] (Ts(cb). moderate revision. 3p. Filed in Ser. I.1. with letter to Sonia Raiziss, 1962: July 24.)
box-folder   38/381-382  
IV. 2. b. Essays. Consists of notes, fragments and drafts of titled and untitled essays, 1956-1965, most dealing with literary criticism. (ca. 12 items, 65p.)
box-folder   38/383-384  
IV. 3. Miscellaneous works. (34 items.)   
Scope: Consists of interview, letters, introductions, recommendations, Sward's college papers, tape of reading, and other manuscript materials.

box-folder   38/383  
IV. 3. a. Student assignments. Consists of notes, outlines and papers Sward wrote while a student, 1953-1957. Some papers have professors' comments and grades. (ca. 20 items, 43p.)
box-folder   38/384  
IV. 3. b. Miscellany. Consists of notes, a draft of a children's story, an audiotape of a reading at the Library of Congress and multiple drafts of letters and introductions. (ca. 14 items, 36p.)