Robert Sward Papers, 1951-1971.
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box-folder   43-46/412-443  
VII. Miscellany. [series]: (521 items.)   
Scope: Consists of miscellaneous materials, broken into 2 sub-series, Personal miscellany and General miscellany.

box-folder   43-44/412-430  
VII. 1. Personal miscellany. [subseries]: (328 items.)   
Scope: Consists of personal miscellany, including material for Soft Press, family documents, photographs, drawings and material for teaching.

box-folder   43-44/412  
Contains items relating to the Soft Press. Includes A valentine to Hannah , excerpt from Kiss , bite and moo softly , excerpts from Mr. Scales , biographical note on Sward, 2 pp., description of the Press, and announcement sheets.
box-folder   43-44/413  
Contains items relating to the Soft Press. Includes biographical statements, announcements of publications, the "Soft Motto" , and a Sward bibliography and resume.
box-folder   43-44/414  
Contains newspaper clippings and photocopies of articles referring to Sward's poetry readings and publications. Included are articles about obscenity disputes at Bowling Green concerning Sward's poetry, announcements of readings, a page from Hudson Review , with Attic by the River , and Elm trees , by Sward, and short reviews of Sward's work.
box-folder   43-44/415  
Contains newspaper clippings and photocopies of articles referring to Sward's readings and work. Includes an interview with Sward, brief reviews of his work, announcements of readings, personal items concerning his family, and an account of an attack on Sward during a peace march.
box-folder   43-44/416  
Contains an article by Irving Sward that apperared in Chiropody Record , a page of a letter from Gertrude, miscellaneous journal entries, quotations and fragments of a German record of the family line of the Huebsch family.
box-folder   43-44/417  
Contains documents relating to the Huebsch family. Includes deeds, marriage certificates, membership document for the Masons, and receipts.
box-folder   43-44/418  
Contains 1 collage, probably done by Judith Sward, of photos and clippings.
box-folder   43-44/419  
Contains various bibliographies compiled by Sward over many years. Drafts and finished versions included.
box-folder   43-44/420  
Contains various stray pieces of miscellaneous material related to life in Victoria, British Columbia. Includes documents referring to the Neo-American Church, and University of Victoria activities.
box-folder   43-44/421  
Contains drawings by Rick Sargent of Sward, photos of Sward, Diane Sward, Ann Quin, and various people at writing conferences.
box-folder   43-44/422  
Contains photos of Sward, Ann Quin, an unidentified woman, and a professional pen and ink sketch of the same woman.
box-folder   43-44/423  
Contains items referring to Sward's teaching at the University of Victoria, Cornell University, and other colleges. Includes outlines for classes, announcements of poetry readings by others, and schedules of activties at the University of Victoria, notes, memos, and reader's comments on students' work.
box-folder   43-44/424  
Contains items referring to Sward's teaching at the University of Victoria. Includes syllabi, student poems, poems for clasroom use, and evaluations.
box-folder   43-44/425  
Contains items referring to the biographical data of various poets, including Sward.
box-folder   43-44/426  
Contains items referring to various poetry readings by Sward, documents dealing with a play he was in in college, press releases for readings, and brochure describing his services.
box-folder   43-44/427  
Contains items relating to the Northwest Poetry Circuit. Includes newsletters, itineraries, and poems to be read.
box-folder   43-44/428  
Contains items relating to the Yaddo Conference, the Huntington Hartford Foundation, and Bread Loaf. Includes information sheets and newsletters.
box-folder   43-44/429  
Contains catalogs, announcements, news releases, and posters concerning poetry books and readings by Sward and others.
box-folder   43-44/430  
Contains offprints, clippings and photocopies of poems and articles by Larry Lieberman, Paul Viereck, Rosette Lamont, Irving Malin, Robert Sward, Jonathan Baumbach, Andrei Voznesensky, Al Purdy, Richard Shelton, Lyman Andrews, Thomas Lask, Gregory Corso, William Meredith, and reader's comments on Sward's work.
box-folder   47/431-443  
VII. 2. General miscellany. [subseries]: (193 items.)   
Scope: Consists of general miscellany including announcements, clippings, MacDowell Colony material and other matter.

box-folder   47/431  
Contains announcements for little magazines and for poetry festivals.
box-folder   47/432  
Contains announcements for small presses and exhibitions.
box-folder   47/433  
Contains announcements and catalogs for small presses and poetry readings.
box-folder   47/434  
Contains announcements and catalogs for small presses and poetry readings, photographer's portfolio, and Guggenheim applications.
box-folder   47/435  
Contains announcements for poetry readings and catalogs of small presses.
box-folder   47/436  
Contains announcements for poetry readings and catalogs of small presses
box-folder   47/437  
Contains manila envelopes with notes by Sward on them.
box-folder   47/438  
Contains programs and other memorabilia from plays, productions, and societies.
box-folder   47/439  
Contains random newspaper clippings and photocopies of articles dealing with a wide variety of topics (mostly Taos and Mexico).
box-folder   47/440  
Contains announcements and newsletters pertaining to poetry series and poetry reading circuits.
box-folder   47/441  
Contains items pertaining to the MacDowell Colony. Includes reports, information sheets, and announcemtns.
box-folder   47/442  
Contains newsletters from the Associated Writing Programs, the Victoria Youth Project, Iowa Writers' Workshop, University of Victoria film society, and rejection notices.
box-folder   47/443  
Contains announcements, pleas, and articles relating to the protest against the Vietnam war.