Alexander Trocchi Papers
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Series V. Poems, 1944-1961. [series]: (229 items.)
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*[Selection of poems for Grove Press, 1961]. (3 items. AT set aside a group of papers under a cover sheet marked "Final Draft/Working Notes/and Early Versions of a Selection of Poems to be Published in 1. vol. (by Grove Press). These drafts--which by no means comprise all that could fit under that heading--are now filed under the individual poem titles (see below); but each is marked by an asterisk (*) to show that it has come from this group. In this folder, then, are two draft tables of contents for the selection, as follows:)
1. Auto., 1 p., including "A Little Geography Lesson for My Sons and Daughters," "The Dark Woman," "Portrait," "Wind from the Bosphoros," "He Tasted History with a Yellow Tooth," "The Brown Land," "The Man and the Moon," "The Water Spout," "Beware of the Boarhunt," "The Bleach Country," "To an English Lady," "Notes."
2. Ts., 1 p., including "Portrait," "Le copain de Soi-meme," "Wind from the Bosphoros," "He tasted history with a yellow tooth," "The brown land," "The man and the moon," "The water spout," "To an English Lady," "Beware of the boarhunt," "First love," "A song for my ancestors," "The bleach country," "Notes," "The virgin and the rose: III. Flastaff."
Man at Leisure. [Collection of poems published by Calder & Boyars, 1972.] (Ts.(x) w/ extensive auto. revisions, 88 pp. [Notes toward Man at Leisure]. Misc. auto. and ts. notes, 10 pp.)
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Individual Poems
"Advt." (3 items: Auto., 1 p.; carbon of same, 1 p.; ts.(x), 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"The Agglutinous Underneath." (Ts., 1 p.)
("& what are you writing..."). (Ts.(mim) w/ auto. correction, 1 p.)
("Assuming there is hesitation"). (Ts., 3 pp.)
"Belinda." (2 items: Ts.(x) [headed "tabula rasa (phase A);"], 1 p.; ts., 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"Beware Of the Boarhunt." (3 items: *Auto. draft (as "From a myth of the Golden Bough"), 2 pp.; *ts. w/ auto. corrections (as "Don't get run over by a tank cos you're a fool if you do..."), 1 p.; *ts.(x) marked "Grove Edition," 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"The Bleach Country." (4 items: *Auto., untitled, on verso of ts. of "Poem (`Who will break the boy's cry over the city?')," 1 p.; *ts. w/ sl. auto. correction, 2 pp.; ts., 1 p.; *ts.(x) of same, marked "Grove Edition," 1 p.)
["Boxes"]. (2 items: Ts. fragment ("A Political Solution (`Place prime ministers upon cruisers')," 1 p.; ts. fragment ("General Apathy") with lines from "Man at Leisure," 1 p. [both published in Man at Leisure] (See also ("Of being invented"), below.))
"The Broken Ikon." (Auto., 7 pp. Written at Garronhead, Balfron Station, Stirlingshire [ca. 1947-8].)
"The Brown Land." (9 items: *Auto. draft (as "Mexico"), ts. draft (Paris 1951) w/ auto. corrections, 2 pp.; *ts. (Paris 1951), 1 p.; *ts.(x) marked "Grove Edition," 1 p.; ts. and 3 tss.(x), 4 pp.; ts.(x) w/ the last 2 stanzas of "L S D" [see "L'Enfer...C'Est Les Autres" below], 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"Civil Liberties." (Auto., 2 pp.)
["Conception"]. (2 items: *Auto draft fragment, untitled, 1 p.; *ts. (as "The Birth of the Poet," dated 30 December 1953) w/ corrections, 1 p. [N.B. Both of these early versions belong to the set of mss. compiled for the poem "Notes" (q.v.), of which this poem (as "Mixed Motive" or "Pot of Gold") was to be section (iv). ["Conception" published in Man at Leisure])
"Le Copain de Soi-Meme." (2 items: Auto. draft, untitled, 2 pp.; *auto. (Cap d'Ail 1951), 2 pp.)
"The Dark Woman." (6 items: Untitled auto. draft, 2 pp.; ts. draft (as "Poem"), 1 p.; ts. (as "Poem," Paris 1951) w/ auto. corrections, 1 p.; ts. & ts.(x), 2 pp.; ts. marked "Final Version" for Grove Edition, 1 p.)
("The dead star"). (Ts., 1 p. On verso is an untitled ts. poem or fragment beginning, "I cannot tell how to say that the ear of corn.")
"Did I Meet You In Persopolis?" (4 items: auto. dated London 1970, 2 pp.; carbon of same, 2 pp.; partial auto. draft, 1 p.; ts. fragment, 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"The Dirge of Life." (Ts.(x) w/ typed dedication "For Mollie," hand-dated 1944, 9 pp.)
"A Dream of Cain." (Ts. (Glasgow 1948), 2 pp.)
"The Dull Green Jar." (Ts. (Glasgow, July 1946), 2 pp.)
"encounter." (Auto. (Cap d'Ail, October 1951), 1 p.)
"L'Enfer...C'Est Les Autres: Views." (3 items: Ts.(x), 2 pp. (includes the first 6 stanzas of "L S D"); ts. w/o 1st stanza, 2 pp. (AT's address = St. Stephen's Gardens); carbon of same w/ auto. corrections, 2 pp. [L'Enfer..." and "L S D" published in Man at Leisure] (See also "Notes" and "Sad' Poems," below.))
("English gentlemen can't write poetry"). (Auto., 1 p.)
"For Lyn." (4 items: Auto. draft, untitled, w/ note, "For Rosemary Thomas, sweet wench," 1 p.; untitled ts. w/ auto. correction, 1 p.; ts.(x) (as "A thought for Lyn") w/ first stanza of "L'enfer...C'est les autres" (q.v.), 1 p.; ts.(x) also including two other poems, "the man and the moon" (q.v.) and "pot of gold" (later "Conception").)
["L'Enfer...," "Conception," and "The Man And The Moon" published in Man at Leisure; " For Lyn" was the dedication to MAL in one ms. version]
("floated away from him"). (Auto. fragment, 1 p.)
"Gold." (Ts. (x), 1 p.)
("Having died daily"). (Ts., 1 p.)
"He Tasted History With A Yellow Tooth." (8 items: *Ts. w/ auto. note., 1 p.; *ts. w/ corrections and the note "New W Writing/No. 3," 1 p.; ts., 1 p.; *ts. (x) of same marked "Grove Edition," 1 p.; 4 tss. (x), 1 p. ea. [published in Man at Leisure])
("How at Thebes Tiresias, the prophet"). (28 items:)
1. *Auto. draft/notes (8 pp.;)
2. *Auto. draft fragments (3 items, 4 pp.;)
3. *Ts. draft in 6 sections (as "The Virgin and the Rose") (15 pp. [incomplete, p. 16 missing];)
4. *Complete ts. draft in 6 sections, untitled, with extensive annotations in Christopher Logue's hand (12 pp. Section III has corrections but no annotations, and has been cut from the ms., thus dividing pages 4 and 8 into two parts; it bears the handwritten title, "III. fron The Thin Harpist.")
5. *Ts. (x) of same w/ sl. auto. corrections (8 pp. [incomplete];)
6. *Ts. draft of opening sections (as "The Thin Harpist") with auto corrections (3 pp. [incomplete];)
7. *Ts. draft w/ auto corrections (18 pp. [missing title page and others];)
8. *Ts. (x) w/ sl. auto. corrections, marked "Grove Edition [The virgin and the rose]" (10 pp. [incomplete] (The date "Paris 1951" appears at the beginning of section IV.);)
9. Untitled ts. draft of section I (3 pp., + 2 tss. (x) of same, 6 pp.;)
10. Ts. draft of section I and 1st 2 stanzas of section II (as "first three pages of long poem") (2 pp.;)
11. Ts. draft of same portion of poem (as "history" (?)) (3 pp., + carbon of same, 3 pp.;)
12. Untitled ts. (x) draft of same opening sections (3 pp.;)
13. Ts. and ts. (x) fragments from section II (5 items, 5 pp.;)
14. Untitled ts. of section II (3 pp., + carbon of same, 3 pp.;)
15. Ts. of section III (as "Falstaff"), ascribed to "James Fidler," (3 pp., + carbon of same, 3 pp.;)
16. Untitled ts. of section IV (3 pp.; carbon of same, 2 pp. [incomplete].)
[Section III published as "Falstaff" in Merlin, vol. 1, no. 1 (1952); entire poem published complete in 5 sections in Man at Leisure]
"In Memoriam." (2 items: Ts. (London 1945), 1 p.; partial draft ts., 1 p.)
"In Pursuit of Woman." (Auto. draft as "The Connoisseur," 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"In The White Bowl Of Yr Thighs." (Ts. (x) w/ sl. auto. correction, 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
["Into My Church"]. (2 items: Partial auto. draft beginning)
"Into this room u walk naked," (1 p. (Cf. also the poem "21," which is another version of these same lines).; ts. draft w/ auto. corrections (as "Poem") beginning with lines from the short poem later titled "Fear," 1 p. ["Into My Church," "21," and "Fear" published in Man at Leisure])
"The last question." (Ts. (Glasgow 1949), 3 pp.)
"Lessons Fr Boys & Girls I." (2 items: Ts. (x) on verso of press release/subscription sheet for the sigma portfolio, 1 p.; ts. (x) fragment, do., 1 p.)
"Letters to Contemporaries." (Ts. draft of section 1 (as "Letters from a Contemporary" with "to" typed in above "from") on Sigma stationery, 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"Little Balade of the Three Rivers." Tr. from Lorca. (Ts. (x) marked "page 1," 1 p.)
box-folder   Box 7.  
"A Little Geography Lesson For My Sons & Daughters." (12 items: Ts. with auto. corrections, marked in pencil "First verse draft, June '61" [error for '51 (?); the typewritten date reads "Paris, Christmas 1950," i.e., the date of the first prose version], 4 pp.; ts. (x) of same, 4 pp.; ts. + ts. (x) of fragment (opening lines), 2 pp.; ts. (x) of same with auto. addition, 1 p.; ts. with auto. corrections (Paris 1953), 4 pp.; 3 tss. (x) of same, 12 pp.; ts. (x) w/ sl. auto. correction, 3 pp.; ts. [final version], 4 pp.; ts. (x) of same marked "Draft to Grove edition" and dated "1950 + 1960-1," with auto. corrections and ms. title page marked "Final (2nd) Verse draft, July 1961," 5 pp. [published in Man at Leisure] (For an early prose version of this poem, see under Stories, Series IV, Box 4, Folder 33, above.))
("The lock gives way beneath their blows"). (Ts. signed "M.F. / R. Lee / A. T.," 1 p. (Perhaps a collaborative poem.))
("lord finecat is like that"). (3 items: Ts. and ts. (x), 2 pp.; ts. (x) of same with auto. addition, 1 p.)
"The Lost Chord." (Ts. (Rosneath 1946), 3 pp.)
["Love Poem"]. (3 items: Auto. fragment, 1 p.; untitled ts. with auto. corrections, 1 p.; ts. (x) of same, 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
["L S D"]. (8 items: Early ts. draft (Cap d'Ail 1951, as "iron leaves break...") with auto. correction, 1 p.; 2 tss. (x) of same, 2 pp.; ts., 2 pp.; 1st page of ts. of final version, 1 p.; 3 ts. (x) of final version, 6 pp. [published in Man at Leisure])
"The Man and the Moon." (7 items: *Ts. draft w/ auto. corrections (Cap d'Ail 1951; title changed from "The Cash Register and the Scarecrow"), 1 p.; *ts. (Cap d'Ail, October 1951), 1 p.; ts., 1 p.; *ts. (x) of same, marked "Grove Edition," 1 p.; ts. and 2 tss. (x), 3 pp. [published in Man at Leisure])
"Man at Leisure." (2 items: Ts. (x) w/ auto. correction, 1 p.; ts. fragment, with fragment of "Obscene" (q.v.), on verso of Sigma release, 1 p. [both published in Man at Leisure] (See also "Boxes," above, and "Notes," below.))
["Marilyn"]. (Ts. (x), untitled, 1 p. (includes fragment of an early draft of "Love Poem"). [both published in Man at Leisure])
["Myrtle Again"]. (Auto., untitled, 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"Myrtle With The Light Blue Hair." (12 items: Auto., untitled (marked "[First Love]"), on Embassy cigarette pack, 2 pp.; *auto., untitled, 1 p.; *ts. (as "First Love") w/ auto. corrections, 2 pp.; 2 tss. (x) (as "First Love"; *one marked "Grove Edition"), 2 pp.; ts. and ts. (x), all lowercase, 2 pp.; 2 tss. (x), 2 pp.; ts. (x), doublespaced, 2 pp., and dup. 2nd page of same; ts. (x) with auto. corrections, 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"Nocturne." (Ts. (Glasgow 1948), 3 pp.)
"Notes." (9 items: *Auto notes (including a draft of section (ii)), 1 p.; *auto notes, 1 p.; *early ts. version comprised of section (i) (dated Paris, May 1951) followed by 3 earlier short poems ["Two Thoughts" (Chatham 1944), "Of a Shadow" (Glasgow 1946), and "The Eumenides" (Glasgow 1945)], 3 pp.; *ts. draft section, "On the Sad Fate of a Very Dear Friend," [not used in any extant version], 1 p.; *ts. version in 6 sections, marked "Grove Edition," 2 pp.; ts. w/ auto. addition, 4 pp.; 2 tss. (x) of same, one w/ sl. auto. correction, 8 pp.; ts. (x), 2 pp. [incomplete]. This draft poem in (ultimately) 8 sections contains the germs of several later poems. Four appeared in later versions in Man at Leisure: section (ii), "A young poet," supplied the epigraph for "Man at Leisure" (q.v.); section (iv), "Pot of Gold" is an early draft of "Conception" (q.v.); section (vi), "What is that?" appeared virtually unchanged (but see this poem's entry below for earlier drafts); and section (vii), "L'enfer...c'est les autres," became the opening lines of the poem of that name. In addition, section (iii), "Yoghurt & Sorge," exists in a sl. longer version as "Yogart and Sorge" (q.v.).)
["Obscene"]. (2 items: Ts. and ts. (x) draft of section I (as "on a lavatory wall:"), 2 pp. [published in Man at Leisure])
("Of being invented)"). (Ts. fragment of a longer work, 1 p. (includes 3 lines ("Things is nice scented...") later incorporated into "Boxes" (q.v.).)
"Poem (`My god is the god of the magnetic mountain')." (Ts. (Glasgow 1948), 2 pp.)
"Portrait." (7 items: Auto. draft, untitled, in 2 sections, 2 pp. (section (i) became the published poem--section (ii) has been cut out of the sheet of paper and lies loose); ts. draft, 2 pp.; ts., final version, 1 p.; *ts. (x) of same, marked Grove Edition, 1 p.; ts. and ts. (x), do., 2 pp.; ts. (x), do., 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
["A Prolegomena to Praxis"]. (4 items: Ts. early draft (as "taktix"), 1 p.; ts. (x) draft fragment w/ auto. correction, 1 p.; auto. draft fragment and carbon, 2 pp. [published in Man at Leisure])
"...P.S." (2 items: Ts., untitled, 1 p.; ts., 1 p.)
"Red." (Ts. (x), 1 p.)
"The Sacred Grove." (Ts., 1 p.)
"Sad' Poems." (4 items: Ts. (as "Notes for The Sad' Poems"), 1 p.; ts. (x), title as above, text extended by three sections later to become the final sections of "L'Enfer...C'Est Les Autres" (q.v.), 2 pp.; ts. with auto. corrections (as "The Sad' Poems"), text as in preceding entry, 3 pp.; ts. (x) of same with auto. corrections, 2 pp. [incomplete]. [both poems published in Man at Leisure])
("She was a rancid lass"). (Ts. (x) w/ auto. additions, 1p.)
["Sigma"]. (2 items: Ts. and ts. (x), untitled, 2 pp. [published in Man at Leisure])
("Silk-sleek, Brown-thighs"). (Auto. (1951), 1 p.)
("The son of God"). (3 items: Ts. and 2 tss. (x), 3 pp.)
"Song (`Gather my thoughts, Betty')." (Ts. w/ auto. notes on verso, 2 pp.)
"A Song for my Ancestors." (3 items: *Ts. w/ auto. corrections, 1p.; ts., 1 p.; *ts. (x) of same, marked "Grove Edition" 1p.)
["The Stinking Cauldron"]. (2 items: 2 tss. (x), untitled. [published in Man at Leisure])
"To an English Lady." (4 items: *Auto draft on verso of canceled ts. of "In Memoriam," 1 p.; *ts. (as "Pome"), marked "First Draft," 1 p.; ts., 1 p.; *ts. (x) of same, marked "Final Draft" and "Grove Edition," 1 p. (See also "Two Songs," below.))
"Turn off that Radio, Friend." (2 items: Ts. and ts. (x), 2 pp.)
"Two Songs." (3 items: Ts. and ts. (x), 2 pp. [N.B. The two songs are untitled individually. The 1st begins, "When I walked through sp[r]ing from London town"; the 2nd begins, "Lady lady your discretion" and appears elseqhere as "To an English Lady" (q.v.)]; ts., 1st song only (as "Song"), 1 p..)
"The Water Spout." (4 items: *Auto draft, 1 p.; *ts. (as "October '51") w/ auto. corrections, 1 p.; *ts. (as "October '51," Cap d'Ail), 1 p.; *ts. (x) marked "Grove Edition," 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
("What has been given cannot"). (Ts. fragment, 1 p.)
["What is That?"]. (4 items: Ts. w/ auto. additions, 1 p.; ts. (x) of same, 1 p.; ts. (as section 1 of a poem called "On Love (An essay for Alexander Pope, maker)") w/ auto. marginalia, 1 p.; ts. (x) of same, 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure] (See also "Notes," above.))
("When I was young and fourteen"). (Ts. fragment w/ auto. draft lines on verso, 2 pp.)
"Wind From the Bosphorus." (8 items: *Auto. draft, 2 pp. (verso includes canceled ts. poem ("Poem") beginning "When I died"); *ts. draft w/ auto corrections (Paris, April 1951), 3 pp.; *ts. (April, 1951, Paris), 2 pp.; ts. and ts. (x), 2 pp.; *ts. marked "Grove Press Edition" and ts. (x), 2 p.; ts. (x), 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
["The Worldly Wisdom of Cdr. T. Taskmaster Disaster, R.N."]. (3 items: Ts. (x) fragment, 1 p.; ts. and ts. (x) of 2nd section (as "The Sayings Cmdr Ethelred T Disaster"), 2 pp. [published in Man at Leisure])
"Yogart and Sorge." (2 items: Ts. (x), 1 p.; ts. fragment, 1 p.)
[Miscellaneous Poetry Worksheets]. Misc. auto. worksheets (19 pp.; ts. fragments, 2 pp.)