Alexander Trocchi Papers
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Series VII. Notebooks, Journals, Notes. 1947-1952 [series]:
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Notebook: Dec. 29, 1947 - [April] 1945. (1 item. "Roses by Juan Gris...This seems to me a sufficiently precise illustration -- I call the picture unreservedly GREAT. Doing so, I pledge my critical ability. 29.xii.47....4.i.48. Ezra Pound. Whenever I take up one of his books I feel there is a hard core of sanity beneath his "imputed lunacy.")
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Notebook: ca. 1950. (1 item. Notes on Shakespeare's history plays....poems....)
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Notebook: 1950-1960. (1 item. The True Testament of Joseph Necchi...Rimbaud...Camus...Looking back from page 200 it occurs to me that Cain's Book is just the beginning...poems....)
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Notebook: April-May 1951. (1 item, 15 pp. "A diaristic itinerary...tied up in as usual. Has done parts of Young Adam. A little geography lesson....Wind from Bosphorus. Attitudes toward existentialism, Sartre-Camus split, linguistics.")
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Diary (abandoned): 14 September - 13 October, 1951. (1 item, 14 pp. "4.ix.'51 Camped outside Paris: mud, dripping water, mosquitos; & the rain. Money short as usual...The past is tight; but within broad limits the future is tight also. I meet my future through my attitudes which have a certain resilience even in the face of catastophe...I did not decide to leave the city of G. I was DECIDED....15.ix.'51. Saw Paris for the last time for how long?...Sometimes, wandering about the city during the summer, I would catch a glimpse of myself in a shop window; a longhaired ill-clad creature, unshaven, an anonymous member of the army of foreign shufflers who walk Paris streets. I could detect it too in the faces of the tourists....Leaving Glasgow, it was as tho' I had never been there at all; those that did [or] do remember me remember me [only] as a fool who wanted to write & who has since disappeared leaving no trace. Leaving Paris it is different. I want to leave but I have been there & I am remembered by a few, not as a freak, but as a serious writer....13 October 1951...away from Paris I think one can see more in perspective precisely what it means. It means a spiritual `feather-bed', a community of apparently-striving men, so that you're not alone....I'm not interested in the `atmospherics' of being a writer: I'm interested in writing; & here, stuck on a piece of wasteground with the sea on 3 sides I can't kid myself. Write, you bastard, write!")
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Notebook: [1952]. (1 item, 51 pp. "Get hold of all remaining copies of Camus-Sartre editorials...Chronicle of proceedings against homosexuals in England--Gielgud case....The finding out of new things about the world must be preceded by the invention of terms (symbols) to express them....The autobiography of W. Hadden...")
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Notebook: [ca. 1952]. (1 item, 39 pp. "Dieppe: Grey day in August; sky with luminous patches....The pale red wreck/ in the lobster shell/ is wound round/ in the womb of the sea....")