Alexander Trocchi Papers
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Series VII. Journals, Notebooks, Etc. 1953-1970 and n.d. [series]:
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Notebook: [ca. 1953]. (1 item, 23 pp. Sketches, notes, poems..."When Philip Gunn made his exit from the Central Station, he removed his Bersolino hat...")
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Notebook: [ca. 1954]. (1 item, 51 pp. "Overseer"..."The European Neutralist"..."Merlin respresents the gradual articulation of the views and attitudes of a group of writers in Paris & of those writers whose attitudes are relatively proximate. Our main thesis is that `literature' is not an autonomous realm of objective significant entities, or rather, OUR MAIN PRACTICAL DECISION IS THAT THIS IS NOT OUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS LITERATURE."...Wittgenstein...Three criticisms of Austryn [Wainhouse]'s literary style"..."After a moment, I took off my coat & threw it down under the truck. I sat down and looked up at her. She hesitated....")
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Notebook: [April 27? 1961?]. (1 item, 3 pp. "Au prison --at last --the Tombs. I always wondered whether it would happen like this...." Single entry made in pencil on torn TLS from Albert J. Berube, 23 February 1961.)
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Notebook: 1963-1966. (1 item, 127 pp. Satiric poems, poems on narcotics, draft of letter to William S. Burroughs, drafts of statement on Sigma, wife's attitude after drug session, sketches, notes on Dalwood, Toynbee, epistemology and language, draft of review. Impasto covers.)
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Notebook: [n.d.]. (1 item, 47 pp. Wordsworth, Coleridge, Crashaw, Carew, Lovelace, Marvell.)
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Notebook: [n.d.]. (1 item, 56 pp. Lectures on Chaucer, Sir Thomas Browne, Edmund Spenser, Dryden.)
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Notebook: [n.d.]. (1 item, 21 pp. "The development of technique in fiction is a constant movement towards purity of expression, towards an elimination of all foreign elements: -- exit the author, description, etc."..."Does Joyce's technical achievement refute this?"...Henry James, Ford Madox Ford, "Psychology: Fielding, Eliot"...Proust, First person narrative.)
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[n.d.] Notes for the Junky Opera, by Trocchi. (1 item. 9 pp. Tss., mss.)
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[n.d.] Notes on Courtly Love, taken from C.S. Lewis, M.C. D'Arcy, Denis de Rougemont. (1 item. 8 pp. Ts.)
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[n.d.] Miscellaneous Notes, on art, on literature and the novel, with reference to the criticism of E.M. Forster and Liddell, sketches, notes for unfinished stories or novels, sections of a review of Southern's Magic Christian, a quotation from Hui-neng for Cain's Book, [probably] a draft of part of a letter from Paris, prepared for the journal Nimbus, notes for a program with William S. Burroughs, other. (98 items. - pp. Tss., mss., etc.)
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[n.d.] Notebook, includes notes, draft of "James Fidler and the Beautiful Albino," notes on magic and religious ritual, 10 lines of "The Virgin and the Rose," draft of a letter to Mr. Collins concerning the sale of Merlin. (54 pp. Tss., mss.)
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1962-1964. "Work in progress for a new novel 1962-1964" in Trocchi's hand. Novel probably titled The Men, together with notes on philosophy, language, the nature of poetry, passages concerning "James Fidler." (ca. 125 pp. Ms.)
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[ca. 1965]. Notebook. Autograph notations, drafts of poems, etc. Red paper over boards (33x14cm. 178 pp.)
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[ca. 1965]. Notebook. Autograph notes concerning efforts to control his drug addiction, etc. Purple boards (33x14cm. 105 pp.)
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[ca. 1965]. The Long Book [notebook]. Autograph. Red paper over boards, decorated by Trocchi with yellow paint, title in yellow on front cover (33x14cm. 205 pp.)
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[ca. 1965-1967]. The Long Book (continued) [notebook]. Autograph. Red paper over boards, decorated by Trocchi with yellow, red, and blue paint (33x14cm. 134 pp.)
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[ca. 1970]. Mob[notebook]. Autograph. Black paper over boards, decorated by Trocchi with red and yellow paint, title in ink on front cover (33x14cm. 54 pp.)
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[n.d.]. Notebook. Autograph. Red paper over boards (33x14cm. 21 pp.)
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[n.d.]. Miscellaneous prose worksheets. (42 items. Ts., ms.)