Constance Urdang Papers, 1940-1983.
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box-folder   3-6/10-30  
II. Material toward books. [series]: (320 items.)   
Scope: Consists of various drafts, copyedited manuscripts, miscellaneous correspondence, reviews and promotional material toward the following works by Urdang: Charades and Celebrations, Natural History, The Lone Woman and Others, Only the World, American Earthquake, The Woman Who Read Novels, and The Picnic in the Cemetery.

box-folder   3/10-12a  
II. 1. Charades and celebrations A. ca. 1965 (14 items.)   
Scope: Consists of Ts drafts and reviews of Charades and Celebrations (October House, 1965).

box-folder   3/10-11  
II. 1. a. Drafts. Consists of two Ts, Ts (cb) drafts. (2 items.)
box-folder   3/12  
II. 1. b. Reviews. Consists of 5 Ts drafts of reviews of Urdang's book. (5 items.)
box-folder   3-5/13-19  
II. 2. Natural history . ca. 1969 (148 items.)   
Scope: Consists of correspondence, drafts, page proofs toward and reviews of Natural History (Harper, 1969).

box-folder   3/13  
II. 2. a. Correspondence. 1 folder of correspondence relating to Natural History. (31 items.)
box-folder   3-4/14-17  
II. 2. b. Drafts. Consists of several drafts, draft fragments and a setting copy of book. (106 items.)
box-folder   5/18  
II. 2. c. Page Proof. Consists of one set of page proofs of book. (1 items.)
box-folder   5/19  
II. 2. d. Reviews. Consists of 10 individual reviews of Urdang's book from various newspapers and journals. (10 items.)
box-folder   5-6/20-25  
II. 3. The lone women and others . (147 items.)   
Scope: Consists of correspondence, drafts and promotional material toward, and reviews of The Lone Women and Others (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1980).

box-folder   5/20  
II. 3. a. Correspondence. Consists of one folder of correspondence relating to The Lone Woman and Others. (78 items.)
box-folder   5/21-24  
II. 3. b. Drafts. Consists of drafts, draft fragments and a setting copy of the book. (22 items.)
box-folder   6/25  
II. 3. c. Reviews and promotional material. Consists of promotional material toward and reviews of the book. (47 items.)
box-folder   6/26-27  
II. 4. Only the world . 1983 (2 items.)   
Scope: Consists of one Ts(x) draft and a review of Only the World (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1983).

box-folder   6/26  
II. 4. a. Draft. Consists of manuscript marked "early version." (1 item.)
box-folder   6/27  
II. 4. b. Reviews. Consists of one review of book. (1 item.)
box-folder   6/28  
II. 5. American earthquake . (1 item.)   
Scope: Consists of a Ts synopsis of book.

box-folder   6/29  
II. 6. The woman who read novels A. (1 item.)   
Scope: Consists of one Ts draft of The Women Who Read Novels.

box-folder   6/30  
II. 7. The picnic in the cemetery . (5 items.)   
Scope: Consists of 5 reviews of The Picnic in the Cemetery (Braziller, 1975).