Constance Urdang Papers, 1940-1983.
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III. Manuscripts by Urdang. [series]: (157 items.)   
Scope: Consists of drafts of poems, translations, journals, notebooks, prose pieces, interview and audiotape by Urdang.

box-folder   7/31-32  
III. 1. Poems. (128 items.)   
Scope: Consists of drafts of poems by Urdang, arranged alphabetically by title.

Adonais in autumn. 1938: September. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
After the pain. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Afternoon: West 38th Street. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
All i have kept, all the winds whistled, the waves chanted (fl). 1940. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
All-night diner. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Anecdote of the moth. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Anecdote on the roof. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Angle of refraction. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 1p. Published in Epoch (1957).)
At the poetry reading. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 1p. Published in New American Review.)
Ballad of the crook and the holy man. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Ballad of the horsemen of Guerrero. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 2p.)
Bank Street. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
The brothers. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Carved polychrome with 3 figures. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Celestial map: winter, northern hemisphere. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 1p. Published in Perspective.)
"A chacun son infini". 1942. (Ts. 1p.)
Chesapeake Bay: Summer 1944. 1944: June. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
A Christmas wreath for Carr. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). light revision. 2p.)
The clouds. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 1p.)
Crepuscule: Rockefeller Center. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
The day the houses sank. [n.d.]. (Ts. moderate revision. 1p.)
Delmar and Euclid. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 1p.)
Desert landscape. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 1p.)
The dialogue between man and woman. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Didactic song. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Diner by candlelight. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Do you hear it when the litanies of twilight (f.l.). 1940: June 27. (Ts(cb). light revision. 1p.)
Epilogue to last summer. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p. Published in Furioso (Fall, 1942).)
Eve. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Evelyn Foley's baby. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 1p.)
Evening serenade. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p. Originaaly laid in back of notebook 1; recto contains draft of For Sophie Mereau [poem].)
Evening song. [n.d.]. (Ts. 2p.)
Exhortation to the poets. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
The face behind the window. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Football Saturday. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
For a very old lady. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
For Sophie Mereau. [n.d.]. (Ts. 2p. Recto contains draft of Evening serenade [poem].)
The fury. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Gethsemane. 1939: December. (Ts. 1p.)
Girl carrying a pineapple. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 1p.)
The hound on the scent. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 1p.)
How to do it. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
How to live. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 1p.)
I and you. [n.d.]. (Ts. 2 drafts, 2p.)
I have never forgotten (fl). [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Images. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
In the garden. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 2p.)
In the garden. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 2p.)
In the nursing-home. [n.d.]. (Ts. 2 drafts, 2p. One draft originally titled At the nursing-home.)
The Infierno apartments. [n.d.]. (Ts. 2 drafts, 2p.)
Is the golden phoenix only a bird in a gilded cage?. [n.d.]. (Ts. none to light revision. 2 drafts, 2p. Published in Burning Deck.)
It is the wind that grieves, mother, the wind in the leaves. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
It never happened, scholars say (fl). [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
It's too early now to say goodby (f.l.). 1943. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Journey. 1942. (Ts(cb). light revision. 2p.)
The League of Women Voters parades in St. Louis. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). light revision. 1p.)
Letter to Peter. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Life study. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p. Originally titled Nature study.)
Madison Avenue from a bus. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
"A miracle is anything we hope for". [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). light revision. 1p.)
Missives from a captive balloon. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 3p.)
The mummies. [n.d.]. (Ts. 2 drafts, 2p.)
Muse. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
My cat with the butterfly eyes. [n.d.]. (Ts. 2p.)
Neighbors. [n.d.]. (Ts. none to light revision. 2 drafts, 2p.)
New England Idyll-- Summer, 1941. 1941. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
New England winter. 1941. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Newsreel. 1943: January. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Night train: Washington to New York. 1941. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Nocturne: below Canal Street. [n.d.]. (Ts, Ts(cb). light revision. 2 drafts, 2p. Originally titled Nocturne.)
Notes on the explication of a text. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 2p.)
Ode to Mrs. Wolcott Blair, on the occasion of the appearance of her photograph in Harper's Bazaar. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
The old woman. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
On an old photograph. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
On the burning of the Iowa City community center. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). light revision. 1p. Published in Perspective (Winter 1955-6).)
The only worth. 1939. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Pain. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
The parade. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Persistent images. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Peter among the Philistines. 1938. (Ts(cb). light revision. 1p.)
Pollution. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
"Presume no carnage". 1939. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Promise to an unborn child. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 1p.)
Prophecy of fear. 1939. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Reflections. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p. Published in Epoch (Winter 1957).)
Rewards and punishment. 1943: August. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Rhyme for a horn-book. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
The romantic. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Salt. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Seascape with figures. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
The secret landscape. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Sermon from a lay pulpit. [n.d.]. (Ts. 2p. Published in Eurioso (Summer 1947).)
Simple song of seasons. [n.d.]. (Ts. 2p.)
Some splintered garland. 1939. (Ts. 1p.)
Song. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 1p. Originally titled The birds.)
The splintered shards of memory are blown (fl). 1939: April. (Ts(cb). 1p. Earlier title: You the lovely.)
Still life. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Street thief. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
To pipe the animals aboard Noah's ark. [n.d.]. (Ts, Ts(cb). light revision. 2p.)
Toward a new sociology. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 2p.)
A town without statues. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 4p.)
Two nuns on Fifth Avenue. 1943. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
The two rooms. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
Vagrant. 1941: June. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
The view from Black's hill. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
A view of the marginal way, Ogunquit, ME.. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 1p.)
The Virgin Mary and the cherry tree. [n.d.]. (Ts. 2 drafts, 2p.)
The vision. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
A wall of votive paintings. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
What has happened. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
When the sly sun nudges away soft sleep (fl). [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
White night. 1944: January 16. (Ts. 1p.)
Who will have faith in us? Who will take up arms to defend! (fl). n.d.. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
The widow. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
The woman in the yard. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
The woman who breeds fossils. [n.d.]. (Ts(cb). 1p.)
Women. [n.d.]. (Ts(x). 1p.)
Yet on they come, the restless ones, the young (fl). [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p.)
box-folder   7/33-34  
III. 2. Translations. (10 items.)   
Scope: Consists of translations by Urdang divided into 2 subseries: Japanese poetry and miscellaneous translations.

III. 2. a. Japanese poetry. Anthology edited and translated by Satoru Sato with Constance Urdang; apparently never published. [subseries]:
III. 2. b. Miscellaneous translations [subseries]:
Apollinaire, Guillaume. The hills [poem]. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 10p. Translation of Les Collines.)
Juana Ines de la Cruz, Sister. Ballad, in acknowledgement of the praises of European writers (unfinished) [poem]. [n.d.]. (Ts. 5p. Translation of "En reconocimiento por los elogies de escritores europeos (inacabado).)
Valbuena, Bernardo de.
The greatness of Mexico [poem]. [n.d.]. (Ts, Ts(cb). Moderate revision. 3 drafts, 19p.)
The greatness of Mexico [poem]. [n.d.]. (7p. Translated from the Spanish of Bernardo de Valbuena. Filed in Ser. I.2. with TL(cb) to Lysander Kemp, 1962: Feb. 26.)
Zapata, Luis de.
"For the transubstantiation..." [poem]. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p. Translation of "A la transubstancion...".)
Great risk of a gallant in the metaphor of a moth [poem]. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p. Translation of "Riesgo grande de un galan en metaforo de mariposa".)
To a dead comedienne. [n.d.]. (Ts. light revision. 1p. Translation of "A una comica difunta".)
To primal matter. [n.d.]. (Ts. 1p. Translation of "A la materia prima".)
box-folder   7-8/35-40  
III. 3. Journals. 1954-1964 and n.d. (9 items.)   
Scope: Consists of Auto and Ts journals, kept by Urdang. Some are undated and unbound.

box-folder   8/41-43  
III. 4. Prose. (9 items.)   
Scope: Consists of drafts of various essays of literary criticism by Urdang.

Facts. [n.d.]. (Ts. moderate revision. 6p.)
Faust in Venice [essay]. (Ts(cb). 18p. published in Accent (1958).)
Criticism and Beliefs [essay]. 1955: February. (16p.)
Language and the poets world: An analysis of In War Time by W.H. Auden [review]. 1956: September 25. (Ts, Ts(cb). 26p. 2 copies of same review.)
[Review of 5 books of poetry] [review]. 1956: October 9. (TL(cb). 5p.)
[Review of 6 books of poetry] [review]. (Ts(cb). 8p.)
[Review of anthology] [review]. (TL(cb). 5p.)
box-folder   8/43a  
III. 5. Interview. (3 items.)   
Scope: Consists of a Ts biography of Urdang and 2 drafts of interview with Urdang.

box-folder   8/44  
III. 6. Audiotape. Spring 1978. (1 item,)   
Scope: Consists of one 60 minute audiotape of a reading done by Urdang and Donald Finkel at Rollas, Mo.