Constance Urdang Papers, 1940-1983.
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All Series Level Scope and Content Notes

Scope and Contents Note

The Constance Urdang Papers include a nearly complete collection of manuscript and editorial material toward all of her published books. These materials include typescript drafts of entire books as well as drafts of individual poems. A number of Urdang's journals and notebooks are also present. The collection also contains drafts of translations by Urdang and the drafts of two unpublished novels. The Urdang Papers are completed by a small yet significant collection of her business, personal, and literary correspondence.

grouped into 2 subseries: General correspondence and Business correspondence.

Filed alphabetically by author.

Correspondence regarding Urdang's business dealings, primarily concerning the publication of her work.

Consists of various drafts, copyedited manuscripts, miscellaneous correspondence, reviews and promotional material toward the following works by Urdang: Charades and Celebrations, Natural History, The Lone Woman and Others, Only the World, American Earthquake, The Woman Who Read Novels, and The Picnic in the Cemetery.

Consists of Ts drafts and reviews of Charades and Celebrations (October House, 1965).

Consists of correspondence, drafts, page proofs toward and reviews of Natural History (Harper, 1969).

Consists of correspondence, drafts and promotional material toward, and reviews of The Lone Women and Others (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1980).

Consists of one Ts(x) draft and a review of Only the World (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1983).

Consists of a Ts synopsis of book.

Consists of one Ts draft of The Women Who Read Novels.

Consists of 5 reviews of The Picnic in the Cemetery (Braziller, 1975).

Consists of drafts of poems, translations, journals, notebooks, prose pieces, interview and audiotape by Urdang.

Consists of drafts of poems by Urdang, arranged alphabetically by title.

Consists of translations by Urdang divided into 2 subseries: Japanese poetry and miscellaneous translations.

Consists of Auto and Ts journals, kept by Urdang. Some are undated and unbound.

Consists of drafts of various essays of literary criticism by Urdang.

Consists of a Ts biography of Urdang and 2 drafts of interview with Urdang.

Consists of one 60 minute audiotape of a reading done by Urdang and Donald Finkel at Rollas, Mo.

Consists of manuscripts by others, printed materials, various announcements for poetry readings and publications, personal miscellany, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous literary material.

Consists of announcements, catalogs and newsletters collected by Urdang.

Consists of clippings and xeroxes collected by Urdang.

Consists of contracts,. royalty statements and invoices.

Consists of printed poems by others and magazines collected by Urdang.

Consists of 5 poetry manuscripts by other authors, most of which are filed in Ser. I.1.

Consists of vita for Urdang, notes toward an introduction for Carolyn Kizer, and other notes and fragments.