Mona Van Duyn Papers 1942-1995
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Mona Van Duyn Papers, Accural 2 (3 linear feet)   
Scope: Accural 2 (acc. 23039) consists of currently unprocessed material including correspondence, manuscripts, manuscripts by others, printed materials and magazines, ephemera, photographs, miscellany, and audio and visual recordings. The folder titles supplied by Van Duyn have been maintained.

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I. Correspondence (18 folders)   
Scope: Consists of business and personal correspondence to and from Van Duyn. The majority of the business correspondence is between Van Duyn and Knopf.

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II. Manuscripts (8 folders)   
Scope: Manuscripts is divided into two subseries: Poems and Prose.

II.1 Poems (5 folders)   
Scope: Consists of poems and author's proofs of Selected Poems.

II.2 Prose (3 folders)   
Scope: Consists of an acceptance speech at the St. Louis "Walk of Fame" ceremony, a speech for Georgetown, and material for the Writers Place Kansas City.

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III. Manuscripts by Others (2 folders)   
Scope: Consists of "Death After Death: The Presumption of Informed Consent for CPR, Ethical Paradox and Clinical Conundrum" by Allan S. Jaffe and William M. Landau and "Harness for the Winged Horse."

box-folder   1-2/-  
IV. Printed Materials and Magazines (7 folders)   
Scope: Printed Materials and Magazines is divided into two subseries: Printed Materials and Magazines.

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IV.1 Printed Materials [subseries]: (6 folders)   
Scope: Consists of copies of Firefall, Lives and Death of the Poets and Non-Poets, and Matters of Poetry by Van Duyn. Also includes dust jackets of Firefall and If It Be Not I: Collected Poems 1959-1982.

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IV.2 Magazines [subseries]: (1 folder)   
Scope: Consists of a copy of The Formalist.

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V. Ephemera (14 folders)   
Scope: Ephemera is divided into four subseries: Clippings Relating to Van Duyn, Clippings, Announcements, and Personal Documents.

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V.1 Clippings relating to Van Duyn [subseries]: (5 folders)   
Scope: Consists of clippings featuring Van Duyn

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V.2 Clippings [subseries]: (3 folders)   
Scope: Consists of general clippings.

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V.3 Announcements [subseries]: (1 folder)   
Scope: Consists of one lecture announcement, 1993.

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V.4 Personal Documents [subseries]: (5 folders)   
Scope: Consists of copies of Van Duyn's award for Heroine, First Class from Washington University; Doctor of Humane Letters Honorary Degree from George Washington University; and Missouri Center for the Book Author Recognition award.

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VI. Photographs (4 folders)   
Scope: Consists of photographs of Van Duyn and Jarvis Thruston, including their 50th wedding anniversary.

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VII. Miscellany (4 folders)   
Scope: Consists of various notes, miscellany, and a map of Waterloo, Iowa.

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VIII. Audio and Visual Recordings (7 cassette tapes and 1 videotape)   
Scope: Audio and Visual Recordings is divided into two subseries: Cassette Tapes and Videotapes.

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VIII.1 Cassette Tapes [subseries]: (7 cassette tapes)   
Scope: Consists of cassette tapes of Van Duyn at the Academy of American Poets (1991), music and Van Duyn reading from Letters from a Father, The Poetry Center (1995), The Writer’s Almanac Week of May 3, 1999, and The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor (1993).

box-folder   2/-  
VIII.2 Videotapes [subseries]: (1 videotape)   
Scope: Consists of a videotape of James Merrill reading in Simon Hall at Washington University (1994).