Mona Van Duyn Papers 1942-1995
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box-folder   8-11  
II. Material toward Books [series]:   
Scope: Consists of manuscripts, editorial matter and other material toward the publication of Van Duyn's books.

box-folder   8/54  
II. 1. Material toward Valentine to the Wide World (Iowa City: The Cummington Press, (2 items.)   
Scope: Consists of page proofs for book and mimeo sheet of review comments on Valentines to the Wide World.

box-folder   8/55-61  
II. 2. Material toward A Time of Bees. (55 items.)   
Scope: Consists of drafts of poems, drafts of book manuscript, correspondence, proofs, clippings of reviews and other editorial matter toward A Time of Bees. (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.

box-folder   8/55-59  
II. 2. a. Drafts. Consists of 3 drafts of the collection, various drafts of poems included in the collection, table of contents page and acknowledgement page. (18 items.)
box-folder   8/60  
II. 2. b. Editorial material. Consists of galleys, page proofs with attached correspondence, promotional materials, and other editorial matter. (10 items.)
box-folder   8/61  
II. 2. c. Reviews. Consists of clippings and xeroxes of reviews of A Time of Bees , and Ts critical comments. (27 items.)
box-folder   8/62-67  
II. 3. Material toward To See, To Take. (244 items.)   
Scope: Consists of drafts of poems and forward matter, correspondence, proofs, clippings and other editorial matter toward To See, To Take (New York: Atheneum.

box-folder   8/62  
II. 3. a. Correspondence. Consists of correspondence between Van Duyn and Atheneum, including a TL from Constance Urdang commenting on the poems. (26 items.)
box-folder   9/63-66  
II. 3. b. Drafts. Consists of notes toward and drafts of poems. (172 items.)
box-folder   9/67-68  
II. 3. c. Proofs. Consists of page proofs, 2 sets of galley proofs and bound review copy of the collection. Galley proofs filed in galley case. (4 items.)
box-folder   9/69  
II. 3. d. National Book Award material. Consists of material for National Book Award including press kit with press releases, acceptance remarks from winners, and NBA photographs of Van Duyn, Lloyd Alexander, Saul Bellow, Francis Steegmuller and others. Also included are Van Duyn's drafts of her acceptance speech, which contains her poem Open Letter from a Constant Reader, notes made by Van Duyn, letter to Allen Ginsberg (who had protested Van Duyn's selection for the award) and poems by Richard Howard and Ralph Nash, written for Van Duyn. (42 items.)
box-folder   10/70-71  
II. 4. Material toward Merciful Disguises . (2 items. Draft is a combination of Ts, Ts (cb), xeroxes of previously printed poems and tear sheets from books.)   
Scope: Consists of complete draft with typesetter's instructions and author's galley proofs toward Merciful Disguises New York: Atheneum.

box-folder   10/72-76  
II. 5. Material toward Letters from a Father and Other Poems . (23 items.)   
Scope: Consists of draft, proofs and editorial matter.

box-folder   10/72-73  
II. 5. a. Draft. Consists of 70pp Ts draft marked with typesetter's instructions, including a folder of drafts of some of the poems in the collection, plus a clipping, probably collected together for use in a reading. (18 items.)
box-folder   10/00  
II. 5. b. Draft. Consists of 67 pp Ts draft with light editorial markings.
box-folder   10/74-75  
II. 5. c. Proofs. Consists of page proofs and galley proofs for collection, with accompanying letter from Harry Ford. Galley proofs filed in galley case. (3 items.)
box-folder   10/76  
II. 5. d. Promotional Material. Consists of Atheneum catalog and National Book Award list of nominated books. (2 items.)
Note: End of Box 10
box-folder   11/76.1-76.4  
II. 6. Material toward Near Changes
box-folder   11/76.1  
II. 6. a. Photo copied originals of poems for Near Changes. Ts. [x] corrected in blue ink.
box-folder   11/76.1  
II. 6. b. Typed originals of poems for Near Changes. 55 pp Ts. Includes poems signed for "Ollie on his Birthday" and TLS, 12/4/84 to Van Duyn from Gate Research Company. Includes table of contents and acknowledgement pages. Corrected in red ink.
box-folder   11/76.2  
II. 6. c. Editor's copy of the collection. Consists of complete draft with typesetter's instructions. 66 pp Ts. Includes table of contents, acknowledgement, and note pages.
box-folder   11/76.3  
II. 6. d. Proofs. Consists of page proofs and galley proofs for the collection and one page of notes in blue ink.
box-folder   11/76.5  
II. 7. Material toward Firefall (Draft. 86 pp Ts.)   
Scope: Includes editorial marks by Van Duyn in blue ink. Also includes acknowledgment, table of contents, notes pages with correspondence to Ted Weiss, and autobiography.