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1963: Feb. 16. Kenneth Burke to Ralph B. Atkinson (1 item (1 p.): TLS)   
Scope: Concerns the manuscript which Burke was sending to Atkinson at his request.

1964: March 17. Kenneth Burke to Jacob Zeitlin (1 item (1 p.): TLS)   
Scope: Concerns an earlier version and the outline of the manuscript sent to Atkinson.

box-folder   1 /Burke(a)  
[c. 1961: Nov. 7] Definition of man. Nov. 7, 1961. (1 item (10 pp.): TS)   
Scope: Draft for a lecture to be given at Antioch college. Phrases and particular words circled to indicate the topics for `spontaneous' lecturing, see Burke to Zeitlin, 1964, above. Numerous notations and revisions in blue ink, and some pencil throughout. Page numbered 2-a worked in the same manner as draft pages but on smaller paper.

n.d. Definition of man. (1 item (4pp.): MS )   
Scope: Ms. outline. Blue ink on yellow paper. Numbers at right side in blue ink indicate the approximate page in the draft that the outlined ideas will be found. (These numbers are three ahead of the numbers listed on the outline). The outline stops with V, page 28 of the manuscript.

1963: Feb. Definition of man. (1 item (46 pp.): TS )   
Scope: Numerous pencil, ts, and blue ink notations and revisions. Signed pp. 45 and 46 in blue ink. Modified version of the essay appeared in Language as symbolic action [University of California Press, 1967]