Louise Imogen Guiney. Collection, 1894.
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Biographical / Historical Note

Born in Roxbury (now part of Boston), Massachusetts, Louise Guiney was educated at Elmhurst, a convent school in Providence, Rhode Island. Her poems were collected in Songs at the Start (1884) and The White Sail and Other Poems (1887), and her essays, collected in Goose Quill Collection (1885), soon attracted the attention of the Boston literary establishment. The verse in A Roadside Harp (1893) and the essays in Monsieur Henri (1892), A Little English Gallery (1894), and Patrins (1897) brought her to the center of aesthetic life in Boston. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Thomas W. Higginson, and Edmund Clarence Stedman were among her friends and patrons, and on visits to England in the 1890s she met Edmund Gosse, W.B. Yeats, and others. A walking tour of England with her friend Alice Brown in 1895 led to their collaboration on Robert Louis Stevenson--A Study (1895). She spent much of her life championing the Cavalier poets and was working on an anthology of Catholic poets when she died. ( Encyclopedia Britannica )