Patty Jo Watson Papers
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III. Essays [series]: (29 items)   
Scope: Consists of essays by Watson, arranged alphabetically.

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Albert Ernest Glock 1925-1992
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The Archaic Period and the Flotation Revolution
box-folder   1/13  
An Archaeological Reconnaissance of Portage Open Bay in Southeast Missouri and the Booth Site: A Late Archaic Campsite Book Review
box-folder   1/14  
Archaeological Resources of Mammoth Cave National Park: A Brief Summary
box-folder   1/15  
Archaeology, Anthropology, and the Culture Concept
box-folder   1/16  
Architectural Differentiation in Some Near Eastern Communities, Prehistoric and Contemporary
box-folder   1/17  
Beginnings of Village – Farming Communities in Southeastern Turkey
box-folder   1/18  
Cave Archeology in the Eastern Woodlands
box-folder   1/19  
Clues to Iranian Prehistory in Modern Village Life
box-folder   1/20  
A Comparative Statistical Analysis of Painted Pottery From Seven Halafian Sites
box-folder   1/21  
The Covering Law Model in Archaeology: Practical Uses and Formal Interpretations
box-folder   1/22  
Excavation and Analysis of Halafian Materials from Southeastern Turkey: the Halafian Period Reexamined
box-folder   1/23  
Explaining the Transition to Agriculture
box-folder   1/24  
Explanations and Models: The Prehistorian as Philosopher of Science and the Prehistorian as Excavator of the Past
box-folder   1/25  
Explanations in Archaeology: Reactions and Rebuttals
box-folder   1/26  
The Future of Archeology in Anthropology: Culture History and Social Science
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The Green River, Kentucky, Shellmound Archaeological Project
box-folder   1/28  
The Halafian Pottery of Tilkitepe, Seen in the Hittite Museum, Ankara (Citadel)
box-folder   1/29  
The Impact of Early Horticulture in the Upland Drainage of the Midwest and Midsouth
box-folder   1/30  
LeBlanc and Watson – Halaf Papers: A Comparative Statistical Analysis of Painted Pottery from Seven Halafian Sites
box-folder   1/31  
Method and Theory in Shipwreck Archaeology
box-folder   1/32  
Of Caves and Shell Mounds in West Central Kentucky
box-folder   1/33  
Paleonutrition: the Diet and Health of Prehistoric Americans [Foreward]
box-folder   1/34  
Prehistoric Investigations in Southeastern Turkey [Abstract]
box-folder   1/35  
The Razor’s Edge: Symbolic – Structuralist Archaeology and the Expansion of Archeological Inference
box-folder   1/36  
The Shell Mound Archaic of Western Kentucky
box-folder   1/37  
A Study of Archaeology [Foreword]
box-folder   1/38  
Systematic, Intensive Surface Collection
box-folder   1/39  
The Theory and Practice of Ethnoarcheology with Special Reference to the Near East