Jan Garden Castro Papers
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Contents List

box-folder   1-3/-  
I. Correspondence [series]: (4.5 linear feet, 81 folders)   
Scope: Consists of personal and business correspondence.

box-folder   4-5/-  
II. Manuscripts [series]: (2.0 linear feet, 34 folders)   
Scope: Consists of Castro poems, essays, articles, and book reviews. See Series III for more material.

box-folder   5-11/-  
III. Research Material [series]: (10.5 linear feet, 184 folders)   
Scope: Consists of research materials used by Castro as source for articles and book reviews. Materials may also have been used in the production of River Styx issues. Many folders contain typescripts and correspondence. Consult in-house finding-aid for more information.

box-folder   12-14/-  
IV. River Styx [series]: (4.5 linear feet, 72 folders)   
Scope: Consists of layouts, mock-ups, artist's proofs, and typescripts for issues of River Styx. Also, includes board information, Duff's Poetry Series material, River Styx PM Series material, ephemera, and correspondence. See Series I for more correspondence and Series III for research material.

box-folder   15-16/  
V. Teaching and School Material [series]: (3 linear feet, 38 folders)   
Scope: Consists of material toward classes taught by Castro, student grades and evaluations, student work, and material from Castro's undergraduate and graduate work.

box-folder   17/-  
VI. Miscellaneous Jan Castro Material [series]: (0.5 linear feet, 5 folders)   
Scope: Consists of Castro's vita and recommendations; material concerning her work for a local cable show, "The Writer's Circle;" and materical concerning her YMCA Leadership Award.

box-folder   17/-  
VII. Print Material [series]: (1.5 linear feet)   
Scope: Print Material is divided into five subseries: Miscellaneous Print Material, Broadsides, Artwork and Posters, Books Transferred to Rare Books Division, and Journals Transferred to Rare Books Division.

box-folder   17/-  
VII.1 Miscellaneous Print Material (11 folders)   
Scope: Consists of book, exhibit, and film catalogues; loose notes and clippings; Arizona Living (Vol. 6, No. 28, July 11, 1975); Mind Breaths: Poems 1972-1976 by Allen Ginsburg; The Riverfront Times (No. 168, Dec. 9-15, 1981); Roof Book News (undated); American Book Review (Vol. 16, No. 3, August-September 1994); Segue Distributing (1993); Third Annual Meeting of the Missouri Philological Association (1978); and North Atlantic books catalogue (1975).

box-folder   17/-  
VII.2 Broadsides (2 folders and oversize)   
Scope: Consists of broadsides by Diane Burn, Michael Castro, Hugh Fox, and Maurice Kenny.

box-folder   17/-  
VII.3 Artwork and Posters (3 folders and oversize)   
Scope: Consists of artwork and posters by Break Word with the World III: A Commemorative Collection, Alejandro el Romero, Joe Kemp, Anthony Loman, Peace eye poets, Margaret Sheperd, and Sun Ra.

VII.4 Books Transferred to Rare Books Division   
Scope: Consists of books transferred to rare books division. See in-house finding-aid for complete listing.

VII.5 Journals Transferred to Rare Books Division   
Scope: Consists of journals transferred to rare books division. See in-house finding-aid for complete listing.

box-folder   18/-  
IX. Audiovisual [series]: (1.5 linear feet)   
Scope: Audiovisual is divided into three subseries: Cassette Tapes, Reel-to-reel Tapes, and Videotapes.

box-folder   18/-  
IX.1 Cassette Tapes (19 cassette tapes)   
Scope: Consists of seven cassette tapes featuring William Gass discussing Plato’s The Republic (1990) and twelve tapes featuring Robbe-Grillet (1988).

box-folder   18/-  
IX.2 Reel-to-reel Tapes (13 reel-to-reel tapes)   
Scope: Consists of thirteen reel-to-reel tapes. The titles listed by Castro have been maintained.

1. River Styx, 7/23/72, (Pentangle of Rabbi Solomon, From the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Jan. 15th is a nat’l holiday, Don Juan - Education of Byron)
2. Continuation of Don Juan – Byron, Marty on the Sax, 7/23/72
3. J.C. Penny Co. Nov. ’69, Bill Weber KMOX, River Styx 3/3   
Scope: The tape itself states "19 cuts Kentucky Fried Chicken"

4. KDNA Reading on free radio Saturday, Marlin, Jan, Mike Castro, Jim Marshall, SDS, Carol, Dwight, Byron Lazar, and KDNA staff
5. River Styx 7/23, 3/3, 50’s R &B
6. unidentified
7. Joe & Eddie…Coast to Coast, Side 1 1. What’s That I Hear 2. The First Time 3. Farewell My Cindy Jane 4. Laurie 5. Crawfish 6. Amens, Side 2 1. San Francisco Bay Blues by ----; Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs at Carnegie Hall!, Side 2 1. The Martha White Theme 2. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight 3. Mama Blues 4. Take This Hammer 5. Fiddle and Banjo 6. Yonder Stands Little Maggie 7. Let the Church Roll On, Side 1 1. Alty Dog Blues 2. Durham’s Reel 3.Hot Corn, Cold Corn 4. Footprints in the Snow 5. Flint Hill Special 6. Dig a Hole in a Meadow; Belafonte Returns to Carnegie Hall, Side 3 Miriam Makeba 1. The Circle Song 2. One More Dance, Belafonte Folk Singers 1. The Ox Drivers 2. The Red Rosey Bush 3. Didn’t it Rain, Side 4 Belafonte 1. Mama Ma Too 2. I Know Where I’m Going 3. Old King Cole 4. La Bamba
8. Side 1 , 1-6 Dylan’s ‘looking back’, Side 3 Ramblin Thru the World, Bob Zimmerman’s Dream, Tomorrow’s a Long Time, New Orleans Rag, The Walls of Red Wing, Hero Blues, Who Killed Dewy Moore, Side 1 , Tell Me Mama, I Don’t Believe You, Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues; 6-10, Burroughs reads “Naked Lunch”, 10 Visions of Johanna; Side 2 – “ “, 4th Time Around, Just Like a Woman, Desolation Row, Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat, One Too Many Mornings, Ballad of a Thin Man, Like a Rolling Stone
9. Peace Eye Reading May ’71 WU Brown Lounge St. Louis, Mike Castro/Mike Corr/ Jay Zelenha (?)/Ajulé, Jim Marshall – Sax, Dwight – Sax, flute, Ajulé – Drums; Dylan/Band – Liverpool
10. Oct. 7, 1970, River Styx 2/3, Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC – 9 Dub 19 cuts
11. The Peace Eye Poets Meet the Immediate ?
12. River Styx Poets 3/19/72
13. River Styx Poets 3/19/72
box-folder   18/-  
IX.3 Videotapes (19 cassette tapes)   
Scope: Consists of onve videotape titled, YMCA of Metropolitan St. Louis.

box-folder   18/-  
X. Realia [series]: (0.5 linear feet)   
Scope: Consists of bookbinding materials and two t-shirts, Heart of St. Louis Arts Festival 1987 and St. Louis Writers Are…The Living End, Duff’s Restaurant.