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Finding-Aid for the Herbert Howarth Papers (WTU00057)

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Summary Information
Title: Herbert Howarth Papers
Creator: Howarth, Herbert, 1900-
Inclusive dates: 1959-1969.
Extent: ca. 70 items
Call number: WTU00057
Language: English
Repository: Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, MO 63130

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Purchased from Herbert Howarth. 1969.

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Copyright to significant portions of the collection held by Herbert Howarth
33 East Golfview Rd.
Aardmore, PA 19003

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Herbert Howarth is the author of Notes on Some Figures Behind T. S. Eliot (1964), a critical study of Eliot's background through his family, friends, mentors, and fellow writers. Howarth, an academic who specializes in literature, has a wide range of interests. In addition to his book on Eliot, he has edited an anthology of Arab writing and written a book about 19th and 20th-century Irish authors. Howarth's study of Shakespeare, The Tiger's Heart, was published in 1970.

Collection Scope and Content Note

The Howarth collection is made up of material relating to his book about Eliot and includes his letters to and from Eliot. Howarth submitted drafts of his text to Eliot for comment and several drafts of the book with marginal corrections by Eliot are housed in the collection, too. The collection offers a unique opportunity to view the response of the subject of a critical biography to the views of a biographer.

Subject Terms

  • Eliot, T.S., 1888-1965.
  • Ingalls, Jeremy, 1911-
Contents List
box-folder   1/1-2  
I. Correspondence. [series]: (68 items.)   
Scope: Consists of business and editorial correspondence relating to Howarth's work on T.S. Eliot.

box-folder   1/1  
I. 1. Business and editorial correspondence. (36 items.)   
Scope: Correspondence relating to Howarth's book Notes On Some Figures Around T.S. Eliot (Boston: Houghton- Mifflin, 1964), including correspondence with publishers, editors and T.S. Eliot. Unless indicated otherwise all letters are to Herbert Howarth.

Cain, Barbara, editor, Houghton Mifflin.
To du Sautoy, P F
July 17, ((TL(x), 2p))
Du Sautoy, P.F., Faber and Faber.
To Cain, Barbara
July 26, ((TLS(x), 1p), draft)
Eliot, Thomas Stearns, 1888-1965, American author.
December 7, ((TLS, 1p))
December 26, ((Ts, 1p))
January 8, ((TL(cb), 1p))
January 21, ((TLS, 1p))
February 18, ((TLS, 1p))
May 22, ((TLS, 2p))
October 19, ((TLS, 1p))
Ford, Anne, editor, Houghton-Mifflin.
December 6, ((TLS, 1p))
Howarth, Herbert, 1900-, American author.
To Cain, Barbara
[ca. 1963]:
[July] [26], ((TL, 1p))
August 14, ((TL(cb), 1p), on verso, TL(cb) draft of letter to John Meyer, editor, Thomas Crowell)
To Eliot, Thomas Stearns, 1888-1965, American author
November 8, ((TL(cb), 1p))
December 4, ((TL(cb), 1p))
December 7, ((TL(cb), 1p))
December 16, ((TL(cb), 1p))
February 9, ((TL(cb), 1p))
May 15, ((TL(cb), 1p))
October 13, ((TL(cb), 1p) (TL(x), 1p))
To Ford, Anne
December 11, ((TL(cb), 1p))
To Parsons, Ian M, 1906-1980, British author
September 5, ((TL(cb), 1p))
January 8, ((TL(cb), 1p))
[January] [28], ((TL, 1p), letter is draft, with comments by Howarth on recto)
January 30, ((TL(cb), 1p))
February 13, ((TL(cb), 1p))
To Spurdle, Rita
December 17, ((TLS, 1p))
To Wylie, Craig
December 4, ((TL(cb), 1p))
January 8, ((TL(cb), 1p))
January 30, ((TL(cb), 1p))
February 13, ((TL(cb), 1p))
[ca. 1962]:
[November] [29], ((TL(x), 2p))
Parsons, Ian, editor, Chatto, Windus.
To Eliot, T.S.
February 1, ((TLS, 1p))
Wylie, Craig, editor, Houghton Mifflin.
December 20, ((TLS, 1p))
January 16, ((TLS, 1p))
January 30, ((TLS, 1p))
box-folder   1/2  
I. 2. Response to author's queries. (32 items.)   
Scope: Letters to Howarth in response to Howarth's queries for information about T.S. Eliot, and Harvard University before 1914. Included are Howarth's letters of inquiry.

Adams, James Donald, 1891-1968, American author.
April 10, ((TLS, 1p), with autograph notes by Howarth on verso)
Allen, Harold A.
July 29, ((TLS, 1p))
Allen, Robert H.
April 27, ((TLS, 1p))
Ames, Walter C.
April 30, ((ALS, 3p))
Bollier, Philip.
February 17, ((TLS, 2p))
Booth, Elizabeth, 1902-, librarian.
April 4, ((TLS, 2p))
Cole, Grant.
May 1, ((TLS, 2p))
Foerster, Norman.
May 4, ((TLS, 2p))
Greene, W C.
May 28, ((TLS, 1p))
Hale, Clarence E.
April 29, ((TLS, 1p))
Hemenway, Courtenay.
June 20, ((ALS, 5p))
Hottinger, Mary, British translator.
February 8, ((TLS, 1p))
March 27, ((TLS, 2p))
October 11, ((TLS, 1p))
Howarth, Herbert, 1900-, American author.
To Greene, W.C.
May 18, ((TL(cb), 1p))
To Hottinger, Mary, British translator
February 3, ((TL(cb), 1p))
Ingalls, Jeremy, 1911-, American author.
December 30, ((TLS, 2p))
Kennedy, Sargent, Harvard University
October 14, ((TLS, 1p))
Levine, Henry, 1892-.
May 4, ((TLS, 2p))
Linenthal, Arthur J, physician.
April 8, ((TLS, 1p))
April 25, ((TLS, 1p))
May 19, ((TLS, 1p))
Litchfield, Henry.
June 14, ((ALS, 4p))
Manheim, Leonard F., City College of NY.
June 3, ((ACS, 1p))
Sewall, John Ives.
May 5, ((TLS, 3p))
Stensland, T N.
April 27, ((TLS, 1p))
May 10, ((TLS, 2p))
Storey, Charles M, Lawyer.
April 28, ((TLS, 1p))
Towne, Jackson Edmund, Michigan State Univ..
April 28, ((TLS, 2p))
Wagner, Esther.
February 7, ((TLS, 1p))
Woodman, Elizabeth Wright.
April 8, ((ALS, 3p))
box-folder   1/3-5  
II. Manuscript material for Notes On Some Figures Behind T.S. Eliot [series]: (7 items.)   
Scope: Notes On Some Figures Behind T.S. Eliot (Boston: Houghton-Mifflin, 1964).

box-folder   1/3  
II. 1. Reunion for some figures behind T.S. Eliot.
1961. (Ts(cb). 102p. With Auto. note from Howarth enclosed.)
box-folder   1/4  
II. 2. Notes on some figures behind T.S. Eliot.
1961. (Ts. 19p. Also includes two Auto. notes from Howarth, one explaining the material, one containing fragment of information about Eliot, labelled `Memo at Kentucky, April 24, 1959.' Manuscript also shows Auto. notes by Eliot.)
box-folder   1/5  
II. 3. Notes on some figures behind T.S. Eliot.
1962. (Ts, Ts(cb). 364p. With Auto. note by Howarth enclosed, and Auto. notes by Eliot on manuscript.)