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Register of the George Marion O'Donnell Papers (WTU00091)

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Summary Information
Title: The George Marion O'Donnell Papers, 1932-1961.
Creator: George Marion O'Donnell, 1914-1962.
Call number: WTU00091
Language: English
Repository: Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis MO 63130

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Purchase, 1971



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Processed: March, 1975. HH

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George Marion O'Donnell was born on Silver Home Plantation, Midnight, Mississippi, January 21, 1914 and educated at Belzoni High School (1928-1932), Memphis State College (1932-1934), Vanderbilt University (A.B., 1936, M.A., 1939). In 1936 and 1937 he was engaged in managing his grandmother's plantation in Belzoni following the death of his uncle. At Vanderbilt in the early 30's O'Donnell became a disciple of the Agrarian School, and of the school of Southern New Critics then in process of formation. By the early forties he had founded a literary reputation on the basis of a small but distinguished body of poetry, fiction, and criticism, particularly concerning William Faulkner. For a select bibliography, 1935-1947, see the collection folder.

O'Donnell followed a teaching career: Fellow in Creative Writing, Vanderbilt, 1939-1940; Instructor, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, 1941-1943, Assistant Professor, 1943-1945; Guest Instructor, Harvard, 1945-1947; Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University, 1947-1949; Professor, Oglethorpe University, 1949-1957.

O'Donnell never fulfilled his early literary promise. In 1957 he moved to New Haven, Connecticut where he remained until his death in 1962. For a commentary on O'Donnell's career, see “O'Donnell's Wall” by John Hazard Wildman ( The Southern Review, Autumn, 1970). [Photocopy in collection folder]

Collection Scope and Content Note

Scope and Contents Note

Accession: 1272

The O'Donnell Papers are arranged as described below. Every effort has been made to retain the arrangement naturally formed by O'Donnell; the arrangement is therefore largely subject/person oriented and not chronological, with the exception of the correspondence in Box 7. All O'Donnell letters are carbons unless otherwise stated. There is no series arrangement. Manuscripts included with letters are retained as closely as possible with the letters.

Box 1, folders 1 - 21, correspondence and occasional manuscripts of: Rae Beamish, Richard Croom Beatty, John Berryman, John Malcolm Brinnin, Nelson Del Bittner, Harry Brown, Basil Bunting, Truman Capote, Hubert Creekmore, Robert Woodham Daniel, Donald Davidson, Edward Donahoe and Charles Henri Ford, 1933-1954, 273 items.

Box 2, folders 22 - 32, correspondence with Theodore C. Hoepfner, 1933-1961, 256 items.

Box 3, folders 33 - 36, correspondence and manuscripts of Merle Hoyleman, 1936-1961, 119 items.

Box 4, folders 37-56, correspondence with and occasional manuscripts of Robert Hillyer, William Inge, Marian Ives, James Laughlin, Leroy Leatherman, R.W.B. Lewis, Jim Lord, Willard Maas, and Edward McGehee, 1935-1961, 180 items.

Box 5, folders 57-70, correspondence with and occasional manuscripts of Theodore Morrison, Samuel French Morse, W.R. Moses, Gorham Munson, Flannery O'Connor, John Newton Oldham, William Alexander Percy, Katherine Anne Porter, Ezra Pound, Kerker Quinn, John Crowe Ransom, and Garret Ratcliff, 1933-1961, 152 items.

Box 6, folders 71 - 81, correspondence with and occasional manuscripts of Delmore Schwartz, Roysce Smith, Mark Strand, Allen Tate (and Caroline Gordon), Nedra Tyre, Eudora Welty, Jonathon Williams, Stark Young and Louis Zukofsky, 1933-1961, 171 items.

Box 7, folder 82 - 95, correspondence, 1932-1961, with publishers, editors, authors not grouped individually, teaching colleagues, former students, friends, etc., 395 items. For details of correspondents, see final page of this register.

Box 8, folders 96 - 111, miscellaneous correspondence, material concerning The Observer [little magazine]; business affairs of Fannie Bell Estate; negotiations for teaching position', specifically with Louisiana State University and Ogleghorpe University; stories, poems of students; Atlantic Monthly Poetry Contests, and judging of poetry competitions for Voices [magazine]; and clippings, 172 items.

Total: 1, 718 items.

Contents List
O'Donnell Papers
box-folder   1/1.  
Beamish, Rae to OD, 1938-1941, (12 items)
box-folder   1/1.  
OD to Beamish, Rae, 1938-1941, (6 items)   
Scope: Subjects: Merle Hoyleman

box-folder   1/2.  
Beatty, Richmond Croom to OD, 1934-1936, (34 items)
box-folder   1/2.  
OD to Beatty, Richmond Croom, 1936, (1 item)
box-folder   1/2.  
Lowes, Marvin McCord to Beatty 1935: Apr. 5 (TLS, 1 p.)
box-folder   1/2.  
Beatty and OD to The Southern Review, n.d. ([carbon])
box-folder   1/2.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Beatty 1936: July 1 ([carbon])
box-folder   1/2.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD 1936: July 1 ([carbon])
box-folder   1/2.  
Beatty to Hoepfner 1936: June 28 ([carbon])
box-folder   1/2.  
Beatty, Richmond Croom. Une Belle Dame [poem] Aug. 13, 1935. (Ts. [carbon], 2 pp.)   
Scope: Subjects: The Tenant Farmer [essay] by OD and Beatty; teaching; mutual friends, southern literature, publishing.

box-folder   1/3.  
Beatty, Richmond Croom to OD, 1937-1944, (19 items)
box-folder   1/3.  
Od to Beatty, Richmond Croom, 1938, 1943, (2 items)
box-folder   1/3.  
Tate, Allen to Beatty, Richmond Croom, 1943: Aug. 6 ([carbon])
box-folder   1/3.  
Beatty, Floy to OD, 1937: Nov. 2 ([p.c.])
box-folder   1/4.  
Berryman, John to OD, 1938-1940, (9 items)   
Scope: Subjects: The Architect [play] by John Berryman; Frederick Prokosch; James Laughlin; Robert Penn Warren; The Survivor [poem] by John Berryman.

box-folder   1/4.  
Berryman, John.
n.d. On the London train [poem] (Ts., 1 p. Signed. No revision.)
1938: Aug. 16. Ceremony and vision [poem] (Ts, 2 pp. Signed. No revision.)
n.d. Letter to Jeff, 1938 [poem] (Ts, 1 p. Signed. No revision.)
1938: Mar. 1. The return [poem] (Ts., 2 pp. Signed. Annotations by Berryman.)
1938: Aug. 1. The survivor [poem] (Ts., 1 p. Signed. No revision.)
1939: April. Man among ruins [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision.)
box-folder   1/5.  
Bittner, Nelson Del to OD, 1934-1935, (7 items)   
Scope: Subjects: Directon [little magazine]; Kirker Quinn.

box-folder   1/6.  
Brinnin, John Malcolm to OD, 1946, 1948, (3 items)
box-folder   1/7.  
Brown, Harry to OD, 1936-1937 (23 items)   
Scope: Subjects: his writing, graduate work at Harvard, the Harvard Advocate, his travels, mutual friends.

box-folder   1/7.  
Brown, Harry. Jacob's off his pedestal [poem] (Ms., 1 p. 1936: Aug. 10)
box-folder   1/7.  
Brown, Harry to OD, 1938-1940 (18 items)
box-folder   1/7.  
OD to Brown, Harry, 1938: Jan. 6; Oct. 8
box-folder   1/7.  
Warren, Robert Penn to OD, 1938: Jan. 4   
Scope: Subjects: his writing, graduate work at Harvard, The Harvard Advocate, his travels; Robert Lowell, Merle Hoyleman, Louis MacNeice, The Southern Review, Randall Jarrell, Samuel French Morse,

box-folder   1/7.  
Brown, Harry. Elegy on the death of yeats [poem] (Clipping [printed])
box-folder   1/9.  
Brown, Harry.
A dialogue between lyre and trumpet: Bones as Interlocuter [poem] (Ts.[carbon], 2 pp. No revision. n.d.)
Fortinbras my speaker [poem] (Ts., 1 p. Corrected. n.d.)
Tailpiece for a pamphlet [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 2 pp. n.d. No revision.)
The muse in the Virginia afternoon [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision, 1937.)
The death of innocents [poem] (Ts., 1 p. n.d. No revision)
L'Allegro in the boneyard [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 2 pp. n.d. Annotated by OD.)
Apuleius Brown, the golden mole [poem] (Ts., 2 pp. with note by Brown appended. 1936.)
Crane [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. Signed. Annotated by OD. n.d. Original title: Orpheus: A good boy.)
A fate speaketh in sadness [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. n.d. No revision.)
In the restaurant [poem] (Ts., 4 pp. Signed. Annotated by OD. n.d.)
Invocation for a newspaper [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. with revisions by Brown. n.d.)
Koniortos [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 2 pp. No revision. n.d.)
Koniortos [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. 1937. No revision.)
A man of shaken honor [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. Signed. Annotated by OD. n.d.)
The Muse in the Virginia Afternoon and other poems [Collection of poems] (Ts., incomplete. 1938. No revision.)
Includes the following poems: The muse in the Virginia afternoon; Crane; Fortinbras my speaker; The death of Innocents; Koniortos; A dialogue between Lyre and Trumpet: Bones as interlocuter; Tailpiece for a pamphlet (11 pp.)
The nostalgia of the kindly man at heart [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. No revision. n.d.)
On a tendon of Apollo [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. Signed. No revision. n.d.)
The parade of the bloody queens [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. Annotated by OD. n.d. No revision.)
Prothalamion [poem] (Ts., 2 pp. No revision. n.d.)
The rejected circe [poem] (Ts., 3 pp. No revision. n.d. Annotated by OD.)
Strophe[sic] for a cracked bell's pealing [poem] (Ts, 1 p. No revision. Annotated by OD. n.d.)
A thousand peaceful cities [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision. n.d.)
Vegetable love [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. Signed. 1936: July. No revision.)
box-folder   1/10.  
An elegy for this year of grace [poem] (Ts, 1 p. Annotated by OD? n.d.)
The Elfin lover [poem] (Ts., 1 p. Signed. [1938] Annotated by OD.)
For the ballet of Sulla [poem] Clipping from The Harvard Advocate. 1937: April. (4 pp.)
The map of the age [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 3 pp. Annotations by OD. [1938])
On the loss of a kingdom [poem] (Ts., 3 pp. Annotated by OD. [1938])
Pestilence and castle [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. [1937])
Photograph of Harry Brown. Negative only. n.d.
Prince of Alpha [short story] Clipping from The Harvard Advocate. 1937: March. (4 pp.)
Reactional [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. Signed. [1938] Annotated by OD.)
The true, unexpurgated story of Thomas the tinker [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. [1937])
box-folder   1/11.  
Bunting, Basil to OD, 1933-1934 (4 items)   
Scope: Subjects: His work; development of The Observer [little magazine]

box-folder   1/12.  
Bunting Basil
Chomei at Toyama [poem] Selections. (Ts. [carbon], 9 pp.)
Signed. Printer's marks throughout. [1932]
Miserarum est neque amori dare ludum [poem] (Ts., 1 p.)
Signed, with notes verso. [1932]
box-folder   1/13.  
Capote, Truman to OD, 1947-[1950] (5 items)
box-folder   1/14.  
Creekmore, Hubert to OD, 1933-1949 (13 items)
box-folder   1/14.  
OD to Creekmore, Hubert, 1945 (1 item)
box-folder   1/14.  
Creekmore, Hubert to Flowers, Paul, 1948 (1 item [p.c.])
box-folder   1/15.  
Daniel, Robert Woodham to OD, 1939-1950 (12 items)
box-folder   1/15.  
OD to Daniel, Robert Woodham, 1950 (3 items)
box-folder   1/15.  
Miller, F. DeWolfe to OD, 1950 (2 items)
box-folder   1/15.  
Daniel, Robert Woodham.
Old wine in new bottles [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision. n.d.)
The menu [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision. n.d.)
Remember and take the consequences [poem] (Ts.[carbon], 1 p. No revesions. n.d.)
box-folder   1/16.  
Davidson, Donald to OD, 1933-1937 (7 items)
box-folder   1/16.  
OD to Davidson, Donald, 1935-1937 (3 items)
box-folder   1/16.  
Davidson, Donald. The horde [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision. [1937])
box-folder   1/17.  
Davidson, Donald to OD, 1938-1942 (15 items)
box-folder   1/17.  
OD to Davidson, Donald, 1938 (2 items)   
Scope: Subjects: His writing, OD's writing, mutual friends, southern literature, Edwin Mims, W.H. Auden, Fire on Belmont Street [poem] by Davidson, American composition and rhetoric [text book] compiled by Davidson.

box-folder   1/17.  
Davidson, Donald. Photograph of, negative only. n.d.
box-folder   1/18.  
Davidson, Donald to OD, 1943-1954 (12 items)
box-folder   1/18.  
OD to Davidson, Donald, 1945-1954 (2 items)
box-folder   1/18.  
Walsh, T[homas] J.B. to OD, 1952 (1 item)
box-folder   1/18.  
Ames, Elizabeth to Davidson, Donald, 1948 (1 item)
box-folder   1/19.  
Davidson, Donald.
Hermitage [poem] Reprint from the Virginia Quarterly Review. 1942: Dec. (4 pp.)
Sanctuary [poem] (Ts., ts.[carbon], 4 pp. Signed. No revision. n.d.)
box-folder   1/20.  
Donahoe, Edward to OD, 1936-1946 (13 items)   
Scope: Subjects: mutual friend; John Mason Brown.

box-folder   1/21.  
Ford, Charles Henri to OD, 1937-1944 (28 items)
box-folder   1/21.  
OD to Ford, Charles Henri, 1938, 1944 (2 items)   
Scope: Subjects: The garden of disorder [collection of poems], by Ford; chainpoems; Cecil Beaton, View [little magazine]; Pavel Tchelitchew.

box-folder   1/21.  
Ford, Charles Henri.
View [little magazine] Draft of announcement (Ts.[carbon], 1 p. [1938: March])
Somebody's gone [poem] (Ts.[carbon], 1 p. No revision. [1939])
I want not to have missed a moment of you [poem] (Ts., 2 pp. No revision [1939])
box-folder   2/22.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1933-1934 (17 items)
box-folder   2/22.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Lodge, Rivers, 1934 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/23.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1935 (22 items)
box-folder   2/23.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Bryan, Jack, 1935 (1 item. [carbon])
box-folder   2/23.  
Combs, Sunny V. OD.
Legend [prose] (Ts., 4 pp. [1935])
Elegy for time [poem] (Ts., copy made by Hoepfner, originally enclosed with letter, 1961: July 26. 4 pp.)
box-folder   2/24.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1936 (19 items)
box-folder   2/24.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Ratcliffe, Garrett, 1936 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/24.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Guess, Joe, 1936 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/24.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Cathcart, Noble A., 1936 (1 item)
box-folder   2/24.  
The Tiger Rag [newspaper] Memphis, Tennessee. 1936: Nov. 12
box-folder   2/25.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1937 (24 items)
box-folder   2/25.  
OD to Hoepfner, Theodore C., 1937 (2 items)
box-folder   2/25.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to The Commercial Appeal, 1937 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/25.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Mullen, Dale, 1937 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/25.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. A note on modern tragedy [review] of Jordan River [play] by Garrett Ratcliffe. (Ts.[carbon], 5 pp. [1937])
box-folder   2/26.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1938 (33 items)
box-folder   2/26.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Gardner, Mrs., 1938 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/27.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1939 (21 items)
box-folder   2/27.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Martin, Dr. Harry, 1939 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/28.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1940-1941 (21 items)
box-folder   2/28.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to The Commercial Appeal, 1940 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/28.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Invitation to Learning, 1941 (carbon [carbon])
box-folder   2/28.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to The New Republic, 1941 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/28.  
Rahv, Philip. The way of the vanguard [review] of New Directions in Prose and poetry [anthology]. Clipping from The Nation, 1941: Feb. 1.
box-folder   2/29.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1945 (6 items)
box-folder   2/30.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1946 (19 items)
box-folder   2/30.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to Fryxell, Burton L., 1946 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/30.  
Clipping, The Atlanta Journal [newspaper], 1946: May 29 concerning Marjorie K. Rawlings.
box-folder   2/31.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C. to OD, 1947-1961 (15 items)
box-folder   2/31.  
OD to Hoepfner, Theodore C., 1947-1961 (4 items)
box-folder   2/31.  
OD to Pepinski, Ibbie and Jack, 1947 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   2/31.  
Mississippi Quarterly, Spring 1960, Vol. xiii, number 2.   
Scope: Subjects for the above correspondence, folders 22-31, include: Allen Tate, New Directions - 1937, Dust on the river [novel] by OD, The Observer [little magazine]; Tragedy at Jordan [play] by Garrett Ratcliff, John Crowe Ransom, development, administration and production of little theatre groups in Memphis, Tenn., 1933-1941, their writing; mutual friends, other personal matters.

box-folder   2/32.  
Hoepfner, Theodore C.
On the late usurpation in Washington [poem] (Ts., 1 p. 1957: May 1.)
Because I could not stop for death [essay]
Reprint from American Literature, vol. xxix, no. 1. (2 pp. [1957: Mar. 1])
And no birds sing [poem] (Ts., 1 p. 1958: Apr. 22.)
The complaint of the gardner who hungered for a variety of succulent pericarps [poem] (Ts., 1 p. 1958: July 25)
Ancient history [poem] (Ts., 1 p. 1958: Aug. 20)
Troy fell [poem] (Ts., 1 p. 1958: Aug. 5.)
Demos Hominoidea [poem] (Ts., 1 p. 1956: Har. 2.)
Suntrophoi [poem] (ts. [carbon], 1 p. n.d.)
To William Shakespeare [poem] (Ts, light correction, 1 p. n.d.)
Leaders [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision, n.d.)
Pro Patria [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision, n.d.)
Lines in anticipation of far years [poem] (Ts. [carbon], 1 p. 1935: Augumn, with revisions.)
God rest you merry, gentleman [poem] (Ts., 2 pp. No revision. 1958: Nov. 26)
Apologia with apology to Ezra Pound [poem] (Ts, 1 p. No revision. 1959: Aug. 9)
Balm in Bilead [poem] (Ts., 1 p. No revision 1958: July 9.)
box-folder   3/33.  
Hoyleman, Merls to OD, 1936-1958 (16 items)
box-folder   3/33.  
Crosby, Caresse to Hoyleman, Merle, 1947 (1 item [photocopy])
box-folder   3/33.  
Swallow, Allan to Hoyleman, Merle, 1947 (1 item [photocopy])
box-folder   3/33.  
Hoyleman, Merle to Her Friends, 1951 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   3/34.  
Hoyleman, Merle to OD, 1959 (19 items)
box-folder   3/35.  
Hoyleman, Merle to OD, 1960 (22 items)
box-folder   3/35.  
Od To Hoyleman, Merle, 1960 (9 items)
box-folder   3/35.  
Williams, Jonathon to Hoyleman, Merle, 1960 (1 item [copy])
box-folder   3/35.  
OD to Williams, Jonathon, 1960 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   3/36.  
Hoyleman, Merle to OD, 1961 (25 items)
box-folder   3/36.  
OD to Hoyleman, Merle, 1961 (8 items)
box-folder   3/36.  
Webb, Jon Edgar to Hoyleman, Merle, 1961 (1 item)
box-folder   3/36.  
Hoyleman, Merle. Letters to Christopher [prose] (Ts. excerpts, 1951-1959, [1961: April] 6 pp.)   
Scope: Subjects for the above correspondence, folders 33-36, include: her writings, publishers negotions, incarceration in mental hospital (1951), illnesses, mutual friends, other personal news.

box-folder   3/37.  
Mind Province of the tenth month [poem] (Ts.[carbon], 19 pp. Autograph annotations; note to OD, p. 1.)
Also selections (carbons, 10 pp. [1937])
box-folder   3/38.  
Asp of the age [poem] Notes. Light correction (Ts.[carbon], 1 p. [1931])
Asp of the age [poem] (Ts.[carbon], 8 pp. No revision. (Pub. in Hound & Horn, Fall, 1931) [1931])
box-folder   3/39.  
A latter beast in the noon [poem] (Ts., 17 pp. Light revision. Carbon copy, 17 pp. Notes sections published.)
box-folder   3/40.  
Give me liberty [prose] Revised chapter. Suggested titles: The new system, or irreverant state; Black bottle: the secret kill; I finger the lock. 1956: Jan. (Ts.[carbon], 12 pp. Light revision.)
box-folder   3/41.  
Unifinished portrait [prose] (Ts., 5 pp.; also carbon, 3 pp. [Part of Letters to Christopher?] (See Holyeman to OD, 1936: Oct. 5.) [1936])
box-folder   3/42.  
Letters to Christopher [prose] Outline. (Ts.[carbon] and ms., 19 pp. [1959])
box-folder   3/43.  
Letters to Christoper [prose] Selected letters, 1941-1946. (first 8 pp. used as setting copy. Ts.[carbon], 17 pp.)
box-folder   3/44.  
Letters to Christopher [prose] (Ts.[carbon] 178 pp.)
Sections, 1933-1939. (Ts. p. at end about the work of Miss Hoyleman, probably by OD. n.d.)
box-folder   4/45.  
Hillyer, Robert Silliman to OD, 1936-37, 1947 (4 items)
box-folder   4/46.  
Inge, William to OD, 1949-1961 (5 items)
box-folder   4/46.  
OD to Inge, William, 1957 (1 item [carbon])   
Scope: Subjects: Come back, little Sheba [play]; personal news

box-folder   4/47.  
Ives, Marian (literary agent) to OD, 1944-1949 (20 items)
box-folder   4/47.  
OD to Ives, Marian, 1944-1947 (10 items [carbons])
box-folder   4/48.  
Laughlin, James to OD, 1937-1939 (22 items)
box-folder   4/48.  
OD to Laughlin, James, 1937-1939 (7 items)
box-folder   4/49.  
Laughlin, James to OD, 1940-1945 (15 items)
box-folder   4/49.  
OD to Laughlin, James, 1940-1945 (7 items [draft], [carbons])
box-folder   4/49.  
OD: [1940: July] Preface, Five Young American Poets. Revised first page.
box-folder   4/49.  
New Directions, Royalty statement, 1941: Sept. [for Five Young American poets] (Ts., 1 p.)
box-folder   4/49.  
Moore, Hugh (New Directions) to OD, 1940: Aug. 14 ([p.c.])
box-folder   4/49.  
New Directions, Contract, with OD for Five Young American Poets.
box-folder   4/49.  
1940: June. (Ts. [carbon] Signed by James Laughlin and witnessed by Hubert Creekmore.)   
Scope: Subjects: [Folders 48-49] Five Young American Poets [collection of poems]; Elizabeth Bishop; Harry Brown, Merle Hoyleman.

box-folder   4/50.  
Leatherman, Leroy to OD, n.d., 1960-1961 (6 items)
box-folder   4/50.  
OD to Leatherman, Leroy, 1961 (2 items [carbons])
box-folder   4/51.  
Leatherman, Leroy. n.d. All fine men [short story] (Ts. [carbon] draft, final page is ts., 11 pp., light revision.)
box-folder   4/51.  
Leatherman, Leroy. n.d. Untitled short story (ts., M.s. draft, with revisions, 20 pp.)
box-folder   4/52.  
Lewis, R.W.B. to OD, 1951 (3 items)
box-folder   4/52.  
OD to Lewis, R.W.B., 1951 (2 items [carbons])
box-folder   4/52.  
Lewis, R.W.B. Table of contents for proposed book on Faulkner (ts., 1 p.)
box-folder   4/52.  
OD: [1951: July] A note on the 1939 Faulkner essay (ts.[carbon], with revisions, 1 p.)
box-folder   4/52.  
OD: [1951: July] Biographical sketch (ts.[carbon], 1 p.)   
Scope: Subjects: OD's studies of Faulkner; Lewis's proposed book of essays.

box-folder   4/53.  
Lord, Jim to OD, 1948-1955 (8 items)
box-folder   4/53.  
OD to Lord, Jim, 1955 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   4/54.  
Maas, Willard to OD, 1935-1947 (16 items)
box-folder   4/54.  
OD to Maas, Willard, 1937-1938 (3 items [carbons])   
Scope: Subjects: J. Ronald Lane Latimer (Alcestis Press); James Laughlin (New Directions); New Directions 1937 [anthology]; George Dillon; Marianne Moore; Wallace Stevens.

box-folder   4/55.  
McGehee, Edward to OD, 1943: April 20 ([photocopy])
box-folder   4/55.  
OD to Davis, George, 1943: Jan. 3 ([carbon])
box-folder   4/55.  
Davis, George to OD, 1943: Dec. 31 ([telegram])
box-folder   4/55.  
McGehee, Edward.
n.d. There hangs a myrtle warbler's tale [poem] (ts.[carbon], no revision, 1 p.)
n.d. The jobless pavisor [poem] (ts., 2 pp. annotated by OD.)
n.d. The eyeless wind [poem] (Ts., no revision, 2 pp.)
n.d. An old gentleman's garden eyesight [poem] (Ts.[carbon], 1 p., annotated by OD)
n.d. The idiot's mirror [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no revision, 1 p)
n.d. One view from a room near Santa Chiara [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no revision, 2 pp.)
1944: Winter. Ancestral theme [poem] Tear sheet from Sewanee Review, Vol. LII, No. 1 (2 pp.)
n.d. Ancestral theme [poem] (Ts., light revision, 2 pp.)
n.d. For you, Pushmatha, Brigadier General, USA [poem] (Ts., 3 pp. annotated by OD; ts.[carbon], no rev., 3 pp.)
n.d. My father carpenter's journey [poem] (Ts.[carbon] 4 pp. annotated by OD)
n.d. A carpernter's journey into the north [poem] (Ts.[carbon], light revision, 4 pp.)
n.d. Journey to the north [poem] (Ts., no revision, 1 p.)
n.d. The caravans [poem] Alternate title: Camel caravans. (Ts., no revision, 1 p.)
1944: Feb. The caravans [poem] Tear sheet from Mademoiselle [p.115] (1 p.)
n.d. No storm for fear [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no rev. 1 p.)
n.d. No storm for fear [poem] (Ts., note to OD appended, 1 p.)
n.d. The Seeburg rocks its newest love [poem] (Ts.[carbon] no revision, 1 p.; ts., light rev., note to OD appended, 1 p.)
1943: Feb. A message for home [poem] (Ms., 3 pp.)
1944: Winter. A message for home [poem] Tear sheet, from Sewanee Review, Vol. LII, No. 1 (3 pp.)
1943: May-June. The oracle of flight [poem] (Ts.[carbon] no revision, 3 pp.; ts.[carbon], 3 pp.; Tear sheet from Sewanee Review, Vol. LII, No. 1, 4 pp.)
box-folder   4/56.  
1944-1947. The maerography of a ghostly suitor [poem] (Ts., light revision, 4 pp.; ts., 4 pp. annotated by OD)
[1947: June] Once young and Beauregard; Gourier, he rode the white horse [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no revision, 2 pp.)
n.d. Upon the return to a lost love [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no revision, 1 p.)
n.d. Where fortune lies [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no revision, 3 pp.)
n.d. Virgo's sign [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no rev., 1 p.)
n.d. An old gentleman observes the daisy growing in his garden [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no revision, 1 p.)
n.d. The mechanism of generations [poem] (Ts., 6 pp. annotated by OD)
The throng of heroes [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no rev., 4 pp.)
n.d. Sudden departure [poem] (Ts., light revision, 1 p.)
n.d. Untitled poem (Ts., 1 p.)
The return [poem] (Ts., no revision, 1 p.)
n.d. The air meet at Carthage [poem] (Ts., 7 pp. annotated by OD)
n.d. A portent of war [short story] (Ts.[carbon], 8 pp. annotations by OD)
n.d. For this snow, a coronach [poem] (Ts.[carbon], 1 p.)
box-folder   5/57.  
Morrison, Theodore to OD, 1936-1948 (7 items)
box-folder   5/57.  
OD to Morrison, Theodore, 1945: Aug. 21 ([carbon])
box-folder   5/58.  
Morse, Samuel French to OD, 1938 (7 items)
box-folder   5/58.  
OD to Morse, Samuel French, 1938 (4 items [carbons])
box-folder   5/58.  
Morse, S.F.:
[1938] Man Rising [poem] (Ts., 1 p., no revision)
[1938] End of a year [poem] (Ts., 1 p., no revision)
box-folder   5/59.  
Morse, Samuel French to OD, 1939-1940 (9 items)
box-folder   5/59.  
Morse, S.F.:
[1940] Country Christmas [poem] (Ts., no rev., 1 p.)
[1939] The burning of the house [poem] (Ts., 2 pp. Annotated by OD)
1939. Saturday Night, late, [poem] (Ts., no rev., 1 p.)   
Scope: Subjects: [Folders 58-59] Twentieth Century Verse [magazine]; Randall Jarrell, Yvor Winters; Willard Maas; Donald Davidson; John Crowe Ransom; Harry Brown.

box-folder   5/60.  
Moses, W.R. to OD, 1935-1950 (24 items)
box-folder   5/60.  
[1938] Angina pectoris [poem] (Ts., 1 p.)
[1949: Dec.] Suburban flower shop, Wash. D.C. [poem] (Ts., 1 p.)
[1939] Untitled poem (Ts., 1 p.)
box-folder   5/61.  
Munson, Gorham Bert to OD, 1936-1946 (7 items)
box-folder   5/61.  
OD to Munson, Gorham Bert, 1946 (2 items [carbons])   
Scope: Subjects: Chard Powers Smith, Seward Collins; Social credit movement.

box-folder   5/62.  
O'Connor, Flannery to Roysce Smith, 1952-1959 (17 items)
box-folder   5/62.  
Georgia Writer's Association, 1955: Literary achievement award for fiction to Flannery O'Connor (Ts. [carbon] of presentation, 1 p.)
box-folder   5/63.  
Oldham, John Newton to OD, 1936-1938 (20 items)
box-folder   5/63.  
Oldham, Hugholene to OD, 1938: Dec. 5 (1 item)
box-folder   5/64.  
Percy, William Alexander to OD, 1933, 1942 (3 items)
box-folder   5/65.  
Porter, Katherine Ann to OD, 1957-1961 (8 items)
box-folder   5/65.  
OD to Porter, Katherine Ann, 1958, 1961 (2 items [carbons])   
Scope: Subjects: Ship of Fools [novel]; personal news.

box-folder   5/66.  
Pound, Ezra to OD, 1933-1935 (6 items)
box-folder   5/66.  
OD to Pound, Ezra, 1935 (1 item [carbon])
box-folder   5/66.  
Pound, Ezra: [1933: Aug.] Is America losing her chance [essay] (Ts., light revision, 2 pp.)
box-folder   5/66.  
Pound, Ezra: [1933] Marx and the paddle wheel steamer [essay] (Ts., light revision, 1 p.)
box-folder   5/66.  
Pound, Ezra: [1935: Aug. 14] Untitled essay on economics (Ts., light revision, 2 pp.)
box-folder   5/67.  
Quinn, Kirker to OD, 1940-1941 (3 items)
box-folder   5/68.  
Ransom, John Crowe to OD, 1938-1951 (9 items)
box-folder   5/68.  
OD to Ransom, John Crowe, 1938-1951 (4 items [carbons])
box-folder   5/68.  
OD to Mrs. Brainard Cheney, [1937: June] Draft of telegram honoring Ransom
box-folder   5/68.  
OD to James H. Kirkland [Chancellor, Vanderbilt] 1937: June ([draft])
box-folder   5/68.  
DeVoto, Bernard [Saturday Review] [1937: June] Copy of telegram honoring Ransom.
box-folder   5/68.  
Homage to John Crowe Ransom. Invitation to the dinner honoring Ransom (1 item)
box-folder   5/68.  
Tate, Allen and OD: [1937: June] Draft of telegram to DeVoto informing him of departure of Ransom from Vanderbilt (1 item)
box-folder   5/68.  
Marshall, Margaret [The Nation] to Ransom, 1951: April 10 ([copy])
box-folder   5/68.  
Morgan, Frederick [The Hudson Review] to Ransom, 1951: April 11 ([copy])
box-folder   5/68.  
Catherwood, Winbourn [Sewanee Review] to Ransom, 1951: April 16 ([copy])
box-folder   5/68.  
Mebane, Daniel [New Republic] to Ransom, 1951: April 13 ([copy])
box-folder   5/68.  
Rahv, Philip [Partisan Review] to Ransom, 1951: April 16 ([copy])
box-folder   5/69.  
Ransom, John Crowe:
n.d. Poets without laurels [essay] (Ts.[carbon], light revision, 17 pp.)
1936: Feb. 3 A modern poet [essay] concerning the poetry of OD. (Ts., light revision, 5 pp. Signed. [unpublished])
box-folder   5/70.  
Ratcliffe, Garrett: Tragedy at Jordan [play] (Ts.[carbon], 168 pp. Bound, plack paper folders.)
box-folder   6/71.  
Schwartz, Delmore to OD, 1938-1959 (24 items)
box-folder   6/71.  
OD to Schwartz, Delmore, 1938 (4 items [carbons])   
Scope: Subjects: New Directions Press; William Carlos Williams; Robert Penn Warren; Allen Tate; Kenneth Patchen.

box-folder   6/72.  
Smith, Roysce. Drawings, pencil and ink,principally cartoons (36 items)
box-folder   6/73.  
Strand, Mark.
n.d. Cruelty I [poem] (Ts., 1 p.)
n.d. Cruelty II [poem] (Ts., 1 p.)
n.d. Take the tree [poem] (Ts., 1 p.)
n.d. A lady of fever and chills [poem] (Ts., 1 p.)
box-folder   6/73.  
OD to Strand, Mark, 1960: Aug. 22 ([carbon])
box-folder   6/74.  
Tate, Allen to OD, 1935-1938 (24 items)
box-folder   6/74.  
OD to Tate, Allen, 1935-1938 (4 items [carbons])
box-folder   6/74.  
OD to the New Republic [magazine] 1937: Apr. 9 ([draft])
box-folder   6/74.  
Ney, Lew to Tate, Allen, 1936: May 6 ([carbon] [1936])
box-folder   6/74.  
Tate, Allen to Mas, Willard, 1936: May 13 ([carbon])
box-folder   6/74.  
Tate, Allen. n.d. Photographs [negatives] of Allen Tate, and [Caroline Gordon] and [OD?]   
Scope: Subjects: Alcestis Press; J. Ronald Lane Latimer (Alcestis Press); Lew Ney; Caroline Gordon's None shall look back [novel]; Stark Young's So red the rose; Katherine Anne Porter; Malcolm Cowley; Allen Tate's The Fathers [novel]; New Directions 1937 [anthology]; John Berryman; John Crowe Ransom; and Ford Madox Ford.

box-folder   6/75.  
Tate, Allen to OD, 1939-1942 (18 items)
box-folder   6/75.  
OD to Tate, Allen, 1940: Dec. 26 ([carbon])
box-folder   6/75.  
Tate, Allen. [1940] False nightmare [poem] (Ts.[carbon], no revision, 2 pp.)
box-folder   6/75.  
Kent, Ira Rich to OD, 1941: May 7
box-folder   6/75.  
Tate, Allen to Fain, Tyree, 1941: Feb. 6 ([carbon])
box-folder   6/75.  
Gordon, Caroline to OD, 1939 (2 items)   
Scope: Subjects: John Berryman; John Crowe Ransom; Ford Madox Ford; Allen Tate False nightmare [poem]; George Stevens; Bernard DeVoto; OD's study of Faulkner; James Laughlin; Richard P. Blackmur; Kenneth Patchen; Five young American poets [collection of poems];

box-folder   6/76.  
Tate, Allen to OD, 1943-1950 (15 items)
box-folder   6/76.  
OD to Tate, Allen, 1944-1950 (12 items [carbons])
box-folder   6/76.  
Rhys, [Browley] to OD, 1946: Mar. 4
box-folder   6/76.  
OD to Marshall, H.P., 1950: Aug. 20 ([carbon])
box-folder   6/76.  
Creekmore, Hubert to Tate, Allen, 1945: Feb. 23
box-folder   6/76.  
Gordon, Caroline to OD, 1945: Sept. 21
box-folder   6/77.  
Tyre, Nedra to Smith, Roysce, 1957-1958 (2 items)
box-folder   6/77.  
Tyre, Nedra to OD, 1954-1959 (4 items)
box-folder   6/78.  
Welty, Eudora to OD, 1937-1947 (5 items)
box-folder   6/79.  
Williams, Jonathon to OD, 1960-1961 (3 items)
box-folder   6/79.  
Williams, Jonathon to Smith, Roysce, 1957-1959 (5 items)
box-folder   6/79.  
OD to Williams, Jonathon, 1961: Dec. 20 ([carbon])
box-folder   6/79.  
Borderguard [organization] 1957: January. Advertising pamphlet describing and listing production of Black Mountain Review, Divers Press, Bern Porter Books, Pocket Poets Series, Jargon Press, Windhover Press and `Paint eds' by Kenneth Patchen.
box-folder   6/79.  
Jargon Books, Highlands, N.C.
n.d. Ad for Hurrah for anything, by Kenneth Patchen
[1958: Aug.] Ads for titles in print
1959: March. Open Letter, announcing the end of Jargon books
[1957] Ad for the Red Notebook, by Henry Miller
box-folder   6/79.  
Williams, Jonathon. [1959: Dec.] Lord Lord Lord [Jargon 31]
box-folder   6/79.  
Levertov, Denise. 1961: Feb. 7. Clipping announcing a reading by her   
Scope: Subjects: Merle Hoyleman; Larry Eigner

box-folder   6/80.  
Young, Stark to OD, 1937-1948 (8 items)
box-folder   6/80.  
OD to Young, Stark, 1948: May 10 ([carbon])
box-folder   6/80.  
Young, Stark to Cowley, Malcolm, 1937: April 15 ([copy])
box-folder   6/80.  
Young, Stark. n.d. Flowers to the saint [painting] Reproduction, mounted.   
Scope: Subject: Caroline Gordon; personal news

box-folder   6/81.  
Zukofsky, Louis to OD, 1933-1934 (9 items)   
Scope: Subjects: William Carlos Williams; The Observer [magazine]; Ezra Pound's Cantos.

box-folder   7/82.  
1932-1934 (41 items)
box-folder   7/83.  
1935 (46 items)
box-folder   7/84.  
1936 (25 items)
box-folder   7/85.  
1937 (45 items)
box-folder   7/86.  
1938 (46 items)
box-folder   7/87.  
1939 (28 items)
box-folder   7/88.  
1940-1941 (26 items)
box-folder   7/89.  
1942-1944 (32 items)
box-folder   7/90.  
1945-1946 (29 items)
box-folder   7/91.  
1947-1948 (18 items)
box-folder   7/92.  
1949-1950 (20 items)
box-folder   7/93.  
1951-1952 (15 items)
box-folder   7/94.  
1953-1961 (13 items)
box-folder   7/95.  
n.d. (8 items)
box-folder   8/96.  
The Observer [magazine], Correspondence, 1932-1934.
Erisman, Robert O. to OD, 1934: May 30
Mamet, Louis to OD, [1934]
Feibleman, James K. to OD, 1933-1934 (5 items)
Abernathy, Milton to OD, 1932: Aug. 1; Sept. 7
Harper, Lawrence A. to OD, 1933: Nov. 22
Cooper, Monte to OD, 1932-1933 (2 items)
Abernathy, Minak to OD, 1933: Nov. 3
Howry, Erle to OD, 1933 (2 items)
Parks, Edd Winfield to OD, 1933: Mar. 30
Powell, Clarence Alva to OD, 1933: Nov. 29
MacLeod, Norman to OD, [1933: Sept.]
Brown, Bob [1934] Towards a bloodless revolution [essay] Pamphlet
Reeve, Paul Eaton to OD, 1933: Mar. 20
Tyler, Parker to OD, 1934 (3 items)
Couch, Witt to OD, 1934: Feb. 15
Stovall, Margaret E. to OD, 1934: April 26
OD to Brown, Bob, 1933: Dec. 23 with pencilled reply
Conroy, Jack to OD, 1934: Mar. 31
n.d. Advertisements and information concerning the Llano Cooperative Colony.
box-folder   8/97.  
The Observer [magazine]
Vol. I, No. 1, 4
Vol. II, No. 1, 2
box-folder   8/98.  
Fannie Bell Estate
OD to McDougal, W. C., 1948-1950 (3 items [carbons])
McDougal, W. C. to OD, 1948-1950 (4 items)
OD to Staple Cotton Cooperative Association, 1948: Sept. 25 ([carbon])
OD to Stout, J.W., 1945: April 6 ([carbon])
box-folder   8/99.  
Teaching career.
OD to Adams, Prof. Henry W., 1940: Dec. 9 ([carbon] (Alabama Polytechnic))
Steeves, H.R. to OD, 1947: Mar. 14 (Columbia University)
OD to Allen, Dean Roger W., 1946-1947 (4 items (Alabama Polytechnic))
OD to Leetch, Florence W., 1947-1949 (4 items [carbons])
Leetch, Florence W. to OD, 1947-1949 (Harvard)
Allen, Dean Roger W. to OD, 1946-1947 (2 items)
Cox, George W. to OD, 1944: April 11 ([carbon])
OD to Cox, George W., 1944, 1949 (3 items)
Adams, Henry W. to OD, 1941: Jan. 3, 8 (Auburn - API)
Tate, Allen to Askew, Dean J. Thomas, 1940: Sept. 6 ([carbon] note appended)
Tate, Allen To Whom it May Concern, 1940: Sept. 6 ([carbon])
Nims, Edwin To Whom it May Concern, 1940: Aug. 10 ([carbon])
OD. [1947: Jan.] Resume of education and teaching career.
box-folder   8/100.  
Louisiana State University
OD to Lambert, Douglas W., 1950: Oct. 28 ([carbon])
Lambert, Douglas W. to OD, 1950: Sept. 23
Grant, Truett K. to OD, 1950: Sept. 21 (Registrar, Baylor)
OD to Lin, Esther, 1950: Sept. 14 ([carbon])
Lin, Esther to OD, 1950: Aug. 17 (student)
OD to Kirby, Thomas A., 1949: April 21 ([carbon])
Frey, F.C. to OD, 1947: May 15; [June]
Bryan, Adolphus J. to OD, 1948 (2 items)
Stoke, Harold W. to OD, 1948 (2 items)
box-folder   8/101.  
Oglethorpe University, Georgia
OD to Huguley, Edith, 1955: Sept. 14 ([carbon])
Huguley, Edith to OD, 1955: Sept. 8
Meriwether, Elizabeth to OD, [1955]
Woodburg, Lou to OD, [1956] (2 items)
OD to Agnew, Donald C., 1959: April 8 ([carbon])
Weltner, Philip to OD, 1949 (2 items)
OD to Weltner, Philip, 1949-1950 (3 items)
Lanier, Sterling to OD, 1948: June 1
Brown, Wendell H. to OD, 1948-1959 (12 items)
OD to Brown, Wendell H., 1948-1959 (5 items)
Agnew, Donald C. to OD, 1958-1959 (3 items)
box-folder   8/102.  
Doran, James to OD, 1956-1957 (6 items)
OD to Doran, James, 1956-1957 (3 items [carbons])
OD to [Mrs. Mac], 1957: Aug. 9
Doran, James.
[1956] Untitled poem. (Ts., 2 pp.)
box-folder   8/103.  
[1956] Reasonable man [short story] (Ts., no rev., 11 pp.)
[1957] Walk in the city [short story] (Ts., no rev., 8 pp.; Ts., 10 pp., annoted by OD)
[1956] Reminiscences of a parasite [prose] (Ts., no rev., 12 pp.)
box-folder   8/104.  
Sykes, Eleanor Raymond. 1946: Jan. 27. Battle above the clouds [short story] (Ts., 25 pp. with annotations by OD)
box-folder   8/105.  
Mullen, Fred M. 1940: Jan. 16. Mama's Boy [short story] (Ts. [carbon], no revision, 12 pp.)
Mullen, Fred M. 1940: Jan. 16. Benny meets an old institution [short story] (Ts. [carbon], light revision, 6 pp.)
box-folder   8/106.  
Lo RÉ, Monique Laperrousaz. [1948: Oct. 28] Two translations from Modern French poets [translations] (Ts., printer's marks throughout, moderate revision, 7 pp. Includes Palm[poem] by Paul ValÉry and The poet at thirty [poem] by Jean Cocteau.)
box-folder   8/107.  
Unidentified author. n.d. Cocoa and cake [short story] (Ts., no revision, 12 pp.)
box-folder   8/108.  
OD. n.d. Hart Crane [essay] (Ts., 17 pp., with annotations by Allen Tate.)
box-folder   8/109.  
Atlantic Monthly Poetry Contests
Berran, Mary A. C. to OD, 1946-1952 (33 items)
OD to Berran, Mary A.C., 1946-1952 (17 items [drafts, carbons, telegrams])
OD. 1948. Report on winners. (Ts. [carbon])
OD. 1946. Report on winners. (Ts. [carbon])
box-folder   8/110.  
Voices [magazine]
Vinal, Harold to OD, 1946-1948 (11 items)
Vinal, Harold. [1948] Selected Poems, 1921-1948. Publishers Ad.
Guthrie, Frances Stowell to Vinal, Harold, 1947: July 10
Palmer, Winthrop B. to OD, 1946-1948 (15 items)
OD to Palmer, Winthrop B., 1946-1947 (4 items [carbons])
box-folder   8/111.  
Clippings, miscellaneous. (c. 25 items)