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Title: Alexander Trocchi Papers
Creator: Trocchi, Alexander (1925-1984), Scottish author.
Call number: WTU00116
Language: English
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Alexander Trocchi: The Making of the Monster (Polygon, 1991) by Andrew Murray Scott. Biographical information on Trocchi may also be found in Contemporary Authors, Gale Research Co., publishers, vol. 11/12.

Born in Glasgow in 1925, Alexander Whitelaw Robertson Trocchi took an M.A. in philosophy at Glasgow University in 1947, receiving a Second instead of the expected First after he decamped to Campsie Fells with his girlfriend to start a pig farm. Trocchi then moved to France where he edited the journal Merlin, with Alice Jane Lougee, from May 1952 to Spring 1955, publishing Sartre, Genet, Beckett, Ionesco, Svevo, Eluard, Hikmet, Neruda, Creeley, Henry Miller, A.J. Ayer, Christopher Logue, and W.S. Graham. His first novel, Young Adam, set in Glasgow, was published in Paris by the Olympia Press (1954) under the pseudonym Francis Lengel. However, Trocchi was writing for at least seven years before that: some poems, stories, and an early version of Young Adam, written in 1948, are included here. In 1956 Trocchi moved to America, taking with him the manuscripts of Cain's Book, published in the U.S. in 1960 and in England in 1963. The Outsiders, published in 1961, was comprised of four short stories and a rewritten version of Young Adam. In 1961 Heinemann brought out Young Adam, which was Trocchi's first book to be published in England. Probably about the same time he produced a series of essays on drug addiction, and in 1963 began planning an international cultural project called Sigma. In 1961 Trocchi returned to Britain, and in 1962 he took part in the Edinburgh Festival Poetry Conference, debating the future of poetry and art with Hugh MacDiarmid. Cain's Book, published in Britain in 1963, established his reputation as a novelist, as Merlin had established his reputation as an editor almost a decade earlier.

Trocchi wrote little after 1968, and what he published were either material written considerably earlier or fitfully completed translations. His translations include Apollinaire's Eleven Thousand Virgins (1953), I, Jan Cremer (1965), Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues' The Girl on the Motorcycle (1966), Valentine Penrose's The Bloody Countess (1970), Rene de Obaldia's The Centenarian (1970), and Jean Douassot's La Gana (1974).

He died on April 15, 1984.

Collection Scope and Content Note

Scope and Contents Note

Collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, journals, miscellany, 1947-1971.

Contents List
box-folder   1-2/1-20  
Series I. Published Manuscripts. [series]:
box-folder   1/1-7.  
Material Toward Young Adam (1954).
box-folder   1/1-2.  
Drafts, 1947-1950. (2 items: Two drafts of Trocchi's novel Young Adam, one a ts. comprising about four chapters of an expanded version published by Girodias in 1954 under the pseudonym Frances Lengel (No. 6 in Atlantic Library), 58 pp., and the other a ts. with ms. and ts. insertions, 148 pp., corresponding to text in the 1961 NAL edition of The Outsiders.)
box-folder   1/3  
Proofs. (1 item, 51 pp.: Galley with autograph note, "final compound of the original Olympia edition (Paris, 1954) and of the Heinemann edition (1961)." Text varies from Signet 1961 edition and from Heinemann, corresponds to 1966 Olympia Press edition.)
box-folder   1/4-7.  
Material toward screenplay. (4 items, 131 pp.: Drafts of synopsis for filming, screenplay, and shooting scripts for Young Adam.)
box-folder   2/8-20  
Material Toward Cain's Book (1960).
box-folder   2/8-15.  
Drafts, 1956-1958. (9 items, 220 pp.: Several drafts of Trocchi's novel Cain's Book, including excerpts and paste-ups. One draft is titled "A Diary of Cain," another titled "Cain," and an excerpt is titled "Dying.")
box-folder   2/16  
Notes and correspondence, [1955]. (6 items, 53 pp.: Miscellaneous notes and correspondence relating to Cain's Book.)
box-folder   2/17-18.  
Material relating to obscenity trial, 1962-1964. (5 items, 57 pp.: Solicitors' report to John Calder Publishers, 1962, on liability of Cain's Book on obscenity charges; transcript of trial; misc. clippings, with a note in Trocchi's hand.)
box-folder   2/19-20.  
Material toward Cain's Book II. (2 items: Typescript of excerpt from Cain's Book II published in Evergreen Review, July-August 1961, 14 pp.; incomplete galley proof of same.)
box-folder   3/21-26  
Series II. Unpublished Manuscripts. [series]:
box-folder   3/21-24  
Material Toward Miscellaneous Unpublished Works.
box-folder   3/21-23  
James Fidler, ca. 1950-1952. (3 items: Two partial drafts of Trocchi's unpublished novel James Filder (100 pp., 104 pp.), with misc. notes (6 pp.).)
box-folder   3/24  
[untitled], ca. 1948-1950. (1 item, 194 pp.: Draft of untitled novel "in the manner of Dos Passos," with ms. ink revisions early in text and notes for revision on final sheet.)
box-folder   3/4  
[untitled], before 1948. (1 item, 68 pp.: Draft of an early autobiographical novel, including "open letter to Cecil Strachan," giving critical history of writing of book. Text includes disconnected portions of a novel, other passages of unpublished material, sections of the poem "My god is the god of the magnetic mountain" and the short story "The End of the Holidays," and probably excerpts from Young Adam.)
box-folder   3/26  
Greensleeves, n.d. (1 item, 74 pp.: Material toward the unpublished novel Greensleeves, intended as a popular historical novel, to be written by Trocchi and Christopher Logue. Includes plot outline, genealogical material, chapter synopses, chronology, and fragmentary drafts. Unfinished sections typed on verso of Merlin news release, philosophical essays. Ts. and ms. notes on novel from Logue to Trocchi inserted.)
box-folder   3/27-41  
Series III. Stories, 1946-1961. [series]:
box-folder   3/27-38  
Titled Stories:
"A Being of Distances." (3 items: Ts., 10 pp. [incomplete]; Ts.(x), 9 pp. [incomplete]; Ts.(min), 14 pp. [published in The Outsiders])
"The Curlew." Unpublished. (Ts., 3 pp. [incomplete].)
"The Earthbound." Unpublished. (Ts., 9 pp.)
"The End of the Holidays." Unpublished. (Ts.(x), 12 pp.)
"The Faces of Clem." Unpublished. (Ts., 5 pp.)
"Fragment from a diary of a man found gassed in a Glasgow slum." Unpublished. (Ts., 4 pp.)
"A Little Geography Lesson for My Sons and Daughters." (4 items: Prose ts. with ms. corrections, marked `First Draft, December 1950,' 2 pp.; ts.(x) of same, 2 pp.; prose ts. dated `Paris, March 1951,' 3 pp.; fragment of verse draft ms., with drawing and the note `Possibly rewrite in verse illustrations throughout?' 2 pp. (see under Poems, Series VI, Box 6, Folder 107, below). [poem version published in Man at Leisure])
"A Meeting." (2 items: Ts.(x), 16 pp.' page proofs from Merlin, vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1952), 10 pp. [published in Merlin and The Outsiders])
"Peter Pierce." (Ts. (mim), 16 pp. [published in The Outsiders])
"The Rum and the Pelican." (Ts., 11 pp. Adapted from an episode in James Fidler. [published in Merlin, vol. 2, no. 3 (1954)])
"The Sin Against Benjamin." Unpublished. (Ts., 6 pp.)
"Tapeworm." Unpublished. (Ts., 12 pp., with a slightly larger cover sheet (?), not the same paper, on which is written the date 1946.)
box-folder   3/39-41  
Untitled Stories:
["We had left Paris..."]. (Ts., 6 pp., with ms. corrections and notes.)
["Within the roscid arc..."]. (Ts., 3 pp. From Young Adam.)
["The woman behind the cash register..."]. (Ts., 12 pp., with a cover sheet marked "Ms. Unpublished Story.")
box-folder   5/42-67  
Series IV. Essays, 1950-1963. [series]: (31 items.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"Bradley's View of the Relation between Thought and Reality." (Ts., 11 pp., with reader's marks and comments.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"Censorship." (Ms., 5 pp., marked `Notes for talk Southamption University.')
box-folder   5/42-67  
"The Development of Ideas in Keats's Poetry." (Ts. (mim), 4 pp., on verso of biology handouts on parasitical infections.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"Don't Ask Your Grannie." (2 items: Ts. (x), 7 pp. + title page, dated 5 June 1963, with auto. note `Final typescript + earlier versions of essay for Scotsman (?) published July 1963'; the `earlier versions' consist of 18 loose Ts. pages, all numbered between 2 and 5 inclusive, but in no particular order.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"Drugs and Creativity." (Ts., 3 pp., with ms. notes, one of which states that the piece was intended for a projected anthology with William Burroughs.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"Dryden created the character he destroyed: Can the same be said of Pope?" (Ts., 5 pp., with reader's marginalia.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"Dryden's Satire: Theory and Practice." (Ts. (mim) with corrections, 5 pp.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"The Future of the Novel." (Ms. of speech written for Edinburgh Festival, August 1962, 7 pp.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"General Theory of Literary Criticism." Less a coherent work than a 73-page (Ts. accumulation of possible sections thereof, with excerpts from and comment on a variety of literary theorists, aestheticians, and poets. Subjects include I.A. Richards, T.S. Eliot, Aristotle, Herbert Read, Benedetto Croce, Shelley, and Keats.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"John Donne and the Baroque Doubt." (2 items: Ts., 8 pp.; autograph ms. of principal section of same, 4 pp. This essay, which includes an appended section on `Metaphysical Poetry: Examples and Comments,' appears in fact to be a misplaced portion of the "General Theory of Literary Criticism" (q.v. above) rather than a separate effort.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"`Judgment' in Bradley's Logic." (Ts., 6 pp.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"Knowledge and Perception." (Ts. (mim), 11 pp., with reader's comments. On verso of biology handouts on bacterial infections.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
[Letter from Paris]. (Ts. (x) with corrections, 2 pp. The letter ("To X") is dated 5.2.51 and deals largely with communism on the French intellectual scene. Unsigned.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"Marlowe: Jonson." (Ts., 6 pp., with corrections and reader's annotations and comments.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
[Milton's poetry]. (Ts., 11 pp. Verso of last page in inscribed "Mr. Rilke" (?) (perhaps an instructor's name).)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"The Nature and the Validity of the Allegory in Spenser's `Faerie Queene'." (Ts., 13 pp., with reader's annotations.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"[Notes for a final] Manifesto." (Ms., 6 pp., dated August 1961.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"Notes for an Essay on Imagination and Fancy." (Ts., 8 pp., with reader's comments.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"The Problem of Dangerous Drugs." (Ts., 1 pp., unfinished; the last third of the page is handwritten.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
[Refer the Canterbury Tales...]. (Ts., 6 pp., with reader's comments; for same instructor as the Milton essay above (and probably several others).)
box-folder   5/42-67  
[Shakespeare essays]. (4 items: [Fragment on the tragedies], Ts., 2 pp. [incomplete], with partial draft of same, Ts., 1 p.; "Shakespeare's Comic Method," Ts., 4 pp. [incomplete: pp. 1, 2, 5, & 6 of a longer essay], with partial draft or later version of same titled "A Note on Shakespearian Comedy," Ts., 1 p.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
[Shakespeare's last plays]. (Ts., 5 pp., with reader's comment.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"The Technique of the Coup du Monde." (Ts. with extensive autograph corrections, revisions, and insertions, 31 pp. + cover sheet. The last page of revisions is dated October 1962. The cover sheet contains a handwritten note: "Alexander TROCCHI / Oct. 1962 / Article probably to be published in Encounter. Trocchi disliked the first version & produced the final form by amending this TS of it.")
box-folder   5/42-67  
"Value and Valuation." (Ts. (mim), 29 pp., with reader's comments. A handwritten note on p. 1 reads "essay by AT at Glasgow U.")
box-folder   5/42-67  
"What is Pope trying to do in `Eloisa and Abelard'?" (Ts., 10 pp., with cover sheet. The latter is marked "Alexander TROCCHI / Ordinary English Essay" and contains an instructor's comment.)
box-folder   5/42-67  
"Wordsworth." (Ts., 4 pp., with AN on p. 4 verso.)
box-folder   6-7/68-151  
Series V. Poems, 1944-1961. [series]: (229 items.)
box-folder   6/68-106  
*[Selection of poems for Grove Press, 1961]. (3 items. AT set aside a group of papers under a cover sheet marked "Final Draft/Working Notes/and Early Versions of a Selection of Poems to be Published in 1. vol. (by Grove Press). These drafts--which by no means comprise all that could fit under that heading--are now filed under the individual poem titles (see below); but each is marked by an asterisk (*) to show that it has come from this group. In this folder, then, are two draft tables of contents for the selection, as follows:)
1. Auto., 1 p., including "A Little Geography Lesson for My Sons and Daughters," "The Dark Woman," "Portrait," "Wind from the Bosphoros," "He Tasted History with a Yellow Tooth," "The Brown Land," "The Man and the Moon," "The Water Spout," "Beware of the Boarhunt," "The Bleach Country," "To an English Lady," "Notes."
2. Ts., 1 p., including "Portrait," "Le copain de Soi-meme," "Wind from the Bosphoros," "He tasted history with a yellow tooth," "The brown land," "The man and the moon," "The water spout," "To an English Lady," "Beware of the boarhunt," "First love," "A song for my ancestors," "The bleach country," "Notes," "The virgin and the rose: III. Flastaff."
Man at Leisure. [Collection of poems published by Calder & Boyars, 1972.] (Ts.(x) w/ extensive auto. revisions, 88 pp. [Notes toward Man at Leisure]. Misc. auto. and ts. notes, 10 pp.)
box-folder   7/107-151.  
Individual Poems
"Advt." (3 items: Auto., 1 p.; carbon of same, 1 p.; ts.(x), 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"The Agglutinous Underneath." (Ts., 1 p.)
("& what are you writing..."). (Ts.(mim) w/ auto. correction, 1 p.)
("Assuming there is hesitation"). (Ts., 3 pp.)
"Belinda." (2 items: Ts.(x) [headed "tabula rasa (phase A);"], 1 p.; ts., 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"Beware Of the Boarhunt." (3 items: *Auto. draft (as "From a myth of the Golden Bough"), 2 pp.; *ts. w/ auto. corrections (as "Don't get run over by a tank cos you're a fool if you do..."), 1 p.; *ts.(x) marked "Grove Edition," 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"The Bleach Country." (4 items: *Auto., untitled, on verso of ts. of "Poem (`Who will break the boy's cry over the city?')," 1 p.; *ts. w/ sl. auto. correction, 2 pp.; ts., 1 p.; *ts.(x) of same, marked "Grove Edition," 1 p.)
["Boxes"]. (2 items: Ts. fragment ("A Political Solution (`Place prime ministers upon cruisers')," 1 p.; ts. fragment ("General Apathy") with lines from "Man at Leisure," 1 p. [both published in Man at Leisure] (See also ("Of being invented"), below.))
"The Broken Ikon." (Auto., 7 pp. Written at Garronhead, Balfron Station, Stirlingshire [ca. 1947-8].)
"The Brown Land." (9 items: *Auto. draft (as "Mexico"), ts. draft (Paris 1951) w/ auto. corrections, 2 pp.; *ts. (Paris 1951), 1 p.; *ts.(x) marked "Grove Edition," 1 p.; ts. and 3 tss.(x), 4 pp.; ts.(x) w/ the last 2 stanzas of "L S D" [see "L'Enfer...C'Est Les Autres" below], 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"Civil Liberties." (Auto., 2 pp.)
["Conception"]. (2 items: *Auto draft fragment, untitled, 1 p.; *ts. (as "The Birth of the Poet," dated 30 December 1953) w/ corrections, 1 p. [N.B. Both of these early versions belong to the set of mss. compiled for the poem "Notes" (q.v.), of which this poem (as "Mixed Motive" or "Pot of Gold") was to be section (iv). ["Conception" published in Man at Leisure])
"Le Copain de Soi-Meme." (2 items: Auto. draft, untitled, 2 pp.; *auto. (Cap d'Ail 1951), 2 pp.)
"The Dark Woman." (6 items: Untitled auto. draft, 2 pp.; ts. draft (as "Poem"), 1 p.; ts. (as "Poem," Paris 1951) w/ auto. corrections, 1 p.; ts. & ts.(x), 2 pp.; ts. marked "Final Version" for Grove Edition, 1 p.)
("The dead star"). (Ts., 1 p. On verso is an untitled ts. poem or fragment beginning, "I cannot tell how to say that the ear of corn.")
"Did I Meet You In Persopolis?" (4 items: auto. dated London 1970, 2 pp.; carbon of same, 2 pp.; partial auto. draft, 1 p.; ts. fragment, 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"The Dirge of Life." (Ts.(x) w/ typed dedication "For Mollie," hand-dated 1944, 9 pp.)
"A Dream of Cain." (Ts. (Glasgow 1948), 2 pp.)
"The Dull Green Jar." (Ts. (Glasgow, July 1946), 2 pp.)
"encounter." (Auto. (Cap d'Ail, October 1951), 1 p.)
"L'Enfer...C'Est Les Autres: Views." (3 items: Ts.(x), 2 pp. (includes the first 6 stanzas of "L S D"); ts. w/o 1st stanza, 2 pp. (AT's address = St. Stephen's Gardens); carbon of same w/ auto. corrections, 2 pp. [L'Enfer..." and "L S D" published in Man at Leisure] (See also "Notes" and "Sad' Poems," below.))
("English gentlemen can't write poetry"). (Auto., 1 p.)
"For Lyn." (4 items: Auto. draft, untitled, w/ note, "For Rosemary Thomas, sweet wench," 1 p.; untitled ts. w/ auto. correction, 1 p.; ts.(x) (as "A thought for Lyn") w/ first stanza of "L'enfer...C'est les autres" (q.v.), 1 p.; ts.(x) also including two other poems, "the man and the moon" (q.v.) and "pot of gold" (later "Conception").)
["L'Enfer...," "Conception," and "The Man And The Moon" published in Man at Leisure; " For Lyn" was the dedication to MAL in one ms. version]
("floated away from him"). (Auto. fragment, 1 p.)
"Gold." (Ts. (x), 1 p.)
("Having died daily"). (Ts., 1 p.)
"He Tasted History With A Yellow Tooth." (8 items: *Ts. w/ auto. note., 1 p.; *ts. w/ corrections and the note "New W Writing/No. 3," 1 p.; ts., 1 p.; *ts. (x) of same marked "Grove Edition," 1 p.; 4 tss. (x), 1 p. ea. [published in Man at Leisure])
("How at Thebes Tiresias, the prophet"). (28 items:)
1. *Auto. draft/notes (8 pp.;)
2. *Auto. draft fragments (3 items, 4 pp.;)
3. *Ts. draft in 6 sections (as "The Virgin and the Rose") (15 pp. [incomplete, p. 16 missing];)
4. *Complete ts. draft in 6 sections, untitled, with extensive annotations in Christopher Logue's hand (12 pp. Section III has corrections but no annotations, and has been cut from the ms., thus dividing pages 4 and 8 into two parts; it bears the handwritten title, "III. fron The Thin Harpist.")
5. *Ts. (x) of same w/ sl. auto. corrections (8 pp. [incomplete];)
6. *Ts. draft of opening sections (as "The Thin Harpist") with auto corrections (3 pp. [incomplete];)
7. *Ts. draft w/ auto corrections (18 pp. [missing title page and others];)
8. *Ts. (x) w/ sl. auto. corrections, marked "Grove Edition [The virgin and the rose]" (10 pp. [incomplete] (The date "Paris 1951" appears at the beginning of section IV.);)
9. Untitled ts. draft of section I (3 pp., + 2 tss. (x) of same, 6 pp.;)
10. Ts. draft of section I and 1st 2 stanzas of section II (as "first three pages of long poem") (2 pp.;)
11. Ts. draft of same portion of poem (as "history" (?)) (3 pp., + carbon of same, 3 pp.;)
12. Untitled ts. (x) draft of same opening sections (3 pp.;)
13. Ts. and ts. (x) fragments from section II (5 items, 5 pp.;)
14. Untitled ts. of section II (3 pp., + carbon of same, 3 pp.;)
15. Ts. of section III (as "Falstaff"), ascribed to "James Fidler," (3 pp., + carbon of same, 3 pp.;)
16. Untitled ts. of section IV (3 pp.; carbon of same, 2 pp. [incomplete].)
[Section III published as "Falstaff" in Merlin, vol. 1, no. 1 (1952); entire poem published complete in 5 sections in Man at Leisure]
"In Memoriam." (2 items: Ts. (London 1945), 1 p.; partial draft ts., 1 p.)
"In Pursuit of Woman." (Auto. draft as "The Connoisseur," 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"In The White Bowl Of Yr Thighs." (Ts. (x) w/ sl. auto. correction, 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
["Into My Church"]. (2 items: Partial auto. draft beginning)
"Into this room u walk naked," (1 p. (Cf. also the poem "21," which is another version of these same lines).; ts. draft w/ auto. corrections (as "Poem") beginning with lines from the short poem later titled "Fear," 1 p. ["Into My Church," "21," and "Fear" published in Man at Leisure])
"The last question." (Ts. (Glasgow 1949), 3 pp.)
"Lessons Fr Boys & Girls I." (2 items: Ts. (x) on verso of press release/subscription sheet for the sigma portfolio, 1 p.; ts. (x) fragment, do., 1 p.)
"Letters to Contemporaries." (Ts. draft of section 1 (as "Letters from a Contemporary" with "to" typed in above "from") on Sigma stationery, 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"Little Balade of the Three Rivers." Tr. from Lorca. (Ts. (x) marked "page 1," 1 p.)
box-folder   Box 7.  
"A Little Geography Lesson For My Sons & Daughters." (12 items: Ts. with auto. corrections, marked in pencil "First verse draft, June '61" [error for '51 (?); the typewritten date reads "Paris, Christmas 1950," i.e., the date of the first prose version], 4 pp.; ts. (x) of same, 4 pp.; ts. + ts. (x) of fragment (opening lines), 2 pp.; ts. (x) of same with auto. addition, 1 p.; ts. with auto. corrections (Paris 1953), 4 pp.; 3 tss. (x) of same, 12 pp.; ts. (x) w/ sl. auto. correction, 3 pp.; ts. [final version], 4 pp.; ts. (x) of same marked "Draft to Grove edition" and dated "1950 + 1960-1," with auto. corrections and ms. title page marked "Final (2nd) Verse draft, July 1961," 5 pp. [published in Man at Leisure] (For an early prose version of this poem, see under Stories, Series IV, Box 4, Folder 33, above.))
("The lock gives way beneath their blows"). (Ts. signed "M.F. / R. Lee / A. T.," 1 p. (Perhaps a collaborative poem.))
("lord finecat is like that"). (3 items: Ts. and ts. (x), 2 pp.; ts. (x) of same with auto. addition, 1 p.)
"The Lost Chord." (Ts. (Rosneath 1946), 3 pp.)
["Love Poem"]. (3 items: Auto. fragment, 1 p.; untitled ts. with auto. corrections, 1 p.; ts. (x) of same, 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
["L S D"]. (8 items: Early ts. draft (Cap d'Ail 1951, as "iron leaves break...") with auto. correction, 1 p.; 2 tss. (x) of same, 2 pp.; ts., 2 pp.; 1st page of ts. of final version, 1 p.; 3 ts. (x) of final version, 6 pp. [published in Man at Leisure])
"The Man and the Moon." (7 items: *Ts. draft w/ auto. corrections (Cap d'Ail 1951; title changed from "The Cash Register and the Scarecrow"), 1 p.; *ts. (Cap d'Ail, October 1951), 1 p.; ts., 1 p.; *ts. (x) of same, marked "Grove Edition," 1 p.; ts. and 2 tss. (x), 3 pp. [published in Man at Leisure])
"Man at Leisure." (2 items: Ts. (x) w/ auto. correction, 1 p.; ts. fragment, with fragment of "Obscene" (q.v.), on verso of Sigma release, 1 p. [both published in Man at Leisure] (See also "Boxes," above, and "Notes," below.))
["Marilyn"]. (Ts. (x), untitled, 1 p. (includes fragment of an early draft of "Love Poem"). [both published in Man at Leisure])
["Myrtle Again"]. (Auto., untitled, 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"Myrtle With The Light Blue Hair." (12 items: Auto., untitled (marked "[First Love]"), on Embassy cigarette pack, 2 pp.; *auto., untitled, 1 p.; *ts. (as "First Love") w/ auto. corrections, 2 pp.; 2 tss. (x) (as "First Love"; *one marked "Grove Edition"), 2 pp.; ts. and ts. (x), all lowercase, 2 pp.; 2 tss. (x), 2 pp.; ts. (x), doublespaced, 2 pp., and dup. 2nd page of same; ts. (x) with auto. corrections, 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
"Nocturne." (Ts. (Glasgow 1948), 3 pp.)
"Notes." (9 items: *Auto notes (including a draft of section (ii)), 1 p.; *auto notes, 1 p.; *early ts. version comprised of section (i) (dated Paris, May 1951) followed by 3 earlier short poems ["Two Thoughts" (Chatham 1944), "Of a Shadow" (Glasgow 1946), and "The Eumenides" (Glasgow 1945)], 3 pp.; *ts. draft section, "On the Sad Fate of a Very Dear Friend," [not used in any extant version], 1 p.; *ts. version in 6 sections, marked "Grove Edition," 2 pp.; ts. w/ auto. addition, 4 pp.; 2 tss. (x) of same, one w/ sl. auto. correction, 8 pp.; ts. (x), 2 pp. [incomplete]. This draft poem in (ultimately) 8 sections contains the germs of several later poems. Four appeared in later versions in Man at Leisure: section (ii), "A young poet," supplied the epigraph for "Man at Leisure" (q.v.); section (iv), "Pot of Gold" is an early draft of "Conception" (q.v.); section (vi), "What is that?" appeared virtually unchanged (but see this poem's entry below for earlier drafts); and section (vii), "L'enfer...c'est les autres," became the opening lines of the poem of that name. In addition, section (iii), "Yoghurt & Sorge," exists in a sl. longer version as "Yogart and Sorge" (q.v.).)
["Obscene"]. (2 items: Ts. and ts. (x) draft of section I (as "on a lavatory wall:"), 2 pp. [published in Man at Leisure])
("Of being invented)"). (Ts. fragment of a longer work, 1 p. (includes 3 lines ("Things is nice scented...") later incorporated into "Boxes" (q.v.).)
"Poem (`My god is the god of the magnetic mountain')." (Ts. (Glasgow 1948), 2 pp.)
"Portrait." (7 items: Auto. draft, untitled, in 2 sections, 2 pp. (section (i) became the published poem--section (ii) has been cut out of the sheet of paper and lies loose); ts. draft, 2 pp.; ts., final version, 1 p.; *ts. (x) of same, marked Grove Edition, 1 p.; ts. and ts. (x), do., 2 pp.; ts. (x), do., 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
["A Prolegomena to Praxis"]. (4 items: Ts. early draft (as "taktix"), 1 p.; ts. (x) draft fragment w/ auto. correction, 1 p.; auto. draft fragment and carbon, 2 pp. [published in Man at Leisure])
"...P.S." (2 items: Ts., untitled, 1 p.; ts., 1 p.)
"Red." (Ts. (x), 1 p.)
"The Sacred Grove." (Ts., 1 p.)
"Sad' Poems." (4 items: Ts. (as "Notes for The Sad' Poems"), 1 p.; ts. (x), title as above, text extended by three sections later to become the final sections of "L'Enfer...C'Est Les Autres" (q.v.), 2 pp.; ts. with auto. corrections (as "The Sad' Poems"), text as in preceding entry, 3 pp.; ts. (x) of same with auto. corrections, 2 pp. [incomplete]. [both poems published in Man at Leisure])
("She was a rancid lass"). (Ts. (x) w/ auto. additions, 1p.)
["Sigma"]. (2 items: Ts. and ts. (x), untitled, 2 pp. [published in Man at Leisure])
("Silk-sleek, Brown-thighs"). (Auto. (1951), 1 p.)
("The son of God"). (3 items: Ts. and 2 tss. (x), 3 pp.)
"Song (`Gather my thoughts, Betty')." (Ts. w/ auto. notes on verso, 2 pp.)
"A Song for my Ancestors." (3 items: *Ts. w/ auto. corrections, 1p.; ts., 1 p.; *ts. (x) of same, marked "Grove Edition" 1p.)
["The Stinking Cauldron"]. (2 items: 2 tss. (x), untitled. [published in Man at Leisure])
"To an English Lady." (4 items: *Auto draft on verso of canceled ts. of "In Memoriam," 1 p.; *ts. (as "Pome"), marked "First Draft," 1 p.; ts., 1 p.; *ts. (x) of same, marked "Final Draft" and "Grove Edition," 1 p. (See also "Two Songs," below.))
"Turn off that Radio, Friend." (2 items: Ts. and ts. (x), 2 pp.)
"Two Songs." (3 items: Ts. and ts. (x), 2 pp. [N.B. The two songs are untitled individually. The 1st begins, "When I walked through sp[r]ing from London town"; the 2nd begins, "Lady lady your discretion" and appears elseqhere as "To an English Lady" (q.v.)]; ts., 1st song only (as "Song"), 1 p..)
"The Water Spout." (4 items: *Auto draft, 1 p.; *ts. (as "October '51") w/ auto. corrections, 1 p.; *ts. (as "October '51," Cap d'Ail), 1 p.; *ts. (x) marked "Grove Edition," 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
("What has been given cannot"). (Ts. fragment, 1 p.)
["What is That?"]. (4 items: Ts. w/ auto. additions, 1 p.; ts. (x) of same, 1 p.; ts. (as section 1 of a poem called "On Love (An essay for Alexander Pope, maker)") w/ auto. marginalia, 1 p.; ts. (x) of same, 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure] (See also "Notes," above.))
("When I was young and fourteen"). (Ts. fragment w/ auto. draft lines on verso, 2 pp.)
"Wind From the Bosphorus." (8 items: *Auto. draft, 2 pp. (verso includes canceled ts. poem ("Poem") beginning "When I died"); *ts. draft w/ auto corrections (Paris, April 1951), 3 pp.; *ts. (April, 1951, Paris), 2 pp.; ts. and ts. (x), 2 pp.; *ts. marked "Grove Press Edition" and ts. (x), 2 p.; ts. (x), 1 p. [published in Man at Leisure])
["The Worldly Wisdom of Cdr. T. Taskmaster Disaster, R.N."]. (3 items: Ts. (x) fragment, 1 p.; ts. and ts. (x) of 2nd section (as "The Sayings Cmdr Ethelred T Disaster"), 2 pp. [published in Man at Leisure])
"Yogart and Sorge." (2 items: Ts. (x), 1 p.; ts. fragment, 1 p.)
[Miscellaneous Poetry Worksheets]. Misc. auto. worksheets (19 pp.; ts. fragments, 2 pp.)
box-folder   8/152-153  
Series VI. Translations. [series]:
box-folder   8/152  
Notes Toward The Girl on a Motorcycle (Calder and Boyars, 1966), Trocchi's translation of the novel by Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues. (17 pp.)
box-folder   8/153  
Typescript [carbon], corrected. Pages misnumbered, 148-151. Notes laid in state that paragraphs are missing, which is not the case; conforms to the 1966 English edition. (151 pages.)
box-folder   8-12/154-179  
Series VII. Notebooks, Journals, Notes. 1947-1952 [series]:
box-folder   Folder 154.  
Notebook: Dec. 29, 1947 - [April] 1945. (1 item. "Roses by Juan Gris...This seems to me a sufficiently precise illustration -- I call the picture unreservedly GREAT. Doing so, I pledge my critical ability. 29.xii.47....4.i.48. Ezra Pound. Whenever I take up one of his books I feel there is a hard core of sanity beneath his "imputed lunacy.")
box-folder   Folder 155.  
Notebook: ca. 1950. (1 item. Notes on Shakespeare's history plays....poems....)
box-folder   Folder 156.  
Notebook: 1950-1960. (1 item. The True Testament of Joseph Necchi...Rimbaud...Camus...Looking back from page 200 it occurs to me that Cain's Book is just the beginning...poems....)
box-folder   Folder 157.  
Notebook: April-May 1951. (1 item, 15 pp. "A diaristic itinerary...tied up in as usual. Has done parts of Young Adam. A little geography lesson....Wind from Bosphorus. Attitudes toward existentialism, Sartre-Camus split, linguistics.")
box-folder   Folder 158.  
Diary (abandoned): 14 September - 13 October, 1951. (1 item, 14 pp. "4.ix.'51 Camped outside Paris: mud, dripping water, mosquitos; & the rain. Money short as usual...The past is tight; but within broad limits the future is tight also. I meet my future through my attitudes which have a certain resilience even in the face of catastophe...I did not decide to leave the city of G. I was DECIDED....15.ix.'51. Saw Paris for the last time for how long?...Sometimes, wandering about the city during the summer, I would catch a glimpse of myself in a shop window; a longhaired ill-clad creature, unshaven, an anonymous member of the army of foreign shufflers who walk Paris streets. I could detect it too in the faces of the tourists....Leaving Glasgow, it was as tho' I had never been there at all; those that did [or] do remember me remember me [only] as a fool who wanted to write & who has since disappeared leaving no trace. Leaving Paris it is different. I want to leave but I have been there & I am remembered by a few, not as a freak, but as a serious writer....13 October 1951...away from Paris I think one can see more in perspective precisely what it means. It means a spiritual `feather-bed', a community of apparently-striving men, so that you're not alone....I'm not interested in the `atmospherics' of being a writer: I'm interested in writing; & here, stuck on a piece of wasteground with the sea on 3 sides I can't kid myself. Write, you bastard, write!")
box-folder   Folder 159.  
Notebook: [1952]. (1 item, 51 pp. "Get hold of all remaining copies of Camus-Sartre editorials...Chronicle of proceedings against homosexuals in England--Gielgud case....The finding out of new things about the world must be preceded by the invention of terms (symbols) to express them....The autobiography of W. Hadden...")
box-folder   Folder 160.  
Notebook: [ca. 1952]. (1 item, 39 pp. "Dieppe: Grey day in August; sky with luminous patches....The pale red wreck/ in the lobster shell/ is wound round/ in the womb of the sea....")
box-folder   9/161-  
Series VII. Journals, Notebooks, Etc. 1953-1970 and n.d. [series]:
box-folder   9/161  
Notebook: [ca. 1953]. (1 item, 23 pp. Sketches, notes, poems..."When Philip Gunn made his exit from the Central Station, he removed his Bersolino hat...")
box-folder   9/162  
Notebook: [ca. 1954]. (1 item, 51 pp. "Overseer"..."The European Neutralist"..."Merlin respresents the gradual articulation of the views and attitudes of a group of writers in Paris & of those writers whose attitudes are relatively proximate. Our main thesis is that `literature' is not an autonomous realm of objective significant entities, or rather, OUR MAIN PRACTICAL DECISION IS THAT THIS IS NOT OUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS LITERATURE."...Wittgenstein...Three criticisms of Austryn [Wainhouse]'s literary style"..."After a moment, I took off my coat & threw it down under the truck. I sat down and looked up at her. She hesitated....")
box-folder   9/163  
Notebook: [April 27? 1961?]. (1 item, 3 pp. "Au prison --at last --the Tombs. I always wondered whether it would happen like this...." Single entry made in pencil on torn TLS from Albert J. Berube, 23 February 1961.)
box-folder   9/164  
Notebook: 1963-1966. (1 item, 127 pp. Satiric poems, poems on narcotics, draft of letter to William S. Burroughs, drafts of statement on Sigma, wife's attitude after drug session, sketches, notes on Dalwood, Toynbee, epistemology and language, draft of review. Impasto covers.)
box-folder   9/165  
Notebook: [n.d.]. (1 item, 47 pp. Wordsworth, Coleridge, Crashaw, Carew, Lovelace, Marvell.)
box-folder   9/166  
Notebook: [n.d.]. (1 item, 56 pp. Lectures on Chaucer, Sir Thomas Browne, Edmund Spenser, Dryden.)
box-folder   9/167  
Notebook: [n.d.]. (1 item, 21 pp. "The development of technique in fiction is a constant movement towards purity of expression, towards an elimination of all foreign elements: -- exit the author, description, etc."..."Does Joyce's technical achievement refute this?"...Henry James, Ford Madox Ford, "Psychology: Fielding, Eliot"...Proust, First person narrative.)
box-folder   10/168.  
[n.d.] Notes for the Junky Opera, by Trocchi. (1 item. 9 pp. Tss., mss.)
box-folder   10/169  
[n.d.] Notes on Courtly Love, taken from C.S. Lewis, M.C. D'Arcy, Denis de Rougemont. (1 item. 8 pp. Ts.)
box-folder   10/170  
[n.d.] Miscellaneous Notes, on art, on literature and the novel, with reference to the criticism of E.M. Forster and Liddell, sketches, notes for unfinished stories or novels, sections of a review of Southern's Magic Christian, a quotation from Hui-neng for Cain's Book, [probably] a draft of part of a letter from Paris, prepared for the journal Nimbus, notes for a program with William S. Burroughs, other. (98 items. - pp. Tss., mss., etc.)
box-folder   10/171  
[n.d.] Notebook, includes notes, draft of "James Fidler and the Beautiful Albino," notes on magic and religious ritual, 10 lines of "The Virgin and the Rose," draft of a letter to Mr. Collins concerning the sale of Merlin. (54 pp. Tss., mss.)
box-folder   10/172  
1962-1964. "Work in progress for a new novel 1962-1964" in Trocchi's hand. Novel probably titled The Men, together with notes on philosophy, language, the nature of poetry, passages concerning "James Fidler." (ca. 125 pp. Ms.)
box-folder   10/173  
[ca. 1965]. Notebook. Autograph notations, drafts of poems, etc. Red paper over boards (33x14cm. 178 pp.)
box-folder   11/174.  
[ca. 1965]. Notebook. Autograph notes concerning efforts to control his drug addiction, etc. Purple boards (33x14cm. 105 pp.)
box-folder   11/175  
[ca. 1965]. The Long Book [notebook]. Autograph. Red paper over boards, decorated by Trocchi with yellow paint, title in yellow on front cover (33x14cm. 205 pp.)
box-folder   11/176  
[ca. 1965-1967]. The Long Book (continued) [notebook]. Autograph. Red paper over boards, decorated by Trocchi with yellow, red, and blue paint (33x14cm. 134 pp.)
box-folder   12/177.  
[ca. 1970]. Mob[notebook]. Autograph. Black paper over boards, decorated by Trocchi with red and yellow paint, title in ink on front cover (33x14cm. 54 pp.)
box-folder   12/178.  
[n.d.]. Notebook. Autograph. Red paper over boards (33x14cm. 21 pp.)
box-folder   12/179.  
[n.d.]. Miscellaneous prose worksheets. (42 items. Ts., ms.)
box-folder   13-14/180-216  
Series VIII. Merlin. [series]:   
Scope: Alexander Trocchi edited the review Merlin (published by Alice Jane Lougee) during its brief run of seven numbers from May 1952 to Spring 1955. The magazine was printed by French printers and had for its editorial addresses two Paris bookshops, Librarie Mistral and The English Bookshop, both centers for an expatriate group of writers in the 1950s. At this time Trocchi was also contributing to Nimbus, which was also published in Paris, edited by Tristram Hull and Ivo Jarosy.

box-folder   13/180-203  
Series VIII.1 Merlin -- Correspondence.
box-folder   13/180.  
Ayer, A.J.
(ALS 24 March 1952 2pp.)
(ALS 15 April 1952 2pp.)
(TLS 22 May 1952 1p.)
Receipt [1952] (1p.)
box-folder   13/181.  
Barnes, Djuna
(TL (x) Trocchi to Barnes 4 Sept. 1954 2pp.)
box-folder   13/182.  
Bowles, Patrick (South African author)
(TLS [1952] 2pp.)
(TLS [1952] 2pp.)
(TLS 21 April [1952] 1p.)
(TLS 17 Sept. 1952 1p.)
(TLS 27 July 1953 3pp.)
(TLS [1953?] 1p.)
(Ts [1954] 1p.)
(ALS 6 August 1955 6pp.)
box-folder   13/183.  
Brangwyn, Patrick
(TL [1952] 1p. w/encl.)
box-folder   13/184.  
Burford, William (American author)
(TLS 9 Oct. 1952 1p.)
(TLS 13 Oct. 1952 3pp.)
(TLS 31 Oct. 1952 2pp.)
box-folder   13/185.  
Chester, Alfred (American author)
(TLS 29 July 1952 1p.)
box-folder   13/186.  
Creeley, Robert (American author)
(TLS [1953] 1p.)
(TLS [1953] 1p.)
(TLS [1953] 1p.)
(TLS [1953] 2pp.)
(TLS 6 Dec. 1953 1p.)
(TLS 26 May 1954 1p.)
(TLS 12 Sept. [1954] 2pp.)
(TLS 23 Oct. 1954 1p.)
(TLS 23 April 1955 2pp.)
box-folder   13/187.  
Daniels, Guy
(TLS 7 Dec. 1954 1p.)
box-folder   13/188.  
Hatcher, Charles (Canadian author)
(ALS 1 May 1952 2pp.)
(ALS 5 May 1952 2pp.)
(ALS 1 May 1953 2pp.)
(ALS 27 May 1953 1p.)
box-folder   13/189.  
Hull, Tristram
(TLS 7 April [1953] 2pp.)
(TL(c) 4 July 1953 2pp.)
(TLS 27 Nov. 1953 2pp.)
(ALS 3 June 1954 2pp.)
box-folder   13/190.  
Jarosy, Ivo Trocchi to Jarosy
(TL(c)draft [1955?] 2pp.)
box-folder   13/191.  
Lipton, Lawrence
(TLS 4 Jan. 1954 1p.)
box-folder   13/192.  
Logue, Christopher (English poet)
(ALS [1952] 4pp.)
(TLS [1952] 1p.)
(ALS [ca. 1952] 1p.)
(TLS [1952] 2pp.)
(TLS [1952] 1p. w/encl.)
(TLS [1952] 2pp.)
(TLS [1952] 1p.)
(TLS [1952] 2pp.)
(TLS [1952] 1p.)
(ALS [1952] 2pp.)
(TLS [ca. Aug. 1952] 2pp.)
Telegram 5 Aug. 1952 (1p.)
(TLS 10 Aug. 1952 1p.)
(ALS 18 Aug. 1952 5pp.)
(ALS [Aug. 1952] 1p.)
(ALS [ca. 20 Aug. 1952] 5pp.)
Telegram 23 Aug. 1952 (1p.)
(ALS [ca. 1952-1954] 1p.)
(ALS [Aug. 1952] 2pp.)
(ALS [1953] 1p.)
(ALS [n.d.] 2pp.)
(ALS [n.d.] Sunday. 2pp.)
(ALS [n.d.] Thursday. 1p.)
(ALS [n.d.] Tuesday. 4pp.)
(ALS [n.d.] Wednesday. 3pp.)
(ALS [n.d.] 2pp.)
(ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
(ALS [n.d.] 2pp. (contains auto. poem))
(ALS [n.d.] 2pp.)
(ALS [n.d.] 3pp.)
(ALS [n.d.] 2pp.)
(ALS [1952] 6pp.)
(ALS [n.d.] 3pp.)
(ALS [n.d.] 4pp.)
(ALS [n.d.] 3pp.)
box-folder   13/193.  
Mailer, Norman
(TLS Trocchi to Mailer 4 Sept. 1954 1p.)
box-folder   13/194.  
Marx, Erica
(TLS 20 Feb. 1953 1p.)
box-folder   13/195.  
Matthiessen, Peter (American author and publisher)
(ALS 25 July 1952 2pp.)
(TLS 26 Aug. 1952 2pp.)
(TL(c) Trocchi to M. 7 Sept. 1952 2pp.)
(TLS 10 Sept. 1952 1p.)
(TLS [n.d.] 2pp.)
(TLS [n.d.] 1p.)
(ALS [n.d.] 2pp.)
box-folder   13/196.  
Mauroc, Daniel (French author)
(ALS [July 1952] 1p.)
(ALS 16 July 1952 1p.)
(ALS 15 Aug. 1952 1p.)
(ACS 27 Aug. 1952 1p.)
(ALS 14 Sept. 1952 1p.)
box-folder   13/197.  
Riddell, Alan
(ALS [n.d.] Sunday. 2pp.)
(ALS 12 Sept. [n.y.] 2pp.)
(TL(c) 28 April 1952 1p.)
box-folder   13/198.  
Roditi, Eduard
(ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
box-folder   13/199.  
Sansom, William
(ALS 7 Oct. [1953] 2pp.)
box-folder   13/200.  
Seaver, Richard (American essayist and author)
(ALS 11 Aug. 1952 2pp.)
(ALS 31 March 1953 4pp.)
(ALS [Aug. 1953] 4pp.)
(TLS 3 Aug. 1953 2pp.)
(ALS 15 July 1954 2pp.)
(ACS 33 Sept. 1954 1p.)
(ALS 15 April [n.y.] 1p.)
(TLS [n.d.] 1p.)
box-folder   13/201.  
Wainhouse, Austryn (American translator and novelist) -- much of the Wainhouse correspondence concerns publication of Beckett's Molloy and Watt.
(ALS 20 Feb. 1952 2pp.)
(TLS 5 March 1953 2pp.)
(TLS 22 July 1953 2pp.)
(ALS 23 July [1953] 3pp.)
(TLS 26 July 1953 6pp.)
(TLS 29 July 1953 2pp.)
(TLS 4 Jan. 1954 1p.)
(TLS 13 March 1954 1p.)
(ALS 12 June [1954] 2pp.)
(ALS 29 June 1954 3pp.)
Telegram 28 July 1954 (1p.)
(TLS 5 May 1955 2pp.)
(TL(c) 2 August 1955 Trocchi to W. 1p.)
(ALS 7 Aug. 1955 4pp.)
(ALS 21 Aug. 1955 2pp.)
(ALS 29 Aug. 1955 3pp.)
(TLS 3 Nov. 1955 3pp.)
box-folder   13/202.  
Miscellaneous. (33 items.)
box-folder   13/203.  
Miscellaneous by Trocchi. (8 items.)
box-folder   14/204-207  
Series VIII.2 Merlin -- Notes.
box-folder   14/204.  
Critical Notes by Trocchi (1950-1955). (53 items.)
box-folder   14/205.  
"Letter from Paris," published in Nimbus. (10pp. --this essay reports and comments on the Sartre-Camus split.)
box-folder   14/206.  
Notes for Olympia Press Catalog. (11 items.)
box-folder   14/207.  
Notes to the Editors. (9 items.)
box-folder   14/208-213  
Series VIII.3 Merlin -- Manuscripts by Others.
box-folder   14/208  
Chester, Alfred. "A Dance for Dead Lovers." (story) (Ts. 14 pp. 1 item.)
box-folder   14/209.  
Frechtman, Bernard. Translation of a section of Jean Genet's The Thief's Journal, with Frechtman's "A Note on Jean Genet." (Ts. 18 pp.)
box-folder   14/210.  
Hatcher, Charles. Poems. (Ts. 33 pp. 3 items.)
box-folder   14/211.  
Lipton, Lawrence. Stories. (13 items.)
box-folder   14/212.  
Logue, Christopher. Poems. (3 items.)
box-folder   14/213.  
Wainhouse, Austryn. Hedyphagetica (novel), Part II, "Our Town." (Ts. 60 pp. 1 item.)
box-folder   14/214-216  
Series VIII.4 Merlin -- Publications.
box-folder   14/214.  
Watt Miscellany. (3 items.)
box-folder   14/215.  
Eluard proofs. (1 item.)
box-folder   14/216.  
Miscellany. (23 items.)
box-folder   15/217-230  
Series IX.1 Sigma -- Correspondence. [series]:   
Scope: Correspondence, 1958-1968, primarily relating to Project Sigma, and written from England, Scotland, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States. Trocchi's correspondents representing aspects of Sigma include Simon Vinkenoog and George Andrews, discussing Sigma in the Netherlands, arts projects, experiences with marijuana, LSD, other drugs and action by local authorities against drug users, and compilation of The Book of Grass [anthology on marijuana, published in 1967 by Peter Owen, London; Grove Press, New York].

box-folder   15/217.  
26 August 1954 through 28 March 1963. (25 items.)
--, Stanley. (ACS 26 Aug. 1954 1p.)
Jackson, Wallace. (TC 4 Feb. 1958 1p.)
Jackson, Wallace. (ACS 28 Jan. 1958 1p.)
Slonim, Marc. (ALS 27 May 1959 1p.)
Daniels, Guy. (ACS 22 June 1961 1p.)
[Brakhage?], Stan. (TLS Aug. 1962 4pp.)
Trocchi. (TL(c) [1963?] 1p.)
[Black?], David. (ALS [1963] 2pp.)
Daniels, Guy. (ACS 3 Jan. 1963 1p.)
Daniels, Guy. (ALS 18 Jan. [1963] 4pp. w/encl.)
Daniels, Guy. (ALS 6 Feb. [1963] 1p.)
Trocchi to Guy Daniels. (TL(c) 21 Feb. [1963] 1p.)
Martin, Frank. (ALS 5 March 1963 1p.)
Orlovitz, Gil. (TLS 6 March 1963 1p.)
Trocchi to Guy Daniels. (TL(c) 6 March 1963 1p.)
Wheldon, Huw. (TLS 11 March 1963 1p.)
Magnusson, Magnus. (TLS 21 March [1963] 1p.)
Day, John. 3 Dec. 1963 (4pp. (stationary: H.M. Prison, Camp Hill, Newport, Isle of Wight).)
Orlovita, Gil. (ALS 21 March 1963 1p.)
Daniels, Guy. (ALS 22 March 1963 2pp.)
Orlovitz, Gil. (TLS 25 March 1963 1p.)
Orlovitz, Gil. (ALS 28 March 1963 2pp.)
Neish, Alex. (ALS 28 March [1963] 1p.)
box-folder   15/218.  
8 April 1963 through 20 May 1964. (31 items.)
Trocchi to Guy Daniels. (TL(c) 8 April 1963 1p.)
Orlovitz, Gil. (TLS 19 April 1963 1p.)
[unidentified]. Telegram 20 April 1963 (1p.)
Trocchi to Robert Creeley. (TL(c) 9 Oct. 1963 2pp.)
Creeley, Robert. (TLS 1 Nov. 1963 2pp.)
Trocchi to Guy Daniels. (TL(c) [4,5 Nov. 1963] 1p. (2 copies))
Orlovitz, Gil. (TLS 6 Nov. 1963 1p.)
Hatcher, Charles. (TLS 12 Nov. 1963 1p.)
Daniels, Guy. (ALS 29 Nov. [1963] 2pp.)
Hatcher, Charles. (TLS 10 Dec. 1963 1p.)
Daniels, Guy. (ALS 15 Dec. [1963] 2pp.)
Rooks, Conrad (ACS 19 Feb. 1964 1p. w/encl.)
Herman, P.J. (TLS [n.d.] 1p.)
[Trocchi?] (AL [n.d.] 1p.)
Sigal, Clancy (TLS [n.d.] 1p.)
Trocchi. 5 Jan. [1964] (ALS (draft) 2pp.)
Trocchi. 18 Jan. 1964 (TL(c) 1p.)
Trocchi. [n.d.] (AL (draft) 2pp.)
Trocchi to Robert Creeley. (TL(c) 16 May 1964 0p.)
[unidentified]. (ALS 2 June 1964 1p.)
[unidentified]. (ANS [n.d.] 2pp. auto. inscription on photo-reproduced document, with photograph on verso.)
Sigal, Clancy. (TLS 17 April 1964 1p.)
Hatcher, Charles. (TLS 26 April 1964 2pp.)
Trocchi to Sonia []. (TLS(x) 1 May 1964 1p.)
Sigal, Clancy. (TLS 4 May 1964 1p.)
Daniels, Guy. (ALS 6 May 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Joan Littlewood. (TL(c) 17 May 1964 1p.)
Smith, John. (TLS 19 May 1964 1p.)
Nuttall, Jeff. (TLS 20 May 1964 1p.)
box-folder   15/219.  
18 June 1964 through August 1964. (21 items.)
Briskin, Sidney. (ALS 18 June 1964 1p.)
Burroughs, William. (TLS 23 June 1964 1p.)
Daniels, Guy. (ALS 4 July [1964] 1p.)
Morgan, Edwin. (ALS 13 July 1964 1p.)
Creeley, Robert. (TLS 16 July 1964 1p.)
Littlewood, Joan. (TLS 28 July 1964 1p.)
Trocchi. (Ts. statement (French). Aug. 1964 1p. (2 copies))
Trocchi to Joan Littlewood. (TL(c) 6 Aug. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Colin Wilson. (TL(c) 7 Aug. 1964 1p.)
[Latham], John. (ALS 11 Aug. 1964 1p.)
Wesker, Arnold. (TLS 11 Aug. 1964 1p.)
Lavrin, Beba. (TLS 24 Aug. 1964 2pp.)
Lavrin, Beba to Arnold Wesker. (TLS(c) 24 Aug. 1964 1p.)
Creeley, Robert. (TLS 25 Aug. 1964 1p.)
White, Kenneth. (ALS 29 Aug. 1964 2pp.)
Musgrove, Keith. (TLS 20 Aug. 1964 1p.)
Nuttall, Jeff. (TC 24 Aug. 1964 1p.)
Pickard, Tom. (TLS 30 Aug. 1964 1p.)
--, Stan. (ALS Aug. 1964 2pp.)
box-folder   15/220.  
Sept. 1964 through 29 Oct. 1964. (63 items.)
Pickard, Tom. (ALS [Sept. 1964?] 2pp.)
Tonks, Rosemary. (ANS Summer 1964 1p. (note on tearsheet).)
Black, David. (ALS [ca. Sept. 1964] 2pp.)
Hatcher, Charles. (TLS 3 Sept. 1964 1p.)
Pickard, Tom. (ALS [5 Sept. 1964] 2pp.)
Trocchi to Eric Graham Howe. (TL(c) 9 Sept. 1964 1p.)
Burroughs, William. (TLS 10 Sept. 1964 1p.)
McClure, Michael. (ACS 10 Sept. 1964 1p.)
White, Kenneth. (ALS 10 Sept. 1964 2pp.)
Tonks, Rosemary. Telegram 12 Sept. 1964 (1p.)
Hatcher, Charles. (TLS 12 Sept. 1964 1p.)
Wesker, Arnold. (TLS 14 Sept. 1964 1p. w/encl.)
Martin, Frank. (ALS 14 Sept. 1964 1p.)
[unidentified]. (TCS 15 Sept. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Tom Pickard. (TL(c) 17 Sept. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Michael McClure. (TL(c) 17 Sept. 1964 1p.)
Tonks, Rosemary. (ACS 18 Sept. 1964 1p.)
McClure, Michael. (ACS 19 Sept. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Robert Creeley. (TLS 20 Sept. 1964 1p.)
Barry, Pete. (TLS 24 Sept. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to John Arden. (TL(c) 24 Sept. 1964 1p.)
Arden, John. (TCS [n.d.] 1p.)
--, Martin. (ACS 24 Sept. 1964 1p.)
Pickard, Tom. (ALS 24 Sept. 1964 1p. (on folio sheet, note on poster announcing reading) w/note from Trocchi.)
Trocchi to David Black. (TL(c) 27 Sept. 1964 1p. w/encl.)
Trocchi to William Burroughs. (TL(c) 30 Sept. 1964 2pp.)
Trocchi to Michael McClure. (TL(c) 30 Sept. 1964 1p.)
Creeley, Robert. (TLS [Oct. 1964?] 1p.)
Black, David. (TLS Oct. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Eric Graham Howe. (TL(c) 1 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Cedric Price. (TL(c) 1 Oct. 1964 1p.)
McClure, Michael. (TLS 5 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Seymour-Smith, Martin. (TLS 8 Oct. 1964 2pp.)
Leake, Jonathan. (TLS 8 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Jonathan Leake. (TL(c) [ca. 8 Oct. 1964] 1p.)
Burroughs, William. (ALS 12 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Cole, Nancy to Clancy Sigal. (TLS 12 Oct. 1964 2pp.)
Russell, Bertrand. (TLS 12 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Debord, Guy. (TLS 12 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Seymour-Smith, Martin. (ALS 13 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Read, Herbart. (TLS 14 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Barlow, P.J. (TLS 14 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Sigal, Clancy. (TLS 14 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Clancy Sigal. (ALS [ca. 14 Oct. 1964] 2pp.)
Trocchi to P.J. Barlow. (TLS(c) 17 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Michael McClure. (TL(c) 20 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Stan Brakhage. (TL(c) 20 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Michael McClure. (TL(c) 20 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Charles Hatcher. (TL(c) 21 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to George MacBeth. (TL(c) 21 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Barlow, P.J. (TLS 21 Oct 1964 1p.)
Wilson, Colin. (TLS 22 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Nuttall, Jeff. (ACS 24 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to P.J. Barlow. (TL(c) 25 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Colin Wilson. (TL(c) 26 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Wilson, Colin. (ACS 27 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Micheline, Jack. (ACS 27 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Strick, Joseph. Telegram 28 Oct. 1964 (1p.)
Barlow, P.J. (TLS 28 Oct. 1964 2pp.)
Sigal, Clancy. (TLS 28 Oct. 1964 1p.)
MacBeth, George. (TLS 29 Oct. 1964 1p.)
box-folder   15/221.  
7 Nov. 1964 through 29 Dec. 1964. (34 items.)
Berman, []. (ACS (mail art) 1964 1p.)
Chapman, David. (TLS 7 Nov. 1964 1p.)
Micheline, Jack. (ALS 7 Nov. 1964 2pp.)
Sinclair, John. (TLS 13 Nov. 1964 1p.)
Wilson, Colin. (TCS 15 Nov. 1964 1p.)
Brakhage, Stan. (TLS 17 Nov. 1964 1p.)
Creeley, Robert. (TLS 18 Nov. 1964 1p.)
Field, Martin to John Arden. (TL(c) 20 Nov. 1964 1p.)
--, Martin. (TLS 20 Nov. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Colin Wilson. (TLS(c) 25 Nov. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Joseph Strick. (TL(c) 28 Nov. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Stan Brakhage. (TL(c) 30 Nov. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Colin Wilson. (TLS [Dec. 1964] 1p.)
Wilson, Colin. (TCS 30 Nov. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Guy Debord. (ALS(copy) 1 Dec. 1964 1p.)
Debord, Guy. (ALS 1 Dec. 1964 2pp.)
Topolski, []. (ALS 1 Dec. 1964 1p.)
[unidentified]. (TLS 4 Dec. 1964 1p.)
White, Kenneth. (ALS 5 Dec. 1964 1p.)
Micheline, Jack. (ALS 5 Dec. 1964 1p.)
Debord, Guy. (ALS 5 Dec. 1964 1p.)
Herman, P.J. (TLS 7 Dec. 1964 1p. w/encl.)
Trocchi to Michael Hollingshead. (TL(c) 7 Dec. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to P.J. Barlow. (TL(c) 2pp. w/encl.)
Trocchi to Robert Creeley. (TLS 9 Dec. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Robert Creeley. (TL(c) 9 Dec. 1964 2pp. w/encl.)
Barlow, P.J. (TLS 10 Dec. 1964 1p.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (TLS 18 Dec. 1964 1p.)
Seymour-Smith, Martin. (ALS 28 Dec. 1964 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (TLS 29 Dec. 1964 1p.)
box-folder   15/222.  
[n.d.] 1965 through 31 Janaury 1965. (26 items.)
Published advertisement. Ik Jan Cremer. 1965. (1 item.)
Quin, Ann. (ALS [1965] 1p.)
Cohen, Ira. (TLS [1965] 1p.)
Nuttall, Jeff. (ACS 1965 1p.)
Tonks, Rosemary. (ALS [1 Jan.] 1965 1p.)
Hanson, Barry. (TLS [1965] 1p.)
Creeley, Robert. (ALS [1965] 1p.)
McGrath, Tom. (TL [1965] 1p.)
Vam Lieshout, Peter. (TLS [1065] 1p.)
Trocchi to Simon Vinkenoog. (ALS(c) [1965] 1p.)
White, Kenneth. (ALS [1965] 1p.)
Trocchi. (ALS(draft) 4 Jan. 1965 4pp.)
Trocchi to P.J. Barlow. (TL(c) 4 Jan. 1965 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (TLS 5 Jan. 1965 1p.)
Laing, R.D. (TLS 8 Jan. 1965 1p.)
White, Kenneth. (ALS 11 Jan. 1965 2pp.)
Trocchi to Michael Hollingshead. (TL(c) 21 Jan. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Simon Vinkenoog. (TLS(c) 21 Jan. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Robert Creeley? (TL(c) 21 Jan. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Colin Wilson. (TLS(c) 21 Jan. 1965 1p.)
Mailer, Norman. (TLS 22 Jan. 1965 1p.)
McClure, Michael. (ALS [24 Jan. 1965] 1p.)
--, Michael. (TLS 27 Jan. 1965 1p.)
Wilson, Colin. (TCS 28 Jan. 1965 1p.)
Tonks, Rosemary. (ALS 31 Jan. 1965 1p.)
Happestan, Raynes to Martin Field. (TLS 31 Jan. 1965 1p.)
box-folder   15/223.  
3 Feb. 1965 to 27 March 1965. (26 items.)
Creeley, Robert. (TLS 3 Feb. 1965 2pp.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (TLS 3 Feb. 1965 2pp.)
Field, Marcus to Michael McClure. (TL(c) 7 Feb. 1965 1p.)
Anthony, Lawrence. (ALS 8 Feb. 1965 2pp.)
Andrews, George. (TLS 9 Feb. 1965 2pp. w/encl.)
Burroughs, William. (TLS 11 Feb. 1965 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (TLS 18 Feb. 1965 2pp.)
Metzger, Deena. (TLS 20 Feb. 1965 1p.)
Herman, P.J. (TLS 21 Feb. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi. (TLS(c) 22 Feb. 1965 2pp.)
Herman, P.J. (TLS 22 Feb. 1965 1p.)
Lovell, Bernard to Marcus Field. (TLS 22 Feb. 1965 1p.)
[unidentified] (TL 27 Feb. 1965 1p. w/encl.)
Grinberg, Miguel. (ALS 5 March 1965 1p.)
Trocchi. (ALS(c) 9 March 1965 2pp.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (TLS 9 March 1965 1p.)
Andrews, George. (ALS 14 March 1965 1p.)
Houedard, Sylvester. (TLS 24 March 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Allen Ginsberg. (TL(c) 27 March 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Michael Hollingshead. (TL(c) 27 March 1965 2pp.)
box-folder   15/224.  
5 April 1965 through 28 July 1965 (34 items.)
Field, Marcus to George Andrews. (TL(c) 5 April 1965 1p.)
Richter, Daniel to Miguel Grinberg. (TLS 6 April 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Robert Creeley. (TL(c) 12 April 1965 1p.)
Creeley, Robert. (TLS 16 April 1965 1p.)
Dorn, Edward. (ACS 18 April 1965 2pp.)
Hawkins, Jane. (TLS 25 April 1965 1p.)
Stephen, Edith. [May 1965] (1p.)
Tonks, Rosemary. (ALS [May 1965] 2pp.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (TLS 3 May 1965 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (TLS 4 May 1965 2pp.)
Trocchi to Ed Dorn. (ALS(c) 5 July 1965 2pp.)
Wagnon, Drew. (TCS 12 May 1965 1p.)
Stephen, Edith to Marcus Field. (TL 15 May 1965 1p.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (TLS 17 May 1965 1p.)
Lea, Klaus. (TLS 18 May 1965 2pp.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (TLS 22 May 1965 1p.)
Hawkins, Jane. (TL 22 May 1965 1p.)
Stansill, Peter. (TLS 26 May 1965 2pp.)
Creeley, Robert. (TLS 2 June 1965 1p.)
Tomazos, Criton. (TLS 6 June 1965 1p.)
[unidentified]. (ACS 18 June 1965 1p.)
Weller, Ken. (TLS 21 June 1965 2pp.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (TLS 1 July 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to William Burroughs. (ALS(c) 5 July 1965 2pp.)
Trocchi to Michael Hollingshead. (ALS(c) 5 July 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Guy Debord. (ALS(c) 5 July 1965 2pp.)
--, John. (ALS 7 July 1965 2pp.)
Cooper, David to Marcus Field. (TLS 13 July 1965 1p.)
Richter, Daniel. (ACS 15 July 1965 2pp.)
Bax, Martin. (ACS 20 July 1965 1p.)
Zummels, Peter. (ALS 24 July 1965 3pp.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (TLS 27 July 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Michael Hollingshead. (TL(c) 28 July 1965 1p.)
Stansill, Peter. (TLS 28 July 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Barry Miles. (TL(c) 28 July 1965 1p.)
box-folder   15/225.  
3 Aug. 1965 through 31 October 1965. (22 items.)
[unidentified]. Mail art. 29 Sept. 1965 (1p.)
Wagnon, Drew. (TLS 3 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Miles, Barry. (ALS 8 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Lea, Klaus. (TLS 12 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Michael Hollingshead. (TL(c) 17 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (TLS 24 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (TLS 1 Sept. 1965 1p.w/encl.)
van der Linden, Wim. (TLS Sept. 1965 1p.)
Hawkins, Jane. (ALS 1 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Jane Hawkins. (TLS(c) 3 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Tonks, Rosemary. (TLS 6 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Joan Littlewood. (TL(c) 9 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (ALS 29 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Treece, Henry. (TLS 4 Oct. 1965 1p.)
Grinberg, Miguel. (ALS 5 Oct. 1965 1p.)
Andrews, George. (TLS 8 Oct. 1965 1p.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (TLS 19 Oct. 1965 2pp. w/AN George Andrews.)
Trocchi to Bill MacArthur. (TL(c) 20 Oct. 1965 1p.)
--, William. (ANS [n.d.] 1p.)
[unidentified]. Telegram 24 Oct. 1965 (1p.)
Colombo, John. (TLS 31 Oct. 1965 1p.)
box-folder   15/226.  
4 Nov. 1965 through 30 Dec. 1965. (25 items.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (ANS 4 Nov. 1965 1p.)
Nuttall, Jeff. (TL(x)S 5 Nov. 1965 1p.)
Colombo, John. (TLS 7 Nov. 1965 1p.)
John, Peter. (TLS 10 Nov. 1965 1p.)
Barker, Reb. (TLS 16 Nov. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Henry Treece. (TL(c) 23 Nov. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Simon Vinkenoog. (TL(c) 23 Nov. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Earle Birney. (TL(c)S 23 Nov. 1965 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (ALS 24 Nov. 1965 3pp.)
Treece, Henry. (TLS 28 Nov. 1965 1p.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (TLS [Dec. 1965] 2pp.)
Trocchi to Henry Treece. (TL(c) 1 Dec. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to John Colombo. (TL(c) 1 Dec. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Michael Hollingshead. (TL(c) 8 Dec. 1965 2pp.)
Trocchi to Michael Hollingshead. (TLS 8 Dec. 1965 2pp.)
Zummels, Peter. (TLS 12 Dec. 1965 1p. w/encl.)
Birney, Earle. (ACS 6 Dec. 1965 1p.)
Lavrin, Beba. (ALS 15 Dec. 1965 1p.)
Tomazos, Criton. (ALS 15 Dec. 1965 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael. Xmas card. 1965 (3pp.)
Davey, Pete to Jeff Nuttall. (ALS 30 Dec. 1965 1p.)
box-folder   15/227.  
[n.d.] 1965 through 21 Nov. 1966. (58 items.)
Trocchi to Michael Hollingshead. (ACS [1966] 1p.)
Trocchi to Michael Hollingshead. (TLS(c) [1966] 1p.)
Trocchi to Richard Seaver. (ALS(c) [1966] 2pp.)
Brakhage, Stan. (TLS [1966] 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (TLS [1966] 1p.)
[unidentified] (ACS [1966] 1p.)
Miles, Barry. (TLS [n.d.] 2pp.)
Miles, Barry. (TLS [n.d.] 2pp.)
Trocchi to Peter Stansill. (TLS(c) [1966] 1p.)
Van Newkirk, Allen. (ALS [Dec. 1966] 2pp.)
Miles, Barry. (AN [1966] 2pp.)
Lea, Klaus. (ALS [1966] 2pp.)
Debord, Guy. (TLS 6 Jan. 1966 1p.)
Epstein, Phillip. (TLS 28 Jan. 1966 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (ALS 6 Feb. 1966 1p.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (TLS 23 Feb. 1966 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (ACS 31 Jan. 1966 1p.)
Pomerand, Gabriel. (ALS 3 Feb. 1966 1p.)
Vinkenoog, Simon to R.D. Laing. (TLS 14 March 1966 2pp.)
McGrath, Tom. (TLS 16 March 1966 1p.)
Trocchi to Ed Dorn. (TLS(c) 31 March 1966 1p.)
Dorn, Edward. (ACS 7 April 1966 1p.)
Trocchi to Ed Dorn. (TL(c) 8 April 1966 1p.)
Trocchi to Henry Treece. (TL(c)S 15 April 1966 1p.)
Trocchi to Colin Wilson. (TL(c) 19 April 1966 1p.)
Creeley, Robert. (TLS 22 April 1966 1p.)
Houedard, Sylvester. (TLS 26 April 1966 1p.)
Field, Marcus. (ALS 1 May 1966 3pp.)
Trocchi to Simon Vinkenoog. (TL(c) 28 April 1966 1p.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (TLS 30 April 1966 2pp.)
Trocchi to Rosamond Philipps. (TL(c) 28 April 1966 1p.)
Wilson, Colin. (TCS 1 May 1966 1p.)
Philipps, Rosamond. (ALS 1 May 1966 2pp.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (TL(x) 5 May 1966 1p.)
Dorn, Edward. (ACS 6 June 1966 1p.)
Dorn, Edward. (ALS 23 May 1966 1p.)
Stansill, Peter. (TLS 6 June 1966 1p.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (TLS 28 June 1966 1p.)
Lionni, Paolo. (ALS 4 July 1966 2pp.)
Trocchi to Rosamond Philipps. (TL(c) 20 July 1966 1p.)
Andreu, Olga. (TL(c) 9 Aug. 1966 1p.)
Trocchi to Guy Debord. (TL(c) 14 Aug. 1966 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (ALS 28 Aug. 1966 4pp.)
Boelen, Olivier. (TLS 29 Aug. 1966 1p.)
Cunliffe, Dave and Gina. (TLS 5 Sept. 1966 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (ALS 8 Sept. 1966 2pp.)
Hollingshead, Michael. Visiting order. 11 Sept. 1966 (1p.)
Trocchi to Ed Dorn. (TL(c) 11 Sept. 1966 2pp.)
Nuttall, Jeff. (ACS 22 Sept. 1966 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael to Timothy Leary. (ALS 23 Sept. 1966 4pp.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (ALS 3 Oct. 1966 2pp.)
Hollingshead, Michael. (ALS 6 Oct. 1966 1p.)
Hollingshead, Michael. Visiting order. 7 Oct. 1966 (1p.)
--, Delores. (ALS 26 Oct. 1966 1p.)
Boelen, Olivier. (TLS 4 Nov. 1966 1p.)
Trocchi to R.D. Laing. (TL(c) 12 Nov. 1966 1p.)
Nuttall, Jeff. (TLS 21 Nov. 1966 2pp.)
--, Steve. (TLS 1 May 1966 1p.)
box-folder   15/228.  
1967-1971. (36 items.)
Pickard, Tom. (TLS [1967] 1p.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (ALS [1967] 2pp.)
Hatcher, Charles. (TLS 13 Jan. 1967 4pp.)
ten Hoopen, Peter. (ALS 26 Jan. 1967 1p.)
Boelen, Olivier. (TLS 6 Feb. 1967 1p.)
Trocchi to Peter ten Hoopen. (TL(c) 7 Feb. 1967 1p.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (TLS 15 Feb. 1967 5pp.)
Berke, Joe. (TLS 9 March 1967 1p.)
Trocchi to Norman Mailer. (TL(c) 10 March 1967 1p.)
Mailer, Norman. (TLS 21 March 1967 1p.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (TL(c) 23 March 1967 1p.)
Philipps, Rosamond. (ALS 31 March 1967 2pp.)
Seaver, Richard to George Andrews. (TLS 3 April 1967 1p.)
Nuttall, Jeff. (ACS 7 April 1967 1p.)
Andrews, George. (ALS 8 April 1967 1p. w/encl.)
Rosenthal, Irving. (ALS 24 April 1967 1p.)
Trocchi to I. Rosenthal. (TLS(c) 26 April 1967 1p.)
Williams, Jonathan. (TLS 28 April 1967 2pp.)
Rosenthal, Irving. (ALS 1 May 1967 1p.)
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence. (ALS 11 May 1967 1p.)
Hatcher, Charles. (TLS 2 June 1967 1p.)
Trocchi to Charles Hatcher. (TL(c) 18 June 1967 1p.)
Hatcher, Charles. (TLS 21 June 1967 1p.)
Hatcher, Charles. (TLS 31 June 1967 1p.)
Brown, T.R. (TLS 6 July 1967 1p.)
Schuldt, N.W. (TLS 25 Sept. 1967 1p.)
Bax, Martin. (TLS 2 Oct. 1967 2pp.)
Fallaux, Emile. (ALS 31 Oct. 1967 2pp.)
Trocchi. (TLS [1968] 1p.)
Vinkenoog, Simon. (TLS 11 July 1970 1p.)
Trocchi to George Andrews. (TL(c) 27 Sept. 1970 1p. (2 copies))
Andrews, George. (TLS [ca. Feb 1971] 1p.)
Trocchi to Peggy []. (TL(c) 24 Feb. 1971 1p.)
box-folder   15/229.  
[n.d.]: A through N. (32 items.)
Hanson, Barry. (TLS 23 Sept. [n.y.] 1p.)
Bax, Martin. (ALS 1p.)
Berke, Joe. (ALS 1p.)
Berman, W. (ACS 1p.)
Casement, Douglas. (ALS 1p.)
--, Chris. (ALS 2pp.)
Cohen, Philip. (TLS 30 Oct. [n.y.] 1p.)
Cunliffe, Dave and Tina Morris. (TLS 1p.)
Dewey, C.J. (TLS 1p.)
Dunlop, James. (TLS 13 June [n.y.] 1p.)
Lismoir-Gordon, Nigel. (ALS 1p.)
[unidentified]. (ACS [n.d.] 1p.)
Invitation. 26 April [n.y.] (1p.)
MacArthur, Bill. (TLS 13 March [n.y.] 1p.)
MacArthur, Bill. (TLS 20 May [n.y.] 1p.)
MacArthur, Bill. (TLS 2 July [n.y.] 1p.)
MacArthur, Bill. (TLS 26 March [n.y.] 2pp.)
MacArthur, Bill. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
Horovitz, Michael. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
Horovitz, Michael. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
Horovitz, Michael. (TL [n.d.] 1p.)
Horovitz, Michael. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
Kelly, Robert. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
Lahmann, Rosamond. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
Miles, Tony. (TL [n.d.] 1p.)
Latham, John. (ALS 13 June [n.y.] 2pp. w/encl.)
Morris, James. (TL [n.d.] 1p.)
Nuttall, Jeff. (ALS [n.d.] 2pp.)
Nuttall, Jeff. (TLS [n.d.] 1p.)
Nuttall, Jeff. (TLS [n.d.] 1p.)
Nuttall, Jeff. (TLS(frag.) [n.d.] 1p.)
box-folder   15/230.  
[n.d.]: O through Z. (35 items.)
Patten, Brian. (TLS [n.d.] 1p.)
Patten, Brian. (TL [n.d.] 1p.)
Patten, Brian. (TLS [n.d.] 1p.)
Patten, Brain. (TLS [n.d.] 1p.)
Patten, Brian. (TL [n.d.] 1p.)
Morris, Tina. (TLS [n.d.] 1p.)
Pickard, Tom. (TL [n.d.] 1p.)
Pritchard, William. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
Price, Cedric. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
Rhys, Keidrych. (ACS [n.d.] 1p.)
Rhys, Keidrych. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
Richter, Daniel. (ACS [n.d.] 2pp.)
Richter, Daniel. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
Rooks, Conrad. (ACS [n.d.] 2pp.)
Tonks, Rosemary. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
Tonks, Rosemary. (ANS [n.d.] 1p.)
Topolski, Felix. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
--, Wallace. (TL [n.d.] 2pp.)
Trocchi to Brian Patten. (TL(c) [n.d.] 2pp.)
Tonks, Rosemary. (ACS [n.d.] 1p.)
Trocchi to Arnold Wesker. (TL(c) [n.d.] 1p.)
Trocchi to Bobbie []. (TL(c) [n.d.] 1p.)
Trocchi re: Daniel Richter. (TL(c) [n.d.] 1p.)
Trocchi. (AL [n.d.] 1p.)
--, Tom. (TLS [n.d.] 1p.)
Nuttall, Jeff. (AL [n.d.] 1p.)
[Leoni, Paolo?]. (AL [n.d.] 3pp.)
Wilcock, John. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
[unidentified]. (TL [n.d.] 1p.)
[unidentified]. (TLS [n.d.] 2pp.)
Wrighton, Charles. (ALS [n.d.] 3pp.)
[unidentified]. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
box-folder   15/230.a.  
Series X.2. Sigma Mss. The Moving Times. [series]: (14 items.)
box-folder   16/231-262  
Series IX.2 Sigma -- Manuscripts. [series]:   
Scope: Authors' manuscripts and typescripts, mimeo articles, some projects for inclusion in the Sigma portfolio.

box-folder   16/231.  
Ableman, Paul. (2 items.)
box-folder   16/232.  
Bleck, David. (3 items.)
box-folder   16/233.  
DeBord, Guy. (1 item.)
box-folder   16/234.  
Brakhage, Stan. [published letters to Robert Kelley] (3 items.)
box-folder   16/235.  
Creeley, Robert. "An American Sense." (1 item.)
box-folder   16/236.  
Esterson, A. and Pablo Fernandez. (17 items.)
box-folder   16/237.  
Field, Marcus. (3 items.)
box-folder   16/238.  
Gould, Dennis. (1 item.)
box-folder   16/239.  
Hatcher, Charles. (1 item.)
box-folder   16/240.  
Hallawell, Neil. (1 item.)
box-folder   16/241.  
Hollingshead, Michael. (8 items.)
box-folder   16/242.  
Hope, Mulin. (1 item.)
box-folder   16/243.  
Horovitz, Michael, H.L. Humes, and Graham Howe. (8 items.)
box-folder   16/244.  
Katzman, Allea. (2 items.)
box-folder   16/245.  
Laing, R.D. (12 items.)
box-folder   16/246.  
Latham, John. (9 items.)
box-folder   16/247.  
Levine, Stephen. (1 item.)
box-folder   16/248.  
McGrath, Tom. (4 items.)
box-folder   16/249.  
Milner, Edward. (3 items.)
box-folder   16/250.  
Morgan, Edwin. (1 item.)
box-folder   16/251.  
Patten, Brian. (1 item.)
box-folder   16/252.  
Phillips, Neal. (2 items.)
box-folder   16/253.  
Pomerand, Gabriel. (3 items.)
box-folder   16/254.  
Rowan, John. (1 item.)
box-folder   16/255.  
Schuldt, E. (7 items.)
box-folder   16/256.  
Sigal, Clancy. (2 items.)
box-folder   16/257.  
Tonks, Rosemary. (2 items.)
box-folder   16/258.  
Treece, Henry. (2 items.)
box-folder   16/259.  
Trocchi, Alexander. (89 items.)
box-folder   16/260.  
Upward, Peter et. al. (1 item.)
box-folder   16/261.  
Walters, Llew. (6 items.)
box-folder   16/262.  
[unidentified]. (3 items.)
box-folder   17-18/263-295  
Series IX.3 Sigma -- Publications. [series]:
box-folder   17/263.  
Invisible Insurrection (s.p. #2). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/264.  
Sigma: A Tactical Blueprint (s.p. #3). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/265.  
Potlatch (s.p. #4). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/266.  
Sigma General Information (s.p. #5). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/267.  
Practice and Theory -- The Present Situation (s.p. #6). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/268.  
The Unofficial Poetry Conference (s.p. #7). (2 items.)
box-folder   17/269.  
Letter from Stan Brakhage to Robert Kelly (s.p. #10). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/270.  
Subscription Form (s.p. #12). (2 items.)
box-folder   17/271.  
Inaugural Meeting of Mr. John Calder's Writers Night at Better Books (s.p. #13). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/272.  
Sigma Portfolio (s.p. #14). (6 items.)
box-folder   17/273.  
Letter to Universities (s.p. #15). (2 items.)
box-folder   17/274.  
A Tactical Experiment in Metacategorical Interaction (s.p. #16). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/275.  
Public Relations (s.p. #17). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/276.  
Cultural Engineering: Manifesto Situationiste 1960 (s.p. #18). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/277.  
Letter from Trocchi to Brakhage & Brakhage to Trocchi (s.p. #19). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/278.  
Revolt (s.p. #21). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/279.  
Cultural Engineering: Project "Projects": The Holding Company (s.p. #22). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/280.  
Jargon Paper, No. 1 (s.p. #23). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/281.  
Chapter 3 of The Breakfast People (s.p. #25). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/282.  
An American Sense (s.p. #26). (2 items.)
box-folder   17/283.  
Castalio Foundation Brochure (s.p. #28). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/284.  
The Decline and Fall of the "Spectacular" Commodity-Economy (s.p. #31). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/285.  
The Invisible Generation (s.p. #32). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/286.  
The Dialectics of Liberation (s.p. #35). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/287.  
Problems and Pseudoproblems Concerning "Dangerous Drugs" (s.p. #40). (1 item.)
box-folder   17/288.  
Jargon Paper, No. 2: The Cultural Revolution. (1 item.)
box-folder   17/289.  
Sigma Shop Plans. (9 items.)
box-folder   17/290.  
Sigma Netherlands. (4 items.)
box-folder   18/291.  
Clippings. (3 items.)
box-folder   18/292.  
Flyers. (40 items.)
box-folder   18/293.  
Flyers. (53 items.)
box-folder   18/294.  
Posters. (5 items.)
box-folder   18/295.  
Photographs. (4 items.)
box-folder   19/296-  
Series X Miscellaneous Projects. [series]:
box-folder   19/296.  
Correspondence. (84 items.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 14 June 1965 1p. w/encl.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 8 July 1965 1p.)
Price, Cedric. (ALS 14 July 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Bill Harpe. (TLS(c) 19 July 1965 1p.)
Cobbing, Bill to Bill Harpe. (ALS(x) 28 July 1965 2pp.)
Peterse, C.G.L. to Bill Harpe. (ALS(x) 29 July 1965 1p.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 3 Aug. 1965 1p. w/encl.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 11 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 13 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Skarvello, J. (ALS 16 Aug. 1965 5pp. w.encl.)
Baldwin, James. (TLS(x) 19 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 23 Aug. 1965 2pp.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 23 Aug. 1965 2pp.)
Vatsyayan, K. (TL(x) 24 Aug. 1965 3pp.)
Trocchi. (ALS(c) 24 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 25 Aug. 1965 1p. w.encl.: Beckett, Samuel. TL(c) 22 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Fuller, Roy. (ALS(x) 26 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Spender, Stephen. (TLS(x) 26 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Massey, R. (TLS 26 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 26 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Harpe, Bill to Michael Horovitz. (TL(c) 26 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Stevie Smith. (TLS(c) 27 Aug. 1965 1p.)
MacDiarmid, Hugh. (ALS 31 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 31 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 31 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Bill Harpe. (TL(c) 2 Sept. 1965 3pp.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 2 Sept. 1965 1p. w/encl.)
Harpe, Bill to John Kershaw. (TL(c) 2 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Morris, Stephen. (TLS 2 Sept. 1965 1p. w/encl.)
Sandys, Pat. (TLS(x) 3 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Bunting, Basil. (TLS 4 Sept. 1965 1p.)
McGrath, Tom. (ACS [6 Sept. 1965] 1p.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 6 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Harpe, Bill. (TL 6 Sept. 1965 1p.)
du Sautoy, Peter. (TLS(x) 16 Aug. 1965 1p.)
Morris, Stephen. (ALS 8 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Morris, Stephen. (TLS 8 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Bill Harpe. (TL(c) 9 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 10 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Williams, Amanda. (TLS [n.d.] 1p.)
Williams, Amanda. (TLS 11 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Harpe, Bill. (TLS 12 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Mulhevin, Jennifer. (ALS 13 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Charles Causley. (TL(c) 14 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Ted Hughes. (TL(c) 14 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Vernon Scannell. (TL(c) 14 Sept. 1965 1p.)
MacBeth, George. (TLS 15 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Plomer, William. (ALS 15 Sept. 1965 2pp.)
Williams, Amanda. (TLS 15 Sept. 1965 1p. w/encl.)
Causley, Charles. (TLS 16 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Scannell, Vernon. (TLS 17 Sept. 1965 1p.)
Morris, Stephen. (ALS 11 Oct. 1965 2pp.)
Williams, Amanda. (ALS 15 Oct. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Bill Harpe. (TL(c) 1 Dec. 1965 1p.)
Davies, R.L. (TLS 3 Dec. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Stephen Morris. (TL(c) 9 Dec. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi to Stephen Morris. (TL(c) 14 Dec. 1965 2pp.)
Davies, R.L. (TLS 20 Dec. 1965 1p.)
Trocchi. (AN [n.d.] 3pp.)
Morris, Stephen. (TLS 29 Jan. 1966 1p.)
Morris, Stephen. (TL(c) 29 Jan. 1966 1p.)
Trocchi to R.L. Davies. (TL(c) 1 Feb. 1966 4pp.)
Mansfield, H. (TLS 9 Feb. 1966 1p.)
Trocchi. (TLS(c) [n.d.] 1p.)
Trocchi. (ALS(draft) [n.d.] 4pp.)
Harpe, Bill. (TL(c) [n.d.] 1p. w/encl.)
Trocchi. (AN [n.d.] 1p.)
Williams, Amanda. (TLS [n.d.] 1p.)
Trocchi to Bill Harpe. (TL(c) [n.d.] 1p.)
Trocchi to Bill Harpe. (TL(draft) [n.d.] 1p.)
Hughes, Ted. (ALS [n.d.] 1p.)
box-folder   19/297.  
Brochures, notes, & lists. (55 items.)
box-folder   19/298.  
Clippings. (9 items.)
box-folder   19/299.  
Miscellaneous Projects -- Experimental Colleges: Announcements, brochures, catalogs. (15 items.)
box-folder   19/300.  
Camden Fun Palace Project. (16 items.)
box-folder   19/301.  
Project Cage. (9 items.)
box-folder   19/302.  
Drug Projects. (22 items.)
box-folder   20/303.  
Artists' Workshop Society. (21 items.)
box-folder   20/304.  
Dialectics of Liberation Congress. (6 items.)
box-folder   20/305.  
Open Way Trust Correspondence. (16 items.)
Howe, E. Graham. (TLS 6 July 1964 1p.)
Laing, R.D. to Maurice Carstairs. (TL(c) 17 July 1964 2pp.)
Carstairs, G. M. to R.D. Laing. (TLS 24 July 1964 1p.)
Howe, E. Graham. (TLS 11 Aug. 1964 1p.)
Laing, R.D. to G.M. Carstairs. (TL(c) 13 Aug. 1964 1p.)
Howe, E. Graham. (TLS 27 Aug. 1964 1p.)
Howe, E. Graham. (TLS 22 Sept. 1964 1p.)
Wellesley-Wesley, James. (TLS 14 Oct. 1964 2pp.)
Spickett, Daisy. (TLS 15 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to James Wellesley-Wesley. (TL(c) 20 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to Daisy Spickett. (TL(c) 20 Oct. 1964 1p.)
Trocchi to R.D. Laing. (TL(open letter) Nov. 1964 1p.)
Spickett, Daisy. (TLS 22 Jan. 1965 1p.)
Howe, E. Graham. (ALS 4 Feb. [1965] 2pp.)
[unidentified] (E. Graham Howe?). (ALS 10 Feb. 1965 3pp.)
Howe, E. Graham. (TLS 11 Feb. 1965 1p.)
box-folder   20/306.  
The Open Way Trust. (24 items.)
box-folder   20/307.  
Share the Farm Plan. (1 item.)
box-folder   20/308-318  
Series XI. Magazines. [series]:   
Scope: Journals of poetry and prose, art criticism, essays on psychology, communication, political newsheets and pamphlets, peace newsletters, youth movement publications, university magazines, other printed and mimeoed contemporary periodicals and ephemera. Arranged by country of origin.

box-folder   20/308.  
Canada. (3 items.)
box-folder   20/309.  
Cuba. (2 items.)
box-folder   20/310.  
Denmark. (3 items.)
box-folder   21/311.  
France. (4 items.)
box-folder   21/312.  
Germany. (4 items.)
box-folder   21/313.  
Greece. (1 item.)
box-folder   21/314.  
The Netherlands. (5 items.)
box-folder   21/315.  
United States. (9 items.)
box-folder   21/316.  
England. (24 items.)
box-folder   22/317.  
Scotland. (4 items.)
box-folder   22/318.  
England. (20 items.)
Series XII. Miscellany. [series]:
box-folder   22/319.  
Miscellany. (5 items.)
Series XIII. Correspondence. [series]:
box-folder   22/320  
Seaver, Richard 'Dick' to Trocchi, Alexander
(TLS, 1 p)
box-folder   22/321  
Strauss, Carol to Trocchi, Alexander
(TL[c], 1 p)
box-folder   22/322  
Trocchi, Alexander to Seaver, Richard 'Dick'
(ALS, 1 p)
(AL, 2 pp)
(TLS, 1 p)
(TLS, 1 p)
(TLS, 7 pp)
(ALS, 4 pp)
(ALS, 2 pp)
(TLS, 1 p)
(TLS, 2 pp)
(TLS, 1 p)
(TLS, 2 pp)
(TLS, 2 pp., w/encl.)   
Scope: Enclosure: TL[x], 2 pp from Trocchi to Judith (1963: June 11).

(TLS, 1 p)
(TL, 3 pp)