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Finding-Aid for the Palen Collection (WTU00295)

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Summary Information
Title: Palen Collection
Creator: Palen , John , 1942?- , American author.
Call number: WTU00295
Language: English

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Collection is open to research.

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Processed: August, 1969.

Contents List
box-folder   6/Palen  
1954-1964. Ts. drafts and worksheets for poetry.
Abraham remembers Abram. (Ts. draft.)
"Always growing up there are choices..." (Ts. draft.)
Ars poetica. (Ts. draft.)
At the stone fountain. (Ts. draft.)
Attack and release. (Ts. draft.)
The baseball park is only used..." (Ts. draft.)
Building going up. (Ts. draft.)
Carol was sad today. (Ts. draft.)
The change. (Ts. draft.)
A clear day on the Fourth of July. (Ts. draft.)
The clown. (Ts. draft.)
"Confusion of the city..." (Ts. draft.)
Cross-country bus. (Ts. draft.)
A dialogue. (Ts. draft.)
Drunk. (Ts. draft.)
Eads Bridge. (Ts. draft.)
Early Apollo. (Ts. draft.)
Faust. (Ts. draft.)
"The first time it happened..." (Ts. draft.)
A futility. (Ts. draft.)
"The highest dramas are not performed..." (Ts. draft.)
Husband to wife. (Ts. draft.)
In a world of plenty. (Ts. draft.)
"A legend here will tell you..." (Ts. draft.)
Like a cathredral [sic]. (Ts. draft.)
"Most people do not understand beautiful weather..." (Ts. draft.)
My father remembers food. (Ts. draft.)
My great-grandfather's tintype. (Ts. draft.)
"My woman hurt..." (Ts. draft.)
A note to Lois. (Ts. draft.)
October. (Ts. draft.)
Photograph. (Ts. draft.)
Photographer. (Ts. draft.)
Places to live.
Poems, I, II, III. (Ts. draft.)
Power-failure. (Ts. draft.)
A prayer. (Ts. draft.)
Psychotic. (Ts. draft.)
Reading an old book. (Ts. draft.)
Reflections on a world of plenty. (Ts. draft.)
Rip Van Winkle. (Ts. draft.)
Rule of thumb. (Ts. draft.)
A sequel. (Ts. draft.)
Slate-blue weather, smell of pinetree, Rock under foot, metallic water. (Ts. draft.)
Sharing hour. (Ts. draft,)
The solitary in spring. (Ts. draft.)
A song for Shem and Japheth. (Ts. draft.)
Song for the cello. (Ts. draft.)
Song of love. (Ts. draft.)
The task of the poet in a complex society isto use short words. (Ts. draft.)
"The terrible augeries [sic] of night..." (Ts. draft.)
"There is a point at which paying attention..." (Ts. draft.)
"This must be an act..." (Ts. draft.)
Three songs. (Ts. draft.)
The three stooges. (Ts. draft.)
"Thunder and a threat of rain..." (Ts. draft.)
"Time peers in at our winter bed..." (Ts. draft.)
To a man, sensitively quiet. (Ts. draft.)
To my wife. (Ts. draft.)
"A tree arose..." (Ts. draft.)
The truck. (Ts. draft.)
Two songs of leaving. (Ts. draft.)
Washing windows. (Ts. draft.)
"The water drop is round..." (Ts. draft.)
"Why can I no longer..." (Ts. draft.)
"You question, standing there..." (Ts. draft.)
Young girl playing tennis. (Ts. draft.)
Heine, Heinrich.
"Do you hear, love, laying your hand there..." (Ts. draft.)
"Each morning I arise and sigh..." (Ts. draft.)
"I wandered under the forest trees..." (Ts. draft.)
Nick, Dagmar.
October moon. (Ts. draft.)
Rilke, Rainer Maria.
Autumn day. (Ts. draft.)
Evening. Ts. (draft.)
Liebes-lied. (Ts. draft.)