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Finding-Aid for the Patty Jo Watson Papers (WTU00417)

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Summary Information
Title: Patty Jo Watson Papers
Creator: Watson, Patty Jo.
Inclusive dates:
Extent: ca. 155 items
Call number: WTU00417
Language: English
Repository: Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, MO 63130

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Biographical information on Patty Jo Watson can be found in Contemporary Authors volumes 77-80 (Gale Research Co.: Detroit).

Collection Scope and Content Note

Scope and Contents Note

The collection consists mainly of published essays and books reviews, teaching material, and graduate schoolwork that help document Patty Jo Watson's archaeological career.

This collection is currently unprocessed.

Contents List
box-folder   1/1  
I. Correspondence [series]: (2 items)   
Scope: Consists of correspondence from Patty Jo Watson to Robert A. Scott and from Richard Watson to Michael D. Resnick.

box-folder   1/2-10  
II. Materials toward Prehistoric Archeology Along the Zagros Flanks [series]: (ca. 130 items)   
Scope: Consists of early drafts and notebooks.

box-folder   1/11-39  
III. Essays [series]: (29 items)   
Scope: Consists of essays by Watson, arranged alphabetically.

box-folder   1/11  
Albert Ernest Glock 1925-1992
box-folder   1/12  
The Archaic Period and the Flotation Revolution
box-folder   1/13  
An Archaeological Reconnaissance of Portage Open Bay in Southeast Missouri and the Booth Site: A Late Archaic Campsite Book Review
box-folder   1/14  
Archaeological Resources of Mammoth Cave National Park: A Brief Summary
box-folder   1/15  
Archaeology, Anthropology, and the Culture Concept
box-folder   1/16  
Architectural Differentiation in Some Near Eastern Communities, Prehistoric and Contemporary
box-folder   1/17  
Beginnings of Village – Farming Communities in Southeastern Turkey
box-folder   1/18  
Cave Archeology in the Eastern Woodlands
box-folder   1/19  
Clues to Iranian Prehistory in Modern Village Life
box-folder   1/20  
A Comparative Statistical Analysis of Painted Pottery From Seven Halafian Sites
box-folder   1/21  
The Covering Law Model in Archaeology: Practical Uses and Formal Interpretations
box-folder   1/22  
Excavation and Analysis of Halafian Materials from Southeastern Turkey: the Halafian Period Reexamined
box-folder   1/23  
Explaining the Transition to Agriculture
box-folder   1/24  
Explanations and Models: The Prehistorian as Philosopher of Science and the Prehistorian as Excavator of the Past
box-folder   1/25  
Explanations in Archaeology: Reactions and Rebuttals
box-folder   1/26  
The Future of Archeology in Anthropology: Culture History and Social Science
box-folder   1/27  
The Green River, Kentucky, Shellmound Archaeological Project
box-folder   1/28  
The Halafian Pottery of Tilkitepe, Seen in the Hittite Museum, Ankara (Citadel)
box-folder   1/29  
The Impact of Early Horticulture in the Upland Drainage of the Midwest and Midsouth
box-folder   1/30  
LeBlanc and Watson – Halaf Papers: A Comparative Statistical Analysis of Painted Pottery from Seven Halafian Sites
box-folder   1/31  
Method and Theory in Shipwreck Archaeology
box-folder   1/32  
Of Caves and Shell Mounds in West Central Kentucky
box-folder   1/33  
Paleonutrition: the Diet and Health of Prehistoric Americans [Foreward]
box-folder   1/34  
Prehistoric Investigations in Southeastern Turkey [Abstract]
box-folder   1/35  
The Razor’s Edge: Symbolic – Structuralist Archaeology and the Expansion of Archeological Inference
box-folder   1/36  
The Shell Mound Archaic of Western Kentucky
box-folder   1/37  
A Study of Archaeology [Foreword]
box-folder   1/38  
Systematic, Intensive Surface Collection
box-folder   1/39  
The Theory and Practice of Ethnoarcheology with Special Reference to the Near East
box-folder   1/40-45  
IV. Book Reviews [series]: (6 items)   
Scope: Consists of book reviews by Watson, arranged alphabetically.

box-folder   1/40  
Archaeological Surveys in the Zhob and Loralai Districts, West Pakistan
box-folder   1/41  
Archaeology and the Methodology of Science
box-folder   1/42  
Man’s Role in Changing the Face of the Earth
box-folder   1/43  
Reconstructing Prehistoric Pueblo Societies
box-folder   1/44  
Social Archaeology
box-folder   1/45  
Stone Age Hunters of the Kafue: The Gwisho A Site
box-folder   1-2/46-65  
V. Teaching and Schoolwork [series]: (ca. 45 items)   
Scope: Includes material toward classes taught by Watson and notebooks and papers from her own graduate work.

box-folder   2/66-73  
VI. Ephemera [series]: (ca. 43 items)   
Scope: Contains ephemera broken into three groups: Clippings, notices, and personal documents.

box-folder   2/66-70  
VI.1 Clippings [subseries]: (ca. 35 items)   
Scope: Contains clippings featuring Watson.

box-folder   2/71-72  
VI.2 Notices [subseries]: (ca. 7 items)   
Scope: Consists of notices of speeches given by Watson and awards recieved by her.

box-folder   2/73  
VI.3 Personal Documents [subseries]: (1 item)   
Scope: Consists of a photocopy of Watson's marriage certificate.