Jacques Chauvin vs. Jacques d'Eglise
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After I presented the petition to you,
I became informed in the winter by Mr. JacquesJacques
Deglise Trailleur for Mr. Sanguinet that the village of the
Maha Nation was bordering the large river
where it was occupied for arranging trade of
goods to bring to this nightly post.
Before the complaintant was to come to you,
I am presenting this to you, where you, Santan, responsible in these ideas
in consideration for ending this trading of goods, not being useful
in secret. All the court
requires from me is to supply your authority for
the agreement to lend a hand in stopping Mr.
JacquesJacques Deglise to where he finds it is actually himself
either of his leaving immediately at our orders
with all his goods to be taken only with
consent with winter always and dangerous of that