Jacques Chauvin vs. Jacques d'Eglise
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To Mr. CharlesCharles
Dehault LieutenantLieutenant
Gouvernor of this great
Supplied very humbly by JacquesJacques Chauvin
saying that, in consequence of the petition to that which was his
honor to present to you this six and seventh
of this present month, for the goods
that were brought from Mr. JacquesJacques of Eglise, his pleasure to be able to stop
all followers, that are not indirectly
involved, coming from the said goods of said
Mr. d'Eglise which are actually between
this post and reports between the
Joseph RobidouJoseph Robideaux and BenoitBenoit
of IllinoisIllinois this eight of June 1802
JacquesJacques Chauvin