United States v. Francois Hortes
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Territory of LouisianaLouisiana
District of Saint LouisDistrict of Saint Louis
Court of General Quarter
Sessions of the peace
June Term mdcccvii

To Writ

The jurors of the UnitedUnited States
StatesUnited States for the body of the District of Saint LouisDistrict of Saint Louis
upon their oaths present that one FrancisFrancis Houten
of the said District, on the Eleventh day of May in the year One thousand eight hundred and seven with
force and arms, at the Mahas village, upon the
River MissouriMissouri, and within the Territory of LouisianaLouisiana
without a license first had and obtained from the
superintendant of Indian affairs in the said Territory
for that purpose did reside in the town or hunting
camp of the said Mahas tribe of Indians, upon
the said River MissouriMissouri, as a trader and being
so then and there residing & unauthorized to trade with the
said tribe of Indians, did then and there offer
for sale, and actually sell to the same Indians
Sundry goods wares and merchandizes. To writ
two pieces, and seventeen yards shrouding twenty three
two print blankets, four two and a half print blankets
Seventeen One and a half print Blankets; fifteen Calico
shirts, twenty two, and one sixth of a dozen scalping

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knives, eleven pounds of beads Blue and WhiteWhite , five
pounds : four pounds, fourteen
pewter basinsweighing seventeen pounds, three toma-
hawks. One yard scarlet five pieces India Calico
each containing eighteen yards, fourteen yards of the
five pieces Scotch guarding Ten Blue CottonCotton
Handkerchiefs, twenty nine Black Silk Handkerchiefs
Eight yarn, Thirteen Looking Glasses, One
Hawk Bells Dozen brass rings, four
Dozen an five common Buttons, Eleven Box Combs
four and one half [ mockasin ] nine horse
Bells Three Hundred gun flints ten pair silver
wrist Bands, four and a half pair ear wheels
Three and a half pair arm Bands Eight half
moons Three Hundred & Twenty five pair of
Ear Bobs, forty two Hair pipes, One Hundred and
containing five thousand
three Hundred four pieces Ribbon, Six pounds
powder four Brass Kettles weighing fifty two
pounds & ten small Kettles tin; of the value of
Hundred Dollars; to the examples of
all others in like cases offending, contrary to
the statute of this United StatesUnited States entitled "an
âact to regulate Trade and Intercourse with