United States v. John Johnston
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the day & year aforesaid signed Otho,
whereupon, at the said Court on the second, day of the Term last
aforementioned, the said John JohnstonJohn Johnston in his own
proper perosn and to the said indictment, pleads not Guilty a
for trial puts himself upon the country and the said attorney
General doth, the like, therefore let a jury come,
whereupon the sheriff returned into Court the following persons, as jurors,
to wit,, Thomas Lafferty, ElishaElisha Crasby,
John Ball, GabrielGabriel Long John Johns Robert Buckannon, Ezekial,RogersRogers
Willis Hensley,, John Basey & Michail Miller twelve good & lawfull
men, duly elected tried and sworn, James RogersJames Rogers being offered as a
Witness was objected to by RufusRufus Easton ,EastonRufus Easton Esquire, attorney for the Defendant,
stating that he was interested as being the owner of the property
alledged, to have been, Stolen & objection over ruled by the Court
whereupon, the said Rufus EastonRufus Easton attorney for the Defendant as

aforesaid filed his Bill of Exceptions which said Bill was signed
by the Court and is in the following words and figures to wit,
St. LouisSt Louis of the peace