United States v. John Johnston
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St. LouisSt Louis sessions, of the peace,

John JohnstonJohn Johnston

United StatesUnited States

On indictment for

The attorney General on behalf of
the United StatesUnited States moved the court to
& ad -mitJamesJames Ragers as a witness on this trial on
the part of the United StatesUnited States which the counsel
for defendant objected on the ground
that the several goods and Chattels, and
property mentioned in the Indictment
to have, been stolen was the property of
the said James RogersJames Rogers and it also being
admitted that he was the same person,
James RogersJames Rogers named in the said Indictment
as having lost, the said, goods and
chattels - also that said RogersRogers would
be entitled on conviction, of defendant
to restitution, of the said goods and chattels
mentioned in the indictment and to
the value thereof if the said goods and chattles
should, be restored to him said RogersRogers and if not restored
to him said RogersRogers then in that case he,
would be untitled to two fold the value of
the said goods and chattels - the court
overruled, the objections of defendants
counel and admitted the said RogersRogers to
be sworn and testify as a witness on the
said trial to which opinion, of the court
the counsel for defendant excepted and
this Bill of exceptions and pray
the court to sign the same in teste