United States v. John Johnston
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" United StatesUnited States"
"John JohnstonJohn Johnston "

John JohnstonJohn Johnston being
called and failing to
answer and refusing to
to be recognized on motion
âof the attorney general he is ordered into
âcustody of the sheriff,â which proceeding
is entered as of the eighth day of March
of the same year on the minutes of the
said courts proceeding the counsel for
the said John JohnstonJohn Johnston excepted and objected
to the said proceeding of the said court on
the said motion of the said attorney General
on the ground that the three first
days of the said quarter session court having
expired the judges had no, jurisdiction
and can not take of the
said, case and motion to made and
prayed the court to have the said motion
entered as of the ninth day of March
aforesaid when it was in fact made
the court overrule, the objection of the
counsel of the said John JohnstonJohn Johnston and are,
of opinion that the said motion and
order stand in form and manner as
is above to which opinion of the