United States v. John Johnston
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Be it remembered that JohnJohn Johnston Johnston,
Edward JohnstonJohn Johnston , & GeorgeGeorge appeared before me this
subcriber one of the Judges, of the general Court
for the Territory, of LouisianaLouisiana, and acknowledged
to our to the United StatesUnited States the sum of two
thousand Dollars the said JohnJohn Johnston JohnstonJohn Johnston ,
in the sum of one thousand Dollars and the said,
Edward Johnston, and GeorgeGeorge in the
sum of five hundred dollars each, to be
of their respective, goods and Chattels,
and if be made
in the Condition following -

that, of the said JohnJohn Johnston JohnstonJohn Johnston ,
be, and appear before Judge, of the
Court of Quarter Sessions, at then July
Term next, on the, first monday of
July next at the town, of St LouisSt Louis, to
answer, to a Certain Indictment,
larceny, or horse stealing, and not depart,
the Court without leave, - then that,
to be - otherwise, to
remain in full force, - March 10th 1869

Taken and subscribed,
and sealed before me
one of the judges, above
named in the same day
and year as above mentioned,

JohnJohn Johnson B

John Johnson

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Edward JohnsonJohn Johnson

[missing figure]
George his


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