Rufus Easton v. George Druillard
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and defended him on the trial of the Judge
ment found in the said prosecution against
him upon which he said GeorgeGeorge was afterwards
towit on the day and year aforesaid at,
the place aforesaid acquitted in due forever
of Law. Nevertheless the said GeorgeGeorge
often requested and demanded has not yet
paid to said RufusRufus the said sum , two
hundred dollars or any part thereof but,
the source or any part thereof to pay has
hitherto wholly refused and still, refuses.

And whereas afterwards towit on the
day and year aforesaid at the place
aforesaid the said GeorgeGeorge was indebted
to the said RufusRufus in the sum of two
hundred dollars Lawful money of the
United StatesUnited States for the work and labor
care and diligence by him the said
RufusRufus before that time done performed
and he for the said GeorgeGeorge as as an attorney and counsellors of the
said GeorgeGeorge upon the and
at the special instance and request
of the said GeorgeGeorge in and about the
prosecuting and defending suits
in Law and for fees due and of right
payable as such to the said RufusRufus
according to the account herewith announced
and also for divers, journies and
attendance by the said RufusRufus before