Peter Chouteau vs. Edward Hempstead
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copy of the protest

District of ColumbiaDistrict of Columbia
county of washington


Be it known that on the
seventeenth day of july in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine. I HenryHenry notary public for the county aforesaid, residing in the city
of WashingtonWashington, in the said county duly commissioned
and sworn at the request of Mr. John DavidsonDavidson , presented
to Dr. WilliamWilliam secretary of war above mentioned,
the original Bill whereof the above is a true copy, the
time limited for payment of the said Bill being
expired since acceptance thereof was demanded by our
the said Notary and demanded of said Secretary at war
payment of the Sum of money in the said Bill specified
whereunto he answered that he would not pay the same
because the drawer had no authority to draw.â

Wherefore I the said notary at the request aforesaid
have protested, and by these presents do solemnly protest as
well against the drawer of the said Bill, as all others whom
it doth or may concern, for all legal interest, damages, cost
and charges which have occured or which may occur by
reason of the non payment of the said sum of money
according to the of the said Bill. This done and
protested at the city of WashingtonWashington, the day and year aforesaid

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In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
hand affixedmy NotorialSeal of Office.

HenryHenry Whitenorff Notary Public