Charles Sanguinette vs. Edward Hempstead
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EdwardEdward Hempstead HempsteadEdward Hempstead of of
MM Lewis . LewisM Lewis vs. -

CharlesCharles Sanguinette SanguinetteCharles Sanguinette

The Defendant pleads that at the
of Plaintiff on the
day of august, in the one thousand eight hundred & Ten
the district of Saint LouisSt Louis, had came
and of the
said to the value of one thousand, and
one Dollars and to the in the office the
of Saint LouisSt Louis the Twenty Second day of
and, a of by to on a of Six months and
to the amount of Hundred & eight Dollars-and
there his honor old, paid, property
to the Value of Five Hundred ninety two
Dollars & seventy Cents of which is the the
change of the administration. the following
have of said .

JacobJacob a decree of the of Common district balance -
alexander against
JamesJames , -
, a of exchange.
against 10.
a by against
Defendant on administrator, Pleas
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WilliamWilliam H Thomas, protested bill of unchange
John demand for money received by
said LewisLewis for him action hundreds
in his Count for
The demand in this 125.00

amounting in the whole in the sum of Two Thousand
eight hundred & forty two dollars & six cents which
leaves the said estate insolvent not calculationg the
change & fees of administration not yet ascertained to the
amount of one thousand eight hundred & Eleven Dollar
& sixty five cents--and that no other goods a of
the said have seen come to his honor--all
which he is ready to verify to--

E. HempsteadEdward Hempstead , Pro ?