William Clark vs. Nicholas Brazeau
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District of Saint LouisDistrict of Saint Louis Ss

WilliamWilliam ClarkeClarke , complains of Nicholas
Brazeaa for this, that the said NicholasNicholas , at the
aforesaid, on the thirteenth Day of July in the year of one thousand eight hundred and nine, by one certain note
of hand of that date by him with his own propers
hand writing or mark then & there put made of
subscribed, promised the plaintiff as follows as
"on Demand I promise to pay to Gen.WilliamWilliam
"ClarkeClarke agent for the MissouriMissouri Fur Company FurMissouri Fur Company CompanyMissouri Fur Company , on his
"order the just and full sum of one hundred & seventy
one Dollars & twentytwo& half cents for value

St. LouisSt LouisJuly 13 1809

NicholasNicholas his


mark Brazean