Joseph v. Auguste Chouteau
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furs oil and tallow, were reasonably worth;
and the said JosephJoseph avers that the said last, men-
tioned goods, wares, merchandise, , oil
and tallow, were then and there to wit at the
time and place aforesaid reasonably worth
the sum of other, three hundred and
seven dollars and fifty cents like lawful money;
whereof the said St PaulSt Paul then and there
had notice. And whereas afterwards, to wit; on the day
and year aforesaid at the place aforesaid
the said St PaulSt Paul in his lifetime was indebted
to the said JosephJoseph in the sum of sixty four
dollars like lawful money for money by the
said JosephJoseph before that time laid out
and expended from the said St PaulSt Paul at his
like special and , and being
so indebted he the said St PaulSt Paul in consider-
ation thereof afterwards to wit on the same day
and year aforesaid at the place aforesaid undertook
and then and their faithfully promised the said
JosephJoseph to pay him the said sum of money
when he should be thereunto, afterwards requested
yet the said St PaulSt Paul Lacroix, in his life time the
said several sums of money or any part thereof
to the said JosephJoseph did not pay although often
requested so to do, nor hath the said AugusteAugust Chouteau ,
ChouteauAugust Chouteau , since the death of said St PaulSt Paul
paid the same though often requested ; but the same
to pay hath heretofor, wholly refused and still doth,
refuse to the damage of the said JosephJoseph four
hundred dollars; wherefore he brings his