Gilbert Russell vs. Edward Hempstead
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District of St. LouisSt Louis


Gilbert C. RussellRussell complains of Ed-
ward HempsteadHempstead , administrator of all & singular the goods rights , which
were of MeriwetherMeriwether deceased at the time
of his death after pleas of a upon
whereupon the said
GilbertGilbert complain, that whereof the said MeriwetherMeriwether in his lifetime, to wit on the
twenty seventh day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun-dred & nine, at St. LouisSt Louis of did makes
his certain note in writing called a promi
sory note, with his proper hand subscribed,
the same day & year and that
note to the said GilbertGilbert C. Rufsell did
by which said note, the said MeriwetherMeriwether
did promise to pay to the said
GilbertGilbert on order on the fourth day January
then next evening, the sum of Three
hundred & seventy nine dollars & fifty
eight events

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for value by whereof the said MeriwetherMeriwether become changeable to pay the said Gil-
bert the sum of hundred of seventy
nine dollars a fifty eight only only -> cents , according to the
of the said note, and being so chargeable.
The said MeriwetherMeriwether afternoon afternoon -> afterwards , to writ, the same day a year of , at the district of in consideration
there faithfully promised that the of sum of money when he should be to required
he would will treaty pay bimonthlys , the said MeriwetherMeriwether , his promises affirmaytion [affirmation]
, in form of made, not regarding, but
contracting contracting -> contriving fraud intending him the
said GilbertGilbert , in this behalf, craftily subtilely to deceive and defraud, the of three
hundred seventy nine dollars eight
cents , or any part thereof , during his life time
to the said GilbertGilbert hath not paid , not the
said EdwardEdward administrator as since his
death (altho' to do the same, the said MeriwetherMeriwether in his lifetime, of the said EdwardEdward , since
the death