John Colter vs. Edward Hempstead
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District of St. LouisSt Louis

John complains of EdwardEdward Hemp
stead, administrator of all and signature the
which were of
MeriwetherMeriwether Lewis LewisMeriwether Lewis , both of said district who
died ? ? said/ of a plea of
on the case 26th. And whereupon the said
John that whereas the saith MeriwetherMeriwether in his life time, to writ, the fourth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine, at the district
aforesaid, was indebted to the said John in
the sum of five hundred fifty
lawful money of the United StatesUnited States, for a
like sum of money before that time had
and received to and for the use of the said
John; and being so indebted the aforesaid
MeriwetherMeriwether , in association thereof, upon
himself , and then & there faithfully
that the aforesaid sum of mo
ney when he should be thereunto required
would and truly pay to the said
John, and him in that behalf content
- Nevertheless the said Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis pro
mise and assumption in form aforesaid
made not regarding, but containing and fraudulently intending him the said John in this

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behalf craftily and subtly to deceive &
defraud, the aforesaid sum of five hundred
& fifty nine dollars or any part thereof, during
his lifetime, to the said John not paid,
nor the said EdwardEdward administrator as afore
said, since the death of the said MeriwetherMeriwether
in his lifetime, and the said EdwardEdward since he
became administrator, were often required
But the same to him to pay altogether re
fused, & the same to him to pay the said
EdwardEdward still both refuse. Whereupon the
said John says he is and
and thereupon being said

. A. Graham