Thomas James v. St. Louis Fur Company, et al.
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LouisianaLouisiana Territory
District of S LouisS Louis


Thomas JamesThomas James complains of Pierre Menard
ManuelManuel Lisa LisaManuel Lisa , Labbadie, Pierre Choteau
Senior, Auguste ChoteauAugust Chouteau , WilliamWilliam Morrison MorrisonWilliam Morrison ,
ReubenReuben LewisAndrew HenryAndrew Henry & William ClarkWilliam Clark
surviving partners of Benjamin Wilkinsen deceased
late Merchants in Company trading under the style
Name and of the Saint LouisSt Louis MissouriMissouri fur
Company for this to that whereas the said
Defendants by BenjaminBenjamin Wilkinson WilkinsonBenjamin Wilkinson their agent,
authorized and empowered for that purpose entered
in to a written contract and Engagement, under
His Hand of the said BenjaminBenjamin Wilkinson WilkinsonBenjamin Wilkinson and
the said Thomas JamesThomas James and this in the words & figures
following to writ âArticle of Contract and agreement,
this day entered into between BenjBenjamin " WilkinsonWilkinson ,
agent for the St. LouisSt Louis MissouriMissouri fur Company of the
part and ThomasThomas James JamesThomas James of St. LouisSt Louis district of the
other part Witnesseth that the said ThomasThomas James JamesThomas James
has this day engaged, promised and bound himself
and does by these presents engaged promise and bind
himself to do and perform all and singular the services
that may be required of him by the said Company
in the prosecution of a from St LouisSt Louis to the Head
Waters of the MissouriMissouri, or to other on the Waters of
said River MissouriMissouri, and to obey, do and perform all
duties and Commands required of him the said
Thomas JamesThomas James by PersonPerson or Persons as have
or Command of the Embarkations or Expeditions
up the said River, a many which Duties and

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Command the following and write, to writ -
that the said Thomas JamesThomas James is to present himself
in properPersonPerson and the of St LouisSt Louis at such
as the Company may deem Proper and proper
to said voyage that he is to labor and
as the transportation of baggage, loading and
unloading of Boats, rowing, towing and all other things,
connected with or relating to the safe and
of the now, Baggage, Merchandise, or other things from
this town of St LouisSt Louis to the Head Waters of the said River
that on his arrival there he is to Labor in trapping
hunting and collecting furs, meats, Poltries and to the
best of his abilities and cunning and is to remain
with said Company or be removed by the
said Company from place to place on the said
Waters of the MissouriMissouri as may be deemed most to
their advantage always in Case of a
to in transporting baggage merchandise
and finally is bound to perform all those things
which Once engaged under similar circumstance
and with the same views,, are bound to do and perform
obeying and executing with promptness all
and reasonable orders which only be given him by
those Persons who command the expeditions - - -
and the said Benjamin WilkinsonBenjamin Wilkinson in the Name and or
behalf of the St. LouisSt LouisMissouri Fur CompanyMissouri Fur Company , do
command with the said Thomas JamesThomas James as follows
to writ - that the said Thomas JamesThomas James shall be
furnished with four men and the necessary equipment
for himself and four men for hunting and
trapping and to allow him as full compensation
one equal fifth part of his and the four men's land
their contract to continue for the term of three
years, unless sooner discharged by the company. -
all this the contracting parties aforesaid promise