Samuel Solomon v. Mary P. Leduc
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District of Saint LouisDistrict of Saint LouisSs.

SamuelSamuel SolomonSolomon , administrator of
all and Singular the goods. chattles, rights and credits of
Pierre Dorion Levin deceased, which said Letters of admin
istration are here in Court ready to be produced complains
of MaryMary PP Leduc . LeducP Leduc for that the said MaryMary P. on the first day of April, in the year, one thousand, eight hundered and Eleven,
at the Town and district of Saint LouisSt Louis was indebted to the said
Pierre Dorion then in full life, in the sum of Two Hundred
and Seventy Six Dollars, lawful money of the United StatesUnited States
for so much money, by the said MaryMary P. before
that time, for the pay of the said PierrePierre as interpreted
for the UnitedUnited States StatesUnited States, in the Indian Department and being
so the said MaryMary P. in consideration therefore
there & then assumed upon himself & the said PierrePierre then
& there faithfully promised to pay him the same sum of
Money on regaining.

And also so that the said MaryMary
then and there was indebted to the said PierrePierre , in one other
for the sum of Two Hundred twenty six Dollars lawful
money of the UnitedUnited States StatesUnited States. for much money by the
said PierrePierre for the said MaryMary P. before that time, paid
laid out and advanced, at her specialrequest & being
so indebted the said MaryMary P. then & there assumed upon
himself and to the said PierrePierre promising to pay him
the sum of money on request - & the
said MaryMary P. in the life time of said PierrePierre , did not
pay the said sum of money nor either of them to
the said PierrePierre , nor since the decease of said PierrePierre
to him the plaintiff his administrator, although

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often requested and demanded, to the damage of the plaintiff
an administrator as aforesaid the sum of Five Hundred

Wherefore &c

C. HempsteadHempstead p. q.