United States v. Aske nawa, Aske na wa (the young man)
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District of Saint LouisDistrict of Saint Louis

Thomas WinnThomas Winn being duly sworn on the holy Evangelists
of almighty god deposeth and saith that he was in view
where there were one indian woman and three
Indian men which appeared to be in conversation with
each other, when one of the man (whose name I am
informed is Aske nawa the young man) struck the
woman on the right side side of the neck with a
bunch of arrows which appeared to be in a tangled
position. the woman then ran across the street
and the next thing I saw, was, the woman lying
in Mr. BeardsB. SmithB Smith Shop, she was then taken
out of the shop by Mr. Beard and a couple of Indians
and laid at the end of the shop near where the
act was [ commited ]. I than waited on Doct. Farrow
while he endeavoured to give the woman some
assistance, but she in a short time expired which
I belive was occasioned from a wound in the neck
which was given at the time of the stroke with
the bunch of arrow by the above named Indian
the above mentioned Indian woman is by name (as I am informed) Othipaya Or the head

Thos Winn Jr

Sworn to and subscribed
before the coroner of the
District of SS Louis LouisS Louis27th May A.D 1811

John WJohn W . Honey

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