United States v. Aske nawa, Aske na wa (the young man)
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Be it rmembend that on this twenty ninth day of may in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and eleven
personally came and appeand before me John WJohn W Honey
Coroner for the DistrictDistrict of Saint Louis ofDistrict of Saint Louis SaintDistrict of Saint Louis LouisDistrict of Saint LouisThomas
Charles SanguinetteCharles Sanguinette and Joseph Wilkinson on who acknowledged
themselves to stand in indebted unto the United Sates of
AmericaAmerica in the sum of one hundred dollars each to be
levied of their respected goods and chattels hands
and tenements if Default be made

The condition of the above recognizance
is such that is the above named Thomas Winn Junior
CharlesCharles Sanguinette and Joseph WilkensonJoseph Wilkenson shall personally
be and appear at the next court of oyer and
to be holden at the town of S LouisS Louis in and for the distritc of Saint LouisSt Louis then and there to deliver and
set forth their knowledge touching the death of Othepa
Ya (or the head) and do not depart the said court
without leave thereof then this recog nizance to be
void else to he and full force and virtue
in law.

In witness whereof the said Thomas WinnThomas Winn
junior Chacles Sanguinette and JosephJoseph Wilkenson
WilkensonJoseph Wilkenson have hereunto set their hands
and sals at St LouisSt Louis the day and year
above Written

Thos Winn

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Chas Sanguinet

[missing figure]

Wilkenson, J

[missing figure]
signed acknowledged
before me Coroner for the
district or St. LouisSt Louis day 2 year

John, W, Honey