United States v. Aske nawa, Aske na wa (the young man)
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Where as the honourable JohnJohn B BJohn B C LucasLucas one
of the Judges of the general court for the
territory of LouisianaLouisiana has by his order
directed to the sheriff of the destrict of
Saint LouisSt Louis bearing date the fourth day of july instant ordered a court of oyer &
terminer & general jail delivery to be
holden at the court house for the distict
of Saint LouisSt Louis on Monday the twelfth day of August next ensuing, the attendant
where of he has assigned to himself for the
trial of all offences punishable with death
by the laws of this territoy and more
Especially for the trial of a certain Indian
of the mascoutah tribe named Askena
wa or the young man on a charge
made on oath of having committed
the crime of murder in the district aforesaid
on an indian woman there fore in
[ obediance ] to the law of this territory and
the requsition of the writ

Public notice is hereby given that
a court for the [ purposses ] aforesaid will
be held at the term and place aforesaid all
persons concerned are required to give there
attendance of the law directs at there [ paril ]
St louisSt Louisjuly 8th 1811 a copy

A McNairA McNair Shff

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