United States v. Aske nawa, Aske na wa (the young man)
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To the Sheriff of the district of St Kiyus
in the Territory of LouisianaLouisiana

you are here by commanded to summon twenty four
good and lawfull men to serve as grand jurors at a court of oyer and terminer and general gaol deli-
very, ordered to be held in the afore said district
of StSt Louis LouisSt Louis on the twelfth day of this present month to inquire into all offences and crimes punishable-
with death that may have been committed
in the afore said district by a certain Indian of the Mucoutan tribe named AskenawaAskenawa or the young
man for which the said indian is committed
in the gaol of the said district of st Louis, and
make such presentations and do all those things
which ought to be done by a grand inquest here in fail not at your peril, and have you
then and thre this writ

In witness where of, one of the judges of the
general court general court of the Territory of LouisianaLouisiana have here

set my hand and seal at my in the you
of said, the first day of augustA.D.1811 and of the independance of the states of The thirty sixth

states of AmericaAmerica the thirty-sixth

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