United States v. Aske nawa, Aske na wa (the young man)
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District of St LouisSt Louis Sct

Charles SanguinetteCharles Sanguinette being duly sworn on the
holy Evangelists of Almighty God deposeth and saith that he
the deponent this twenty seventh day of May one thousand eight hundred and eleven saw an indian man standing
with an indain woman in the street of St. LouisSt Louis opposite
the lake house of madame RobidouxRobideaux that the said Indian
man appeared to be talking with the said Indian woman
that there was two other Indain men standing by them
that one of the Indains that was standings by mounted a
horse, that when he had mounted on the horse the said
Indain woman [ cauth ] hold of the bridle
the horse and walk a few steps leading the horse after
her that the indian man which had been talking with
the said indian woman walk round the house which
when the said indian woman saw she went to the
side of the house by an old Indian man. that the Indian
man who had been talkings with the said Indian woman
took an arrow (not armed) made of wood & struck
the said indian woman on the neck does not recollect
whether on the right or left side that the Indian
woman immediately run offI further saith not

Charles Sanguinet

Sworn to before me the
Subscriber of the
District of SS Louis LouisS Louis27th may A.D. 1811

John WJohn W Honey

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