Thomas Jones v. Joseph Lewis, Sheriff of New Madrid
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Territory of LouisianaLouisianaGeneral court
In Equity

ThomasThomas Jones JonesThomas Jones
JosephJoseph Lewis LewisJoseph Lewis Esquire Sheriff of the
District of New MadridMadrid & other

on Petition for an injunction
Whereas Thomas JonesThomas Jones of the Though of borough
IndianaIndiana Territory did at the last general court of the Territory of LouisianaLouisiana
as a court of at the october Term of the said court in this same year and
file in the said court his petition against Joseph LewisJoseph Lewis esquire sheriff
of the District of New MadridMadrid stating among other things that some time
in the year 1806, he did sell to two Indians of the CherokeeNations
Webber and John (alias Couiture) an equipment of goods for the Indian
trade and did from time to time afterwards supply the said Indians with
such other goods as the trade they were engaged in might require
that the said Indians had always been punctual in their payments until
the summer of 1809 when the said Indians, by proceedings as illegal
as they were until then, unheard of, became disposed of their goods, and
thereby of the means of to the said JonesJones , their the
of the said goods they by him advanced to them - That the said goods to
seized and taken out of the posession of the said Indians were lodged into the hands of the
said JosephJoseph Lewis LewisJoseph Lewis sheriff of the District of New MadridMadrid in whose custody
they now remain, for by the answer of said sheriff to this bill now on
file, appears - and praying the writ of the united states
of injunction for the appointment of one or more Auditors to inquire into and
of certain what sum or sums is or are due the said Thomas JonesThomas Jones from the
said judiciary: that upon the order of the said auditors, the goods aforesaid
may be left to delivered to them to be transported to the of St LouisSt Louis;
there to be sold for cash and after deducting from the sale of the same
such sum or sums as this Honorable cort shall award

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to the said sheriff the auditorsand other expenses attending they
the balance be paid into the hands of the said ThomasThomas Jones
JonesThomas Jones or his attorney or Agent whereas the said general court setting
as aforesaid, did on the sixteenth day of October with the year and of the term aforesaid
order that a notice of the demanded exhibited by the complainant should
be served on the Executive of the Territory or the attoney general of the same
and be for two months in the LouisianaLouisianaGazette all persons concerned of the
demand set up by the complainant and further that the said complainent
be permitted to take posession of the goods in question, having first filed with
the clerk of the general court, a in the penality of double the of the
appraisement of said goods conditioned to abide by and carry into effect
the final decree of the said court in said can to be rendered, the
of the security in said Bond to be determined by one of the judges of the general
court after said appraisement be made by three appointed
by the court of common pleas of the District of New MadridMadrid

now thereofre notice is hereby given to the excutive aforesaid the Attorney
general and others concerned that unless they appear and be made codefendants
to the said Action, the said complainant having complied with the requests
of the order, such other and farther relief and decree will be made
by the said court as to them of right and according to law and equity
shall deem to be done