Thomas Jones v. Joseph Lewis, Sheriff of New Madrid
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Thomas JonesThomas Jones
The Sheriff of n. 112

On an injunction
From a full examination
of the Bill, answer and exhibits, it appears,
that this cause has grown out of an improper
constrution of the laws, governing the Indian
trade. It appearing
whereas The goods which form the subject of this
Injunction, and are now in the hands of
the sheriff of New MadridMadrid, were taken by
a warrant issued & signed by the late
governor of this Territory which instructs
the said goods to remain in the
hands or posession of the said sheriff to be
"disposed of according to law." and that the AttorneyGeneralwhere official
duty it is to
advocate the rights & to protect the interest of
of the U.S. - has withdrawn from this cause,
& thereby all of claim of the
U.S. to those goods: And, as John H M bonne too
alias Couiture (from whom the goods were taken)
has transfered his right, in the said goods, to the

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complaintant the court which trespass of file & is made an exhibt in this cause & not discovering
any reason why they should not be granted the prayer
if the Bill therefore It is
and ordered by the said court follows To wit,

That the said sheriff of New MadridMadrid
give up and surrender to the complaintant,
his agent or attorney, the goods and
merchandise mentioned by the said sheriff
in his return on the aforesaid warrant a
copy of the return shall accompany this
decree: the said sheriff receive such fees & for the the said good and all charge against the said
is fall charges he may have
the said goods: The said goods shall be taken
by the said plaintiff his attorney, or by the
order of either to the town of S LouisS Louis and
sold, as they may for cash as may be necessary to paid S Sheriff & the fees of the officers of this court out of
the proceeds of the sale of said goods, the clerk
of this court shall be paid his fees, and the
plaintiffs attorney shall be allowed dollars
as his fee and a perpetualinjunction is
hereby awarded against all person or persons
claimming the said goods or any part thereof