Thomas Jones v. Joseph Lewis, Sheriff of New Madrid
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attention to principle proceedings uniform
and just decisions, can there
be found its parallel no case
where , blinded by ignorance
or in attention, has ever before, so
much distorted the law and
assumed the rights of the general
courts of LouisianaLouisiana

Your orator begs permission of
your honors, more fully to represent
his case, and to charge in
First that the aforementioned goods,
were both equitably and legally
the property of the said Indians
at, and for some time before
their seizureof by That the said
Indians had actually commenced
on mercantile establishment, which
so to improve their
by an increase of

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their fortunes as to make them merchants
of sufficient information &
records to furnish their own tribe
with all the [ merchantilize ]required
by their months, or made
by the increase of their
civilization; and lastly, that the
said Indains, often expressed to your
orator, a hope that they would
soon be in a situation to do, for
their people, what was done by
the white traders, and expected,
much benefit to ersult from
such a change; that, the said
deputy indian agent, as heretofore
stated, did by his unjustifiable
conduct cause the said Indians
to say "that the goods" before
mentioned "were not theirs" but
your orators: That the said Indians