Thomas Jones v. Joseph Lewis, Sheriff of New Madrid
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did, before, and at the time of
[ seijure ] of the said goods, owe to
your orator for the purchase of
many large quantities of goods,
of which said quantity of goods,
those noor in the hands of the
sheriff of New MadridMadrid are a
part: That he charged the said
sheriff, whom he prays may be
made defendant hereto, with
taken and received into his
hands the goods mentioned in
the exhibit E: your orator calls
upon him the said sheriff to
say, whether he has not the said
goods in his possession? when and
him, he came of them?
By what kind of
where and
returned? whether, if the said
is returned, he has since that

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time received any instructions
or orders, from the executions or
judiciary of LouisianaLouisiana or the UnitedUnited States
StatesUnited States of AmericaAmerica, or from any
person or persons authorised by them
or either of them? Finally, what
is the present situation of the
said goods? And that he may
give, and reveal to your orator, all
other information known to the
said defendant.

Your orator is confident, that
from an entire and impartial run
of every fact and circumstance at

tending this that gave new,
to the debt that is now due by
the Indians or their representatives to
your orator to that it was
the of the said goods by
your orator to the said Indians!