Thomas Jones v. Joseph Lewis, Sheriff of New Madrid
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And when, to that important
fact your honour will add, the
well known and ever acknowledged
principles of equity That "equity
will cause that to be done right,
which has been done" - that it
will give protection and support
to the or injured - that
I will discountenance any
of judicial power that universal
justice, founded on natural right,
and governed by established principles,
is alone its guide - And that
it will, always give, a right or extend
a priviledge to whosover it shall

And for as much as your orator is
except by the inter positions, of
this this honorable court: Therefore
your orator prayed, that your honors,
will grant to him, the UnitedUnited States

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StatesUnited States writ of injunctionin
joining and directing that one
or more and For be appointed to
enquire into and ascertain what
sum or sums is or are due from
the said Indians or their representatives
to your orator, and how
much: That, you cause the said
sheriff to deliver, to the order of
the said auditors the goods afore

said: That the said auditors be
authorized, to transport at the court
possible expense the said goods, to
the city of Saint LouisSt Louis, & where to
sell them for cash, or on such
credit as your honors may direct:
That, the auditors be directed, to
allow, the said sheriff dollars
and of the proceeds of the sale
of the said goods: That, the