Baptiste Godair vs. Sylvestre Labbadie and Auguste P. Chouteau
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Before the notary of this town and district of Saint LouisSt Louis in the LouisianaLouisiana Territory,
residing there the undersigned Baptiste GodairBaptiste Godair was present and by his presence was
voluntarily hired by Monsieur August P. Chouteau and Silvestre LabbadieSilvestre Labbadie at the present
time and accepting their first offer to leave this town in the capacity of winter hunter to
go to the MissouriMissouri and Dependence Rivers, during a wintering and having taken good
care during the voyage and the aforesaid locations of all the merchandise, rations, furs,
utensils and all the other things necessary for the voyage and the wintering, to serve obey
and execute faithfully all that the said Bourgeois or others representing them through
whom they could communicate. The present contract commands him to legally and
honestly make their profit, to avoid their downfall, to warn them if he becomes aware of
something and generally all that a good wintering hunter ought to and is obliged to do
without being able to give any trait in particular, to neither absent nor leave the said
service under penalty meted out by the law and the withholding of wages. This contract
done for and by means of the price and sum of eighty piastres that the said Bourgeois
promise and are obliged to lease and pay to the said winterer and hunter upon his return
from the said wintering if the said winterer lasts until the month of May, but if he finishes
before that, should the said wintering hunter return to this town in March, the said Senors
Bourgeois will only hold in account for him the sum of sixty piastres and the ordinary
equipment for the winter. As thus it is done and passed to the said St LouisSt Louis this